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Full Version: Union Bloc of Stockholm, the world's socialist alliance
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(USGO Vice Chancellor for Health, Welfare, and Pensions - Linda Reynolds)

USGO to eliminate poverty within 7 years

Lafayette, Louisiana

Addressing the USGO Parliament, newly appointed Vice Chancellor Linda Reynolds whose responsible for implementing the federal policies regarding Health, Welfare, and Pensions laid out the governments efforts to ramp up efforts to combat poverty within the Oceanian Union.

"We've committed to spending an additional 70 billion dollars annually to address the breaching social issues caused by rampant poverty. The tremendous efforts of several government officials at levels of government within the union have made strides to address this. However this Ministry will work harder to close the final gaps.

Most of this Ministry's efforts will be focused in Bossier which has made slow progress in reducing its number of starvation deaths. The nation of nearly a billion residents lacks the resources to effectively combat the issue on its own while also enacting important federal mandates. As such this Ministry will begin issuing assistance in the tens and if needed hundreds of billions to extinguish this issue once and for all. Of course Shreveport will need to maintain its economic progress which will eventually allow the state to be financial independent of Lafayette."

The USGO is the world's largest sub-alliance political unit with nearly 2 billion residents and the world's largest economy. State Chancellor Bobby Jindal is managing several initiatives to ensure the region becomes the singular hub of the world economy. A less widely known initiative is the Fortress Oceania concept which envisions the creation of a tremendous nuclear deterrent and anti-ICBM defense system to protect the socio-economic development of the nation.

(Oceania Union Allegiant General Enric Pryde)

Allegiant General Enric Pyrde appointed Defense Minister over the Oceania Union's Armed Forces. Replacing retiring legendary Defense Minister Russel L. Honoré, General Pryde has served previously in the Louisiana State Guard as Premier General. When the USGO and subsequently the Oceania Union was formed, General Pryde was elevated to the rank of Allegiant General serving directly under Defense Minister Honoré. The arrangement created a paradox within defense traditions as Honoré was considered a lower military rank than Pyrde, however since Honoré transitioned to a civilian role to oversee the military this paradox was largely informal.

General Pryde will retain his effective military rank of Allegiant General while dually serving as Defense Minister of the OU's Armed Forces. His new title while serving in the political post will be Allegiant Minister and he will control in its entirety the post of Defense Minister and Allegiant General. This arrangement is designed to retain the dignity of the officeholder while utilizing Enric Pryde experience as an effective military leader. Pryde will directly Vice-Chair the OU Security Council and directly head the OU's General Staff effectively serving as an efficient bridge between State Chancellor Jindla who serves as Supreme Commander of the OU's Armed Forces and the actualization of the Supreme Commander's task for the military. Allegiant Minister Pryde will now have little in his way as he builds up the world's largest military.

As Allegiant Minister Pryde addressed MPs in the OU Parliament, he stressed that the Ministry of Defense would remain transparent in its dealings. The Minister stressed that the Oceania Union under his protection as Allegiant Minister would become the strongest military power on the planet. MP's cheered the Ministers thunderous speech with Parliament Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin finally pledging that the parliament would work hand in hand with his ministry to ensure all funding needs were met to execute the General's 'Fortress Oceania' concept. The 5 trillion dollar Fortress Oceania concept is a sweeping strategy designed to ensure the impenetrability of the Oceania to enemy forces, the concept firstly depends on nuclear resilience as the front line deterrence, massive conventional defense, outward defense in-depth, proactive preemptive strike to move the battlefield completely away from home shores, and technological supremacy to ensure we maintain not just a quantitative edge but a qualitative. From the lips of Allegiant General Pryde himself "No enemy will be able to outspend us, outgun us, or out tech us. We rely on our economic planners and legislative officials to ensure a constant and unending flow of resources to ensure of this... if this plan fails it will be because the politicians in Lafayette failed to realize the gravity and necessity of this project."

(OU Central Bank Governor, Bruno Le Maire)

"Oceania Union must raise taxes AND maintain budget surplus to keep inflation under control" - Le Maire

Lafayette, Louisiana

Oceania Union Central Bank chief Bruno Le Maire came out swinging at suggestions that his bank would not increase interest rates in order to reign in inflationary pressure from the central and sub-national governments spike in spending.

