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Full Version: Union Bloc of Stockholm, the world's socialist alliance
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Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The Republic of Louisiana traces its roots back to colonial days of the old empires. French explorers discovered a delta region and settled the lands developing a city named New Orleans. Over a period of time the settlers expanded upwards of the river and claimed the massive region in the name of the French Empire. For decades the trading relationship between Mother France and her colonies were mutually beneficial; the colonies provided the furs and the motherland sent back much needed products that were meant to further develop the colonies.

When the motherland went to war the colonies followed, in every single battle the colonial troops provided the decisive outcome that lead to french victory. However soon the motherland grew jealous of the military prowess of her colonies, she did not recognize this prowess was borne in service to the motherland itself fighting and conquering the native peoples of subjugated lands on her behalf. Eventually the Mother France moved against her children attacking the colonies one by one in an attempt to remove the powerful Viceroys sent to rule the far flung territories.

When the French warships arrived to the deltas of Louisiana looking for war they were met with silence, one by one the French fleet numbering 1,000 sailed up the rivers and were met with empty ports and harbors. It was as if the colonial Louisianans fled the cities in droves to avoid persecution by the mainland french. However one should hold caution on lands no native to their own. In similar fashion cannons rose out of hidden dug outs from the swampy shores of the entangled river system blasting away at the French Armada aiming at the mast of the vessels to preventing their movement. Mortars screaming from the thick marsh screamed towards the french battalions disembarking from the embattled warships.

Within 6 hours the Louisiana defenders destroyed 70% of french troops, destroyed 340 vessels, and damaging 70% of the rest while only a mere 60 managed to escape. Seeing as Louisiana was the strongest of the french colonies the motherland had sent most of her fleet to the region. Now it was time for payback, the Louisianans with their tremendous shipbuilding capacity deployed their modified trading fleet towards Mother France along with hundreds of repaired and reinforced warships initially deployed against it. A fleet of more than 1,500 vessels were deployed to rescue other colonies under assault by Metropolitan France.

As the colonies learned of Louisiana's uprising and campaign against the Motherland the colonies rose up and resisted the occupation by Motherland troops. This new Bloc as it came to be called demanded the Imperial seat of French power be relocated to Baton Rouge and all attacks against the colonies be halted at once. The paralyzed central french authorities had no choice but to agree seeing their economy crumble from the halt of trade with the colonies and the french military stand down against what would be a hopeless defense of Metropolitan.

Under the terms of the Nouvelle Orleans Treaty the French Empire would be reorganized as a People's Union State based on Louisiana territory. The People's Union State claims sovereignty over all these territories under the former imperial flag and also protects similar oriented governments in the world. The Union People's Party is the governing entity protecting the peoples legitimate rights to humanitarian care and treatment, and the Chairman oversees the administration of government and outlining the general objectives of the party and state.

Louisiana aims to build up a Union of People in pursuit of the common welfare and security, the pursuit of progress, and the deliverance of justice. The Union People's Party is designed to protect and execute that mission and the Chairman is meant to marshal its success by any means. Union citizens are encouraged to pursue higher education, develop a strong sense of civic duty, defer individual needs for the benefit of the collective. The Union Government directs a state capitalist type economy that strongly enforces its socialist principles but remains intensely pro-business despite its socialist leanings.

People's Council appoints Blanco as Union Chairwoman

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Long time political veteran Kathleen Blanco has secured the confidence of the People's Council for the 5 year Chairwoman term. Blanco has stated that her objective during her term would be reduce state debts, boost R&D funding, and to heavily support the expansion of 'Union Bloc' internationally. Chairwoman Blanco previously served as Minister of External Affairs and vowed to expand the Union's international presence. She promised to create an unbreakable union of free republics and free peoples whose missions was to advance human welfare and strive for human progress. Mrs Blanco pledged to not interfere with the private creation and direction of capital but warned that company's would always be required to observe constitutional economic and social protections for the people and the environment.

Mrs Blanco will need the immense capital of the private business community to unleash and further develop the Unions science potential as military enhancements are near the top of the Chairwoman's agenda for her tenure. The Armed Forces of the People's Union State of Louisiana were previously some of the world's largest but have floundered in recent years as previous Chairmanships mismanaged state funds and were grossly inefficient. The opening of a civil servant academy for all levels of governance hopes to resolve the issues of incompetent Union government in Louisiana by creating a culture of meritocracy.

