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In a continuation of political trends, Aurlands recent council election has seen even greater support for the nations opposition Conservative party. While this support remains insufficient for the party to form government, critics have expressed concern that the party with the most votes, remains the most marginalized group.

The full breakdown of votes cast:
-Conservative [43.4%]
-Liberal [31.6%]
-Social Democrats [12.9%]
-Green [12.1%]

According to the nations electoral system, councilors have been distributed as follows:
-Conservative [35]
-Liberal [28]
-Social Democrats [19]
-Green [18]

Aurland has a unique political system that allocates council seats on a dual electoral based system. Half of all seats (50) are allocated equally to all parties that receive at least 10% of the electoral vote. The remaining half (50) seats are allocated proportionally based on the number of votes cast.
This is how the Conservative party receives only 35 seats, despite receiving more than 43% of the votes cast.
50/4 = 13 fairly distributed seats || and || 50 * 43.4% = 22 proportionally assigned seats

These election results have ensured that the governing coalition between the leading Liberals, Social Democrats, and Green parties will continue. Collectively, these parties received 56.6% of the electorates vote, but have received 65 of the 100 seats in council.

Aurlands King has stated that these electoral results have proven that there remain several social issues that are of concern to the population, including environmental protection and access to equitable social supports. King Shenat has called on the Liberals to formalize coalition talks and to formulate an effective response to the concerns of these voters.

Defeated Conservative Leader Maxwell Lorde has claimed that these election results show that the nations democracy is a sham, and insists that the strong support his party received should correspond to an election victory.




Huey Tlatoani empfängt Gesandtschaft aus Aurland

Der große Sprecher empfing König Shenat aus Aurland in Tenoch City, in der Halle der Ahnen.
Zur Begrüßung gab es eine Führung durch die altehrwürdige Stadt des Anfangs, Tenoch City, die erste Stadt der alten Youtopen. König Shenat war offen und sehr wissbegierig über die Kultur und Gebräuche unserer ehrenvollen Nation. Mit den drei kulinarischen Grundpfeiler des alten Youtopia, Mais, Kakao und Hunde, brachte man dem König der erfolgreichen Industrienation unsere Kultur näher sowie unsere erfolgreiche Brücke zwischen Kultur und Moderne. Maisbier, Kakao-Schnaps und ECHTE Hot Dogs diente somit als Basis für einen erfolgreichen Handelsvertrag.

Dieser wurde an der traditionellen Festtafel in der Halle der Ahnen geschlossen. Zu Ehren unserer Vorfahren wurde ein Fest abgehalten, bei dem König Shenat die größte Ehre unseres Landes erbracht wurde. Zum Höhepunkt des 23. Gänge Menüs, das startete mit gegrillten Meerschweinchen und von Maiskuchen getoppt wurde, gab es die größte Delikatesse Youtopias: Menschenfleisch. Wohlschmeckend, Nahrhaft und in unserer Religion die größte Ehre, die sonst nur Göttern zuteil wird.

Ein junger Priester des Huitzi, unserem Kriegs- und obersten Gott, opferte sich selbst freiwillig zu Ehren des Gottes um für einen überaus erfolgreichen Abschluss der Verhandlungen zu bitten. Wir danken diesem Blumenopfer sehr!

Dank ihm, dank den Göttern, konnte eine überaus fruchtbare Bande zwischen Youtopia und Aurland geschlossen werden!

Geprießen seien die Götter!

Huey Tlatoani receives embassies from abroad

The great speaker received King Shenat from Aurland in Tenoch City, in the Hall of the Ancients.
To welcome you there was a tour of the ancient city of the beginning, Tenoch City, the first city of the old Youtopen. King Shenat was open and very inquisitive about the culture and customs of our honorable nation. With the three culinary foundations of ancient Youtopia, corn, cocoa and dogs, we brought the king of this successful industrial nation closer to our culture as well as our successful bridge between culture and modernity. Maize beer, cocoa liquor and real hot dogs served as the basis for a successful trade agreement.

This was closed at the traditional banquet table in the Hall of the Ancestors. In honor of our ancestors, a festival was held to give King Shenat the greatest honor of our country. The culmination of the 23rd course menu, which started with grilled guinea pigs and was topped with corncakes, featured Youtopia's biggest delicacy: human flesh. Tasty, nutritious and in our religion the greatest honor that is otherwise only gods.

A young priest of the Huitzi, our war and supreme god, sacrificed himself voluntarily in honor of God to ask for a most successful conclusion of the negotiations. We thank this flower offering very much!

Thanks to him, thanks to the gods, a very fruitful bond between Youtopia and Aurland could be closed!

Spush be the gods!
Central Broadcast Group

The newly enthroned Neimoidian Trade Monarch Zivilus Rex has appointed Raxus Nurlan to lead the Trade Federation as Viceroy. The newly installed Viceroy served prior as the Vice Chair of the TF Directorate directly responsible for external affairs and foreign economic cooperation.

The Trade Federation Viceroy is a powerful position heading Neimoidias vast corporate giant which oversees the administration of the state as well as the primary economic activities of the state. In addition as head of the political and economic administration the Viceroy commands the Trade Defense Force via the appointment of the heads of the corporate security services as well as the heads of defense industries.

Raxus Nurlan has has sought out quadrupling the Neimoidian economy, slashing debt, and driving down unemployment. The Viceroy has made education and modernization of the workforce his highest priorities and pledged to boost the country's infrastructure as he brings enhanced commercial initiatives online.

