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Full Version: Trade Federation: Investor and External Relations
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(Trade Federation Seal)

Trade Federation Investor and External Relations

The Trade Federation announces that it is transforming into a publicly listed corporation. The company is issuing 236,735,129 outstanding shares at current market value. The Trade Federation Monarch controls 50% plus 1 share which is held by the apolitical Bureau for the Management of Sovereign Properties which manages the assets of the Imperial Estates.

Purchasing shares of the Trade Federation gives the shareholder voting power in the annual General Shareholder meeting in which the Board of Directors is elected which in turns appoints the TF Management Committee. The Viceroy of the Trade Federation also dual serves as the Neimoidian Executive and as such is not voted in by TF shareholders based on the Koto-Si Compromise.

Investors should place an order for the amount of shares they wish to purchase below and verify that share price of the shares as listed on the Neimoidian embassy trade board. We will then confirm the order and you will be instructed to transfer the appropriate amount of credits to the Trade Federations Directorate of Credit. Until the funds are received by the DoC you will not receive the voting power needed to make changes within the Trade Federation nor receive special oversight privileges as a shareholder.

Selling shares are permissible at will but can only take shape via alliance transfers. State to state transfers are permissible once every two weeks and come with a 25% penalty that is deducted from the valuation of the share sell. State to state sell off also require a minimum sell off at least 100 billion credits of shares due to the AP cost involved. The Viceroy can also delay state to state transfer of sell off pending the TF's AP reserve for security and continuity of operations purposes. Investors who receive a TF imposed delay and meet the once a month condition and the minimum share transfer criteria will be compensated an additional rolling 5% of the value of the transfer every week the transfer is delayed for the inconvenience rendered.
We have eased CAPEX spending in order to provide a higher social welfare. Due to fluctuations in exchange rates we expect the 5 year capital outlay program to continue as scheduled. The Federation has exited its structural deficit and as is expected to resume a technical surplus soon. At the conclusion of the Five Year CAPEX Plan residents will see a tax break worth 15 billion and will see new spending on defense, infrastructure, education, and healthcare worth 15 billion annually. This 30 billion credit reinvestment back into Neimoidia will support enormous short and long-term growth potential.

The Trade Federation Directorate has approved the creation of an centralized international holdings entity which will be used to better conduct contracts and agreements with large international entities. The internationalized entity will be directly overseen by the Viceroy and not subject to shareholder influence or oversight. However reports will be public on the revenues transferred from TF properties to the international holdings entity. This entity will be completed in less than a year.
Alert: Emergency Intervention Underway in Deko Neimoidia

After failed talks the Trade Federation has decided to move its forces into Deko Neimoidia. The Trade Federation colony had decided it would not allow Bancia to incorporate the region into the hierarchy of the TF, the Federation offered to wipe the regions debts over a period of time as it undertook meaningful integration attempts.

The region then failed to taxes and loans due back to Bancia and then attempted to nationalized Neimoidian assets in the region and oust authorities from Bancia. Now the armies of the Trade Federation are forced to intervene to maintain stability in the region fraught with chaos. The campaign will likely not be short lived as Bancia battles rebel forces in the thick brush but promises to replenish ranks and beef up the military presence on the continent in general.
Viceroy orders the suspension of share trades

Nute Gunrsy has ordered the Bancia Exchange to halt trades of NTF Neimoidian Trade Federation shares early Tuesday. The move comes as the Trade Federation winds down its intervention in Deko Neimoidia which has proved costly and sagging public popularity as the Neimoidian economy fails to exit recession after a year of largely ineffective stimulus measures.

Nute Gunray has not declared an emergency and remains confident the Trade Federation will survive the recent downturns due to low levels of debt healthy AP reserves. His objective is taming the public debt and deficit as the Trade Federation prepares to return a mammoth 200 billion credit loan to Japan in the next few years. Straightening out Deko Neimoidia’s large debt will also be a top priority for the Managing Committee.