Blanco to expand cooperation with governments of 'socialist character'

Baton Rouge has declared it will expand active cooperation with all governments of 'socialist character'. This includes cooperating with governments of various types included closed autocratic or more open democratic socialist systems. Chairwoman Blanco former head of the Unions foreign relations apparatus often states that our socialist way of life can only prosper when like minded states actively cooperate and participate in building up the socialist sphere.

While Ms Blanco does believe in free enterprise, she is a strong proponent of state intervention in the economy when needed to protect human, animal, and environmental concerns. She has long championed the right of individuals to freely allocate capital as they please in order to gain profit but in responsible manner does not place its importance over those of the state nor human dignity especially. The People's Union State of Louisiana aims to be among the world's largest economies and world's most advanced states technologically and in terms of human rights.

In order to protect the socialist manifest destiny, Ms Blanco is likely to seek very early collective security agreements with other socialist powers both large and small. Efforts to seriously retool and rearm the military is being carried out, the Union's military industry is working closely with state bodies to carefully develop weaponry in line with state military doctrine for the present and future. The Blanco Administration has also welcomed cooperation with governments that provide for strong workers protections even if they are not socialist such capitalist governments and even theocracies. The People's Union State is a civilization which is internationally oriented and welcomes engagement with all peaceful states on the basis of mutual respect.

(John Bel Edwards, Union Bloc Chairman)

Union Bloc mulls reformulation of regional policies

Baton Rouge

Chairman Edwards has issued guidance to UB member-states to submit their regional foreign policies objectives to the UB Foreign Ministers Summit in Nordien this upcoming winter. At this Summit UB Foreign Ministers should discuss their states regional objectives, this will help to form the new basis of the UB's interlocking international policy objectives.

The Union Premier and his Council of Minister is tasked with executing the broad agenda for the alliance set by the Union Chairman. However the Chairman has pledged that while he's in power the voice of every UB state will contribute to the larger voice of the Union of which he is the physical embodiment of. In turn the Chairman hopes to make every government official accountable for their impacts on the greater union for good or for bad. Member-state leaders will be meeting regularly with the Union Chairman, Premier, and other organs of power within the alliance to determine what assistance is needed to transform their states ultimately into net contributors to the alliance.

Chairman Edwards goal is to build up the Union Bloc into an organization that serves the needs of its citizens and those in need around the world with compassion, and efficiency. The Union Bloc is not communism, the Union Bloc is about putting humanity first. We are created by the people, for the people. May the Union Bloc prevail.

Former Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo Accepts Union Bloc Nomination for World Leader

Fernando Lugo, Former President, Republic of Paraguay

BATON ROUGE - After relatively little debate, the leadership of the socialist Union Bloc nominated former President of Paraguay Fernando Lugo to be the bloc's candidate for World Leader. The social justice-focused Catholic bishop-turned-progressive politician proudly accepted the bloc's nomination. "We are going to fight for the farmers whose labor feeds our families. We are going to fight for the factory workers whose labor makes the products which we all use. We are going to fight for the people!" Lugo proclaimed.

Louisiana Legislature approves Jindal's request to launch cross-border and regional humanitarian mission

"It is our responsibility to ensure the territorial and political cohesion of our continent via responsible socialist intervention solicited on the basis of democratic demand."
- Bobby Jindal

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The Louisiana Legislature has approved President Jindal's request to intervene into regional states on the basis of securing the socialist peoples and governments in the region. President Jindal and the Louisiana Council of Ministers have determined that allied regional socialist states have been under threat of collapse due to the imposition of military junta's and should be saved.

Louisiana as the world's 1st or 2nd most powerful socialist state and most powerful state in the region as an humanitarian obligation to protect the socialist utopia in its own very region. The Legislature gave its implicit support to the President and CoM intentions to launch a broad and comprehensive intervention into the Oceania region. The Duma bill also allocates tens of billions of dollars immediately to the government to increase Louisiana's military strength, and will also set aside the billions needed to modernize the states and stabilize their debts after the interventions take place.