Mr. Le Maire address a press corp at the OU Central bank Headquarters in Lafayette:

"The statutory responsibility of the OCB is to maintain price stability, maximum employment, and to minimize income disparity. As such to remain compliant with our base statutory obligations, the OCB Board of Governors is set to review if base increase rates need to be adjusted. Since the Oceania Union maintained a limited monetary union, inflation rates do differ in the 4 states of the Oceania Union and the OCB works with the central and sub-national governments pursue a sustainable economic agenda while executing our statutory obligations to the citizens of the Oceania Union.

To help avoid increases in the interest rates, the governments of the Oceania Union must maintain credible budget surpluses and/or consider increasing taxes to remove currency from the economy which increases inflation. Naturally the OCB controls the "broad money" supply of the economy by simply creating or destroying dollars but this is in accordance with monetary policy to ensure the economy maintains sufficient liquidity as the basis of growth. We will not remove dollars of the financial system merely to constrain government spending as that would have knock on effects to the wider OU, UB, and definitely the global financial system considering the Oceania Union comprises the biggest slice of global output controlling over 16% of world GDP."

The powerful Oceania Central Bank's sway reaches around the world. Since 44% of global transactions utilize the OUD (Oceania Union Dollar), 53% of global FOREX reserves are denominated in OUD, and 39% of global liabilities are held in OUD.

(Oceania Union - State Chancellor Bobby Jindal)

The Numbers are IN! Oceania blows away competition!

The National Statistics Service has completed its periodic review of the nations and the numbers are breathtaking!

The largest (and probably least surprising) facts are that Oceania remains the largest and wealthiest nations of the planet coming in at 1,541,354,237 citizens of the union which is 17% of the world's ENTIRE population. The next largest nations still lags behind Oceania by several hundred million! Also unsurprising is that Oceania remains the world's largest single economic region at 41.2 TRILLION dollars, the next largest national market is our northern neighbor and largest bilateral trade partner Heilige Ordnung at 31.4 trillion, almost a full 10 trillion dollars behind the Oceania Union. The OU comprises a hefty and GROWING 18% of the world's economy up previously from 16%.

Other important records are the historic decrease in starving citizens, EVERY Oceania Union state has ratified the Basic Income Accords with the federal government ensuring every adult citizen has a basic minimum income to help provide the basis for their sustainable development. As a result the OU decreased its annual deaths from starvation and poverty by 90%, there is still progress to be made to completely stamp out related deaths.

On the academic front, the OU remains at the forefront of innovation. The Federal Patent Office registered a record total of patents last year with a +7% increase from the prior years count. This is being led by small by revolutionary changes the education systems of the country. There is a federal plan to enhance academic output to help the OU retain its technological supremacy and serve as a global talent magnet by providing all the tools needed to foster and develop innovation.

Protecting these peaceful achievements are Oceania Union Armed Forces now the world's largest. The OUAF comprises the world's largest navy the Oceania Union Navy and the world's largest Aerospace Forces under the OUADF. Totaling nearly 3 million souls the OUAF protects primarily the maritime and aerospace approaches to the mainland. The OUAF are also deployed to allied Union Bloc states assisting with border security, anti-terror operations, anti-drug operations, and training and interoperability missions.

Coming in as the ultimate deterrent to threats against OU sovereignty are the Strategic Missile Forces, the SMF controls the Oceania Union strategic weapons service. Utilizing omni-channel control and independence of the nation's growing nuclear arsenal the SMF ensures quadruple redundancy of the nations "second strike" capabilities. The SMF is currently overseeing the expansion of what is already the world's largest nuclear forces by erecting expansive nuclear weapons deployment and defense infrastructure in every state of the OU. In case the central government is every cripple in a surprise strike and the federal chain of command is broken, the system is designed so that even the State Premiers in the capacity as Supreme Commanders of their state defense forces will inherit military control over their state based nuclear forces and ensure the OU can return nuclear aggression in any scenario. However SMF engineers and scientist with leading university's and technology giants are developing advance AI capable of fully controlling and directing the OU's nuclear response in the event the civilian leadership is crippled and the military's highest commanders are wiped out. The system would wait 3 hours to receive control signals from civil and military leaders. After 3 hours passed the advanced AI would network into the nations civilian and military systems and calculate the best way to attack the enemy and deploy surviving warheads towards the enemy. The system will also be equipped to monitor national maritime borders and deploy tactical nuclear weapons at approaching enemy naval and aerial formations to prevent an occupation of the state. The fully automated system is designed to deter nations from attacking the Oceania Union as it would mean the end of civilization.