The Governing Directorate is expected to continue increasing the state budget to the highest levels ever as Neimoidia battles its first recession with furor.

Trade Federation prepares to reduce defense budget as global threat level recedes

Bancia reports that for the first time in its history its preparing historic cuts to its defense budget. The funds will be redirected from the military to servicing the company debt. Bancia has expressed tremendous gratitude for Japan in forgiving the loan to Bancia. The Trade Federation will direct these funds due to bail out Deko Neimoidian institutions.

The Federation has been rocked by economic stagnation as its South American economic partners face continued collapse. Company officials have battled the ongoing downturn with a series of largely ineffective stimulus measures and a recent ATO which threatened to end the TF's governance over the region due to the low popularity of the military operation.

An extensive and costly operation to restore confidence in the government is underway. The Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray has pleaded to the citizenry and businesses alike to continue to have faith in his leadership as the economy begins to stabilize after the recent stimulus measures are winded down. The Neimoidian economy dropped below 700B credits as Phase II of the State Strategic Armaments Program was winded down. Controllers are refusing to re-include Deko Neimoidian GDP figures into the total national figure until the two economic systems are stabilized and harmonized. Viceroy Gunray stated that we wanted to keep Deko Neimoidian debts separate from Neimoidian to maintain investments into the Trade Federation.

The Trade Federation will issue 200 billion credits in debt relief to Deko Neimoidia sister company's. The tremendous debt load the company is taking on could potential stifle the 3YR Capital Outlay Program but will not effect the efforts to boost social welfare, education, and anti-corruption efforts.
Directorate of External Relations
Bancia, Neimoidia

Trade Federation representatives begin ascensions talks

The Trade Federation has started talks on ascending into a larger international political entity. After the stabilization of the political and economic system recently, Viceroy Gunray is seeking to protect long-term prosperity by attaching to a stronger and more reliable partner.

Neimoidian negotiators have hinted that they would not hand over national sovereignty and would offer diplomatic and military cooperation in exchange for meaningful economic assistance from the prospective alliance partner. The Trade Federation offers the most substantial position in South America with largest Armed Forces and the second largest economy. The Federation offers any prospective alliance partner a strategic gateway to the Americas whose unrivaled infrastructure advantages offer unparalleled access to continents economies.

(Marla Tuuk - Governor of the Credit Directorate)

"We will ensure the liquidity of Deko Neimoidian financial markets.." - Marla Tuuk

Credit Directorate proceeds with bold policy in Deko Neimoidia to tame fears of insolvency

Bancia, Neimoidia

The head of Neimoidian finance Marla Tuuk took to reporters to ensure markets that her Directorate has already formulated and begun implementing bold steps to tamper down on Deko Neimoidian liquidity fears. The move comes largely as Deko Neimoidian GDP figures showed a dramatic acceleration of growth and a meaningful slide in debt to GDP ratio.

The Deko Neimoidian government's structural deficit are completely within the Credit Directorates ability to reverse. The structural deficit being a mere 12 billion credits will be covered with a combination of large tax increases and dramatic reductions to the overblown subsidies and welfare budgets. The Credit Directorate will also begin stimulating the economy in the face of tax hikes with well placed and targeted reductions to interest rates.

"We expect the fundamentals to balance out. Yes while taxes may place higher pressure on the economy especially as subsidies are reduced we expect the largest aspect of the stimulus measures to come from the reduction of interest rates. Right now we see that the tax burden on Deko Neimoidia is still relatively low enough to sustain additional increases. Before the Credit Directorate issues a so called bail out of Deko Neimoidia we must see the regions ability to sustain its finances after a bail out be successful without intervention. However we don't even believe that Deko Neimoidia will require a full bailout just a reduction of debt load sufficient enough to create a budget surplus. This may mean the Credit Directorate may need to issue up to 300 billion credits of debt relieve to Deko Neimoidia over a period of time."

