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Full Version: [Crisis] The Darmstadtian Question
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Reports are coming from across Darmstadt as protestors line the streets and causeways outside of both the Majiandian and League of Natives (LoN) embassies. The protestors call for the immediate approval of the 200B payment by Majiandas for Darmstadtian military defenses and infrastructure by the world leader, presently Nick Scratch of Youtopia.

Protestors, for their part, are furious about the Majiandian withdrawl of the payment, and the stoppage of the payment by the LoN Leader. Darmstadtian forces are arrayed outside both embassies, standing in formation to dissuade violent actions. Many hundreds of violent protesters have been arrested. Protests are concentrated in the Capital City of Darmstadt, as well as most large airports and the port along the Magdalena River.

Religious leaders from both the dominant Catholic faith, and the indigenous Muisca religion have called for an end to the protests, and for spiritual integration within the League of Natives. They similarly call upon the LoN to provide some funding relief for Darmstadtian military armaments in proportion to that which Majiandas offerred, over a long period of time. Some priests and shamans, dissillusioned with their spiritual leaders, have flocked to the protesters in support.

A small, but violent faction, has staged attacks on shops belonging to Japanese immigrants and Neiomodian trade groups. In general, this has set the stage for fascist rhetoric to begin entering into the Darmstadian political system. Condemned by all sides, these groups have slowly begun to exploit dissatisfaction with the ruling Peasants Republic, calling for centralization of power under a supreme and unelected leader. Security forces are responding around the country to suppression of this faction.

To which side will Darmstadt turn?

Department of External Affairs
Neimoidian Trade Federation
Bancia, Neimoidia

Neimoidia calls for peace in neighboring Darmstadt

Neimoidia urges all sides to to calm in Darmstadt and ask local officials to protect Neimoidia's economic assets in the region. The Trade Federation will extended a loan of up to 50 billion credits to Darmstadt to help furnish its military improvements; however this will only proceed if Darmstadt is not a member of the League of Nations.

The Trade Federation will also sign a mutual defense and cooperation treaty in this same circumstance so that our northern brothers can rest easy know that fellow South American nations will protect their own. We invite a Darmstadtian delegation to Bancia to discuss bilateral relations if it does decide to reclaim its sovereignty and go independent. Neimoidia is developing alternate integration projects from the CPC that Darmstadt participation in could greatly bolster!
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