Now that the Louisiana Legislature has approved the President request, President Jindal must gain the approval of Union Chairman which according to law all states must gain approval to deploy military forces in times of peace. Chairman Edwards a Louisiana native himself is the Supreme Commander of all Union Bloc military forces and has already indicated he would approve the President's request to deploy his states forces for the humanitarian intervention.

The Union Bloc Foreign Ministers recently met in Nordien to discuss regional policy formulation. The Union Bloc invited Welt Alliance representatives but no Welt Alliance plenipotentiary decided to show. As such the Union Bloc will formulate its regional and international policy on the basis of its own interest consulting the advice of continental states as individual states as we are not able to reference the centralize policy of the world's 'other' alliance. Nonetheless the Union Bloc remains open to engaging with the Welt Alliance on its policy perspectives at any time.

Union Bloc announces leadership changes

Asuncion, Paraguay

The Union Bloc Council of Ministers voted to appoint Fernando Lugo, fmr President of Paraguay and current UB World Leader candidate as the Union Bloc Foreign Minister. This comes on the backdrop of a highly competitive World Leader elections in which the WA organization is expected to win with a modest lead at the polls.

Mr Lugo is a well respected international statesman with decades of experiences in diplomacy and governance. Mr Lugo has a mandate to expand the Union Bloc's commitment to international partnership. Leader of the People's Struggle Faction of the Union Party Mr. Lugo is fierce defender of human rights and labor equality. Mr Lugo is widely praised internationally for fighting to improve worker conditions around the world. One of his crowning achievements was ensuring universal maternity leave in Union Bloc states, also the decriminalization of marijuana in his native Paraguay. The Union Bloc is proud to have Mr. Lugo serving as not only the face but architect of Union Bloc foreign policy.

The Union Bloc announces that Pavel Sikorski has accepted the role of General Secretary of the Union Party. As General Secretary Mr. Sikorski formulates the party's ideological basis and is responsible for proliferating party standards internally and internationally through International Union Party affiliations. Mr. Sikorski known for his sharpness and rationale mode of thinking is widely expected to maintain party discipline at all levels of government. As Party Secretary Mr Sikorski is the only official within the Union Bloc that can officially authorize a vote in the Palace of Nations to impeach and remove from office any member of the Union Bloc's government save for the Union Chairman. Mr. Sikorski is expected to focus on recruitment and ideology refinement in his first years of leadership.

The Union Bloc Council of Ministers is at work formulating a cohesive alliance foreign policy. Already the newly appointed leaders have been quite active in formulating and approving the alliances carefully crafted policies. We invite foreign leaders to liaise with Mr. Sikorski and Mr. Lugo to discover the future direction of the Union Bloc as well as their thoughts on global affairs.

(USGO Minister of Defense - Russel L. Honoré)

USGO Armed Forces primed to dismantle military junta in North Oceania

Pointe à la Hache, Louisiana

The USGO Minister of Defense General Russel L. Honoré has ordered his troops to maximum readiness as State Chancellor Jindal has given the order to wipe out the military junta threatening the socialist utopia in Northern Oceania.

The Supreme Military Council of Trans-Indonesia vowed to respect the results of the august referendum in which 86% of the population voted to become a state of the Union State of Greater Oceania. Naturally Pawtuk City was expected to formally surrender to USGO Forces during Victory Day celebration allowing Trans-Indonesia officials to transfer control of the administration while being guaranteed legal immunity for the sake of a bloodless conflict.

Now, Baton Rouge accuses Pawtuk City of allowing foreign intelligence to threaten and attack the leaders of the referendum and the Revolutionary Transitional Council of Indonesia in an attempt to rescind the results of the August referendum. State Chancellor Jindal has given Pawtuk City 24 hours to surrender to the Transitional Council which the USGO claims as its acting government in the territory or USGO Armed Forces will be forced to intervene. As the Supreme Military Council of Trans-Indonesia seemingly has no intention of giving up power, General Russel L. Honoré has been tasked with successfully landing forces on the island and neutralizing the Armed Forces under the SMC.