The Credit Directorate is still working to clean up the balance sheets of Pure Neimoidia as the Trade Federation government recovers from the worse recession on record so far. Currently the Credit Directorate is hoping to reduce Pure Neimoidia's debt to gdp ratio to 10%-15% before issuing the multi-billion credit bailout to Deko Neimoidia. Advanced calculations will need to be made to ensure that both Neimoidian territories will be able to produce surpluses immediately after the transfer. The Credit Directorate was directed by the Governing Directorate to implement its worse case scenario plans as the Trade Federation's attempts to gain an international bailout have floundered. The Directorate of Economic Development and the Directorate of External Affairs have been working hard to secure financing, Japan has hinted it would be willing to continue its investment in the Trade Federation. The Federation is preparing a delegation to travel to the LoN to request a bailout in exchange for the Trade Federations extensive cooperation in the Darmstadt Crisis as well as the unprecedented support provided during the annexation of Panama.
Directorate of Credit
Bancia, Neimoidia

The initial results of the first wave of reforms for the Neimoidian public finance and fiscal markets have been as expected. The reforms have wiped 25 billion credits off the Deko Neimoidian budget deficit. The move did cost the economy nearly 5% of lost growth last quarter, a small price to pay for long-term fiscal health. Deko Neimoidia will continue to wind down its tremendous spending on subsidies and social welfare to reduce its massive deficit while boosting spending in other productive areas of the economy such as education, defense, and infrastructure development.

The Credit Directorate did record a spike in inflation the last quarter. However the already 'higher' interest rates did their part to arrest the true inflationary potential of the tax hike had Deko Neimoidia already maintained low interest rates. This goes to prove that the Directorates managed approach to rate reduction will be crucial during this reform process.

(Viceroy Gunray confers with Trade Monarch Rex)

Trade Federation seeks to develop relations with League of Nations

"As the world crumbles around us, we must set aside our differences to secure mutual interest" - Viceroy Gunray

Viceroy Gunray has ordered the Directorate of External Relations to extend all pleasantries when receiving future Delegations of the League of Nations. The Viceroy increasingly more open since the Darmstadt Crisis and the Liberation of Panama has requested the Burmese Ambassador representing the powerful LoN organization within the TF to talks on a TF - LoN Free Trade Agreement.

The powerful Trade Federation Viceroy also restored diplomatic recognition of the LoN to its highest levels. While the Viceroy stopped short of declaring the Federations intention to join the LoN, rather he further stressed that Japan first and foremost would remain as Neimoidia's strategic partner. Nute Gunray will motioned to the Japanese Empire to reform its alliance structure so the Trade Federation would consider joining. This would immediately bolster the commercial positions of both nations.

(Maarla Tuuk - Governor of the Credit Directorate)

Credit Directorate Governor Maarla Tuuk wins Central Banker of the Year Award

Credentia, Deko Neimoidia

The Norwich Association of Central Bankers have awarded Neimoidian Credit Directorate Governor the Central Banker of the Year Award. The outstanding prize comes as Mrs Tuuk took the sagging Neimoidian economies by the horn and turned them into cash cows and highly reformed in the case of Deko Neimoidia which has reduced its state deficit by 63% in just two years.

Mrs Tuuk whipped inflation by marginally reducing the regions already elevated interest rates. On top of maintain firm control over the rates, she hiked taxes and dramatically slashed spending on the regions bloated social welfare programs and subsidies and required the regional authorities to distribute the spending to other productive areas of the economy to even begin to qualify for a federal bailout.

Ultimately the Deko Neimoidian debt to gdp ratio continues to shrink even despite the state debt continuing in the negatives as the regions GDP continues to sharply uptick. Bancia as said it would approve a partial bailout of Deko Neimoidia in order to help the region further reduce its debts. Neimoidian annual profits are between 40 and 50 billion credits which marks a complete turn around in the regions fortunes. Even with a 300B credit bailout Bancia would continue to enjoy handsome profits and both Neimoidian regions will be better off financially.
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