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Full Version: One Last Task
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I've been playing for so long in my Germany template state of Neo Babylon to the point where there is only one task left, no new ones are popping out.

This is normal right?
I believe it is normal. It is likely the result of resolving and/or sitting out all possible tasks.

The same thing recently happened to one of my states, Parrhesia. I responded by reactivating tasks that I had previously sat out and resolving them. Then I got bored of that and resigned before founding a new state. Oddly, a new task (which I believe was called Knives) appeared shortly before I resigned, probably because of some change that occurred in my state shortly before I resigned.
There is only a finit number of tasks implemented in Ars Regendi. At some point past quarter 200, you will have solved them all. From here on, you can either resign or experiment a bit, e.g. with reforms you would not have implemented otherwise. It's also a fun challenge to survive as long as possible.
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