Baton Rouge expects markets to shutter as billions in shipping is delayed since sea lanes are being redirected away from the conflict zone. The Union Ministry of Finance and Economy has already announced it will issue $70 billion in stimulus measures to tamper down the ill economic effects of this legal intervention. The shipping industry which is expected to bear the brunt of the cost will be thoroughly compensated, Shreveport has been lobbying hard to have all Trans-Indian Ocean shipping to arrive at its ports and then sent overland via its rail network. However Baton Rouge must consider the future when Trans-Indonesia formally joins the USGO. African trade has been assigned to Bossier ports and as such Baton Rouge must more aggressively negotiate trade with Africa and support East Germany trade deals with Africa as shipping and receiving should be kept with as many Union Bloc states as possible. Baton Rouge maintains a budget surplus of over $800 billion dollars annually and will easily absorb the cost of any stimulus measures.

(USGO State Chancellor, Bobby Jindal)

Union Bloc Party Secretary threatens Jindal with lawsuit if USGO Parliament creation continues to be delayed

Baton Rouge, Union Bloc

Pavel Sikorski, Party Secretary of the Union Party has ordered USGO State Chancellor Bobby Jindal to complete the plans for the creation of the USGO Parliament. Mr Sikorski scorned Jindal for the legislative delay accusing him of establishing a one-man rule over the entirety of Oceania. The current power pipeline involves the states of the USGO fulfilling the "broad direction set by the state chancellor" this leaves the popularly elected USGO Premiers potentially defying both the legislatures and constituents that put them into power.

Rather, Mr Sikorski stated that the USGO would need to establish its own federal parliament that rules over specific and/or shared jurisdictions and matters of legislation with the states of the USGO itself. USGO Premiers should be responsible to their own legislature and own constituents and only need to not violate USGO federal and Union Bloc supranational law. The USGO State Chancellor is ultimately still answerable to the Union Bloc Party Secretary and the Palace of Nations and can be dismissed by the Union Bloc Chairman by 2/3 request of the future USGO Parliament.

This is the first time the Union Bloc Party Secretary actively moved to enforce party law against Bobby Jindal arguably the most powerful sub-Union level leader in the entire Union Bloc. Union Chairman John Bel Edwards a Louisiana native has so far not commented on the warning by the Party Leader, reminding his cabinet during a meeting that the purpose of the Party Leader is to ensure loyalty, responsibility, and adherence to the people and the party above all else first.

Chancellor Jindal for his part promised to bring the USGO within compliance within the next year. Jindal has ordered the creation of a legislative committee to accelerate the foundation of the USGO Parliament which will be based in Lafayette, solidifying Lafayette as the legal capital of the USGO. Baton Rouge will remain the capital of Louisiana and the Union Bloc. Mr. Jindal risked being relieved of his party membership if found guilty by the Union Bloc Judicial Conclave. According to Union Bloc law, only members of the Union Party may hold public office.

USGO completes construction of parliamentary complex, Lafayette to be completely redesigned and rebuilt

Lafayette, Louisiana

USGO State Chancellor Bobby Jindal along with Greater Oceania Parliament Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin inaugurated the Union States of Greater Oceania's Parliamentary Palace in Lafayette. The opening ceremony included a 21 gun salute and a fly over by the USGO Air Force. Construction of the Parliament building took place at a breakneck speed as Chancellor Jindal was under strict orders from Union Bloc Party Secretary Pavel Sikorski to get a USGO-wide legislative building up and running and complete with legislative authority or face loss of party membership at a Judicial Conclave.

Mr Jindal immediately put together a council for shape the powers of the new legislative organ and housed them in a concert hall until construction was completed. The USGO Parliament will have full power now to appoint the State Chancellor and the State Chancellor will now be forced to hold the confidence of the USGO Parliament. Parliament will oversee the federal budget, armed forces, foreign policy, financial markets, workers rights, and any powers shared or not delegated to the States of the Union of Greater Oceania or powers shared or not delegated to the Union Bloc supranational lawmaking authorities.

The new parliaments first act was to approve of the Chancellor budget request to expand the USGO's Armed Forces via the 2020 State Armament Program. The Program envisions a 3 fold increase in the USGO's Armed Forces, and the attainment of advanced anti-missile protection array assembled in all federal states. The SAP is expected to cost 2.2 trillion dollars over its lifetime and will not require funds from the Union Bloc exchequer. The Parliament also approved the request from the Chancellor to fund the Oceania 2050 Program which pledges to make the USGO region internally hyper-connected with major nodes of hyper-connectivity with external markets.
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