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Full Version: Unexpected Drop In Unemployment
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Through the use of my typical policies governing CanadorI have encountered an unexpected situation.

In about 20 years leading the nation I have stuggled to get my unemployment rate to drop any more than 1 or 2 percent over that time. Quarter 103 however experienced unemployment rates even lower (5.89% rather than the average ~8%). Now in the following quarter 104, the unemployment has dropped even more to 5.77%.

The odd part is that I have changed nothing to accomplish this. No reforms were implemented around that time, and the only reform within several years was the Judicial Reform.

My budgets at that time had even been changing more towards austerity measures, so I dont understand what has happened.

I definitely want to know what I did, so that I can do it again in the future.
Some tasks can affect the unemployment too, not only reforms. "Apprenticeships" is one of them.
Your economy is almost twice as large as the average industrial power's economy (price adjusted), and your GDP grew by 2% last year - combine this with an overall good leadership, and here you go Zwinker2

MrProper Wrote:
Some tasks can affect the unemployment too, not only reforms. "Apprenticeships" is one of them.

MrProper nailed it!

I suppose, but that 2% growth is the slowest I have seen in a long time, and task decisions that seemed to be employment friendly had much smaller effects.

I guess this will be hard to reproduce for my other state Noplan
Your state is maturing, I've noticed that if you get a state to survive some quarters past 100 you're pretty much good to go if you've baked in a consistent economic pattern.
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