"The Trade Federation Central Directorate has prepared an extensive plan to reorganize its constituent corporate entities in a manner to effectively achieve our new strategic aims."

The incoming Viceroy has not commented on foreign policy only reminding reporters that the Trade Federation's foreign policy will continue to support the countries economic ends. The Trade Federation claims neutrality on behalf of the Neimoidian Trade Monarch.
The New Rome - Byzantinian News Agency

Emperor Justinian dies in fire in parliament - his wife Theodora is crowned Regent of Roma

Byzantinium, Summer 1994: A sudden and heavy fire outbreak happened just as Emperor Justinian was crowned in parliament of the new representative monarchy in Roma. Together with 15 members of the Centuria (the house of commons), 5 senators of the Curia and his 4 body guards the newly crowned Emperor Justinian suffered too large injuries and burnings and died before being transported to the hospital. Official inquiries came to the conclusion that the fire was the result of failed electric conducts in the basement of the Centuria.
Justinians Widow, Theodora Flavia Sabbatia Iustiniana, his former concubine, was named successor of Justinian, and given the title of Censora magna.

Theodora Flavia Sabbatia Iustiniana is mourning the dead and has taken over the role of representative head of state. She reinstated the government of Consul Caius Caecilius Metellus and Consula Iulia Cornelia Scipia.

Press of Pargolia

Prime Minister Kurosh Rostam Hakhāmanish reelected

Takht-e Jamshid. Kurosh Rostam Hakhāmanish and his Zoroastrian Democratic Union (ZDU) won the election for the parliament by a wide margin. The ZDU now has 55% of the seats while the Social Democratic Party (SDP) has 45%.
"The result of this election is a recognition of the hard work of all Pargolians and a signal to continue our chosen way to prosperity and happiness!" says reconfirmed PM of Pargolia.

Premierminister Kurosh Rostam Hakhāmanish wiedergewählt

Takht-e Jamshid. Kurosh Rostam Hakhāmanish und seine Zoroastrische Demokratische Union (ZDU) gewannen die Parlamentswahlen mit großem Vorsprung. The ZDU stellt jetzt 55% der Abgeordneten, während die Sozialdemokratische Partei (SDP) mit 45% im Parlament vertreten ist.
"Das Ergebnis dieser Wahl ist eine Anerkennung der harten Arbeit aller Pargolier und ein Signal, den eingeschlagenen Weg zu Wohlstand und Glück fortzusetzen!"sagt der bestätigte PM Pargoliens.

Hakhāmanish greets his followers on social media
The world has been shocked by mysterious fires burning down parliament buildings in many nations around the world, including Aurland.

While no evidence has been found to link the fires, many are suspicious that so many democratic buildings would burn down within days of each other.

Many conspiracy theories have been suggested, but few seem plausible.
Central Broadcast Group

The Trade Federation Directorate for External Affairs will seek dialogue with its neighbors on the establishment of spheres of claim within South America. The Federations extensive economic agenda calls for the expansion of its presence on the southern continent. The establishment of an economic zone of influence will allow the Federation to better anticipate revenues based on key economic indicators in its zones of control.

The Federation has begun a broad program to develop advanced sciences and robotics. The economic entity controlling over 300 billion credits in annual output is seeking economic great leaps forward. The Directorate of Mergers and Acquisitions is already planning to snap up hundreds of abroad companies as it seeks to quickly acquire advanced talent and know how to execute its Great Leap Forward. The TF Central Directorate has earmarked 250 billion credits towards the advanced modernization program and an additional 150 billion credits towards an extensive military automation and modernization.
Message from the Free Peasants of Darmstadt

Hail fellow workers of the world! Many centuries have passed since the expulsion of the workers' revolution from Dirthmarschen in the swamps of Germania, but we are now free!

Expelled to the new world, we partnered with the native peoples for the expulsion of all oppressors. White, black, red, or brown-skinned, all irrelevant. Freedom shall ring from every doorstep, from the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Italy.

Join us in the revolution!
Medical Summit
Aurland's health councilor Mark Gilberg has announced that he will be working together with international partners to establish an medical summit aimed at discussing the topic of strange health effects seemingly related to issues of the patients environment.

According to the statement Gibson hopes that nations can work together to find solutions to this common problem.
Office of the Trade Viceroy

People of Neimoidia, subjects of the Trade Federation I call upon you to help me succeed in our quest for glory. Neimoidia is currently the singular territory entity of the Trade Federation our country is vast our country has great potential but our country also has limitations. In order to become a truly successful people we must expand our scope as far as possible on our home continent.

While we are currently engaged with several territorial disputes with our neighbors this should not effect our trade with these regions. This why I am supporting the establishment of economic zones of control on South America. In these zones of control the Trade Federation will seek mutually preferential trade arrangements to ensure the performance of our companies in these regions ensures maximum profit.

On the home front we must focus every effort of every citizen on ensuring our strategic goal of becoming the worlds most powerful economic entity. This is why I am establishing the Office of the Trade Auditor to help quash the rampant corruption within our nation and company. All citizens should be empowered to report ALL instances of corrupt behavior, this new office will have the full legal and financial resources needed to tackle this great issue.

Only through a multi-pronged approach of attacking corruption can the deep modernization programs designed to facilitate the Great Leap Forward can even Hope to be successful! I swear to you as your Viceroy I will not fail you and that I will lead Neimoidia to greatness!
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