(Enric Pryde, Allegiant Minister Oceania Union)

Oceania Union launches invasion of Pakistan for state terrorism

Houma, Terrebonne

Allegiant Minister Enric Pryde ordered the OUAF to begin engaging Pakistani Defense Forces and to target the civilian leadership of the south asian nation for the attempted destabilization and collapse of the OU State of Bossier.

The OU Armada deployed full steam towards Pakistan with part of the massive naval group deploying in newly ascended UB State of Motyro. Motyro applied to the UB largely due to the rampant terrorism the nation experienced from Pakistan as Pakistani militant endlessly disrupted the nations peaceful social development.

1 million troops from the OUAF deployed near the Motyro-Pakistan border awaiting for signal from Lafayette to begin the invasion. In mere moments, scores of helicopters, planes, missiles, and projectiles from the Indian Ocean Fleet smashed unassuming Pakistani naval formations and coastal defenses. Oceania Union Cyber Units suppressed and bugged Pakistani radars tricking them into believing that a massive naval formation was not amassing. The Indian Ocean Fleet suppressed radio communications from Pakistani commercial vessels instead transmitting pre-recorded messages to civilian controllers.

Nearly 800,000 troops stormed unto Pakistani shores meeting the 1 million man army on the border. Already the feeble Pakistani defense retreated and built up its defenses around Karachi and the mountainous north. Thankfully allied forces in Colomb are wrapping up their invasion of the neighboring state which provided materiel support in the operations to sabotage Union Bloc civil society will join the invasion after its fully secures the territory.

The invasion comes as Pakistani believing they escaped justice, triggered protest in the Union Bloc State of Paraguay. The Union Bloc has expended TRILLIONS fending off these attacks against our society and so far the Union Bloc Politburo has determined that these outpost of terror can only be eliminated in order to protect the socialist dream.

Allegiant Minister Pryde gave no comment on exactly who his forces were targeting. The elusive minister only replied "enemies of the state" and took off in his motorcade heading to Houma International to personally oversee operations from Motyro. Three massive highly modified Ilyushin Il-90041's were seen taking off and escorted by a massive complement of 30 aircraft 2 long-range flying radars, 3 to flying missile trucks carrying hundreds of air to air missiles, 3 aerial refueling craft, 1 air to sea flying missile truck, 3 transports carrying a full marine compliment, 3 transports carrying light patrol craft, 2 transports carrying helicopter groups and motorcade, and 11 MiG-35 ultra long range interceptors this is in addition to the outward compliment of 60 long range armed drones surrounding the massive aerial armada towards Motyro.

Rumors are that the Oceania Union State Chancellor, MSD Director Viktor Zolotov, as well as Union Bloc Party Secretary and Paraguay's Paramount Leader were onboard the flights. The livery of the three craft carried the seal of the OU State Chancellor all while the officials rumored to be on the flight have suddenly been unavailable for commentary. The massive potential VIP trip to the region can possibly be seen as a show of forces against terrorism, that 3 of the Oceania Union's most powerful security officials and 2 other prominent UB leaders would be on the same flight is also meant as a message to the people that its leaders will face down and crush terrorism on their own soil before it can reach the Union Blocs.

(Supreme Court of the Oceania Union)

Oceanian Supreme Court overturns Jindal's order to create separate 'supreme court' for the armed forces

Lafayette, Louisiana

The Oceanian Supreme Court today overturned an executive order by State Chancellor Bobby Jindal "On the Formation of Judicial Services within the Armed Forces" stating that the State Chancellor lacked the power to independently create new judicial centers within the executive branch without the consent of the OU Parliament.

"It is the opinion of this court that the Office of the State Chancellor overstepped its constitutional bounds with the misguided creation of military tribunal outside of the oversights of this court and the consent of parliament. As such the Supreme Court of Oceania clarifies that the State Chancellor must submit similar proposals to parliament in the form of a bill and following the legal process of passing a bill into law. The Supreme Court also reminds the State Chancellor that, in accordance with the Oceanian Constitution all judicial bodies civil or military relies only gains legitimacy when the Supreme Court of Oceania has original jurisdiction over ALL cases originating within the territory of the Oceania Union. As such the Supreme Court hereby bars all judges federal or sub-national from performing the duties as instructed within the State Chancellor's executive orders, and voids all cases heard by the 'Military Tribunal'."

