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Full Version: The Abyss
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The void has opened in Duisburg and the Abyss is staring at you. Do not dare to resist your curiosity and stare back at the Abyss for the Abyss is benevolently watching you.

The void is your friend and shall listen to all your sorrows and problems. Trust it with your secrets and the void shall trust you. Everything is Nothing, Nothing is Everything and Everything came out of Nothing - reach out your hand into the Abyss and discover what riches and pleasures it can bestow into it.
Civilized life has begun to develop on Duisburg. Agriculture allowed the inhabitants to persist long enough to gain and pass on knowledge without being defeated by the formerly hostile planet that is their host. Even more so, they joined the ranks of those astonishing species who not only cut themselves loose of their shackles but chain up their very own world with them.

Growing megalopolises are spreading over all continents, all rivaling biological life is enslaved, exploited and used. The surface of their home is crushed open and the very essence of Duisburg mined, refined, processed and distributed.

Cultural life of those nations not having withered in the attempts of the host trying to rid itself of these parasites and the clashes between earlier rival civilizations is flourishing.
Science and technology discovered and conquered ever more frontiers.

But little do the masters of Duisburg know:
A new era is upon them; They defeated and conquered their world and now that their reign is secured, the rulers have become the greatest threat to the rulers themselves.
A new test is dawning for those who dared to meddle in the art of ruling and it is a test that the victors must pass if they wish to spread beyond the rock that is no longer their spoils of war but their prison.

They came out of nothing and became everything but everything could lead to them turning into nothing once more.

And so thinks the void - still scared and really dissatisfied with the fact that it is not only forced to commit the act of thinking but also being forced to be able to think - as it sits and watches:

"Will this be yet another part of the cycle of everything and nothing? This great paradox needed for existence to exist so that there can be nothing? Oh, please, please let it be for I am supposed to be nothing and yet I am."

"I know that you are thinking, void, and I know what you are thinking! And I know that you don't know that I want you to know that I want you to get rid of these empty tea cups and then call upon Duisburg to call upon us. Now you know. And don't do nothing."

The void wished that it couldn't wish and also wished for having eyes from which to drop a tear. But it didn't and thus it didn't drop a single tear.
The void made the empty tea cups disappear (which only reinforced its unhappiness because it actually enjoyed making things disappear - since that's exactly what they are supposed to do - but it really did not enjoy the existence of this enjoyment. Even less did it like the existence of this unhappiness), mumbled "argh, screw it all", became upset for now being able to mumble and then called upon Duisburg:


And the the void poured itself one drink after another until it couldn't care anymore about the fact that the pleasure of alcohol would normally really annoy it, not to mention how annoyed it would be about annoyance.
"At least,", the void drunkenly told itself, " nobody cannot get a hangover. Cheers!"
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