The historic ruling by the Supreme Court effectively and rightfully reasserts the power of both the Supreme Court and the Oceanian Parliament. Critics have long lamented that the State Chancellor has moved to expand his powers at the expense of the other branches of power. Jindal is likely to hold off on any new major initiatives with this glaring legal defeat, Parliament has promised to reassert its authority recently passing a federal budget substantially lower than the Chancellor had hoped and against the will of the Chancellor ramped up taxes on capital in order to finances many of the Chancellor's national projects.

(URB Governor, John Neely Kennedy)

Union Reserve Bank praises Nordien for strong steps to resume fiscal stability

Strohlmoun, Nordien

At a meeting of Union Bloc central bankers in Strohlmoun the Nordien capital, URB Governor who heads the URB itself and chairs the meetings of the System of UB Central Banks praised the efforts of the Nordien government to wrangle its previous rampant state deficits.

"If I may briefly interject to second Mr. Klufkofen of the Nordien Central Bank. We certainly note and praise the efforts underway to expand the recent fiscal strength you've discovered in yourselves. Nordien as the second largest UB economy and third largest in the world is crucially important to the integrity of the Union Bloc Economic Zone. Needlessly to say that while the URB is currently under-equipped to render meaningful materiel support to the effort to reduce Nordien's state debt without fatally threatening the economic progress of our members, the URB is fully prepared to support Nordien in the latent stages of its efforts and the initial phases of the post-debt era. Once again please continue your important work in this direction, we will support you."

Essentially the URB Governor expressed solidarity with the Head of the Nordien Central Bank. The URB which famously charges only .2% of member GDP towards building its reserves is unequipped the support Nordien on its efforts to reduce its debt load. Rather the URB Board of Governors has collectively decided to support the economies of its less endowed members, to date the URB has issued trillions in credit directly and via the SoUC national central banks. These efforts have actually prevented the collapse of several Union Bloc economies. The Board of Governors recently voted to be more aggressive with fiscal interventions as the Union Bloc Politburo signals it will respond to state attempts to undermine the alliance with MORE union, more socioeconomic development, and more boost to defense initiatives.

(Oceanian Vice Chancellor for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Sergey Ryabkov)

Oceania presses for accelerated nuclear proliferation among UB states, offers technology and grants

München, New Bayern

Arriving in the newly ascended Free State of New Bayern, Oceania Vice Chancellor for Foreign Affairs and Trade Sergey Ryabkov interviewed with the national broadcaster on what New Bayerns membership would mean for its citizens, the region, and the world.

"Thank you for having me today Mildegard. I am so happy be here in München the bustling and cosmopolitan capital of New Bayern. We have chosen this city to host the Union Bloc's Foreign Ministers Summit and to welcome and immediately include New Bayern state leaders into the decision making processes of our union.

On to your questions, it is undeniable the benefits Union membership brings to all states. For one members are face periodic comprehensive reviews of their national economy and political integrity. These reviews allow the relevant Union Bloc organs to assess what steps are needed to bring the member state to an enhanced level of development. Sometimes this requires political counseling to encourage state leaders to adopt policies which will introduce a foundation for stability. Sometimes it requires considerable fiscal interventions from the Union Reserve Bank. In either scenario the Union Bloc works closely with national leaders to resolve issues in a way that works for everyone.

Regionally we expect the significance of the state to increase orders of magnitude. New Bayern provides the Union Bloc with even more reliable entry into the Mediterranean Sea via the Red Sea, Gulf of Hijaz and the Motyro Ocean which is essentially now a Union Bloc lake. Along with the imminent liberation of CS-18, New Bayern will provide the Union Bloc with a redundant capability to expand trade through the greater Western Eurasian region and North Africa. In addition to trade, the Union Bloc Armed Forces can seamlessly project force in this large body of water as well. The Mediterranean and Black Sea Fleets will be based on the navies of Nordien and New Bayern and will be greatly expanded. The Oceania Union will create a newly officiated Hijaz Gulf Task Group as an appendage of the vaunted Motyro Ocean Fleet and will be directly responsible for protecting the UB's sea lanes in the Hijaz Gulf.

Globally, as the region becomes ever more important to the Union Bloc as a nexus of trade between east and west. The state will draw hundreds of billions in foreign investment for the development of infrastructure and services to support trade. The Union Bloc as the world's largest economy will drive this movement. Already we have already wiped out half of New Bayerns national debt and will wipe out the remaining portion as soon as the URB approves the last tranche of funds. Crucially the Union Bloc is expected to build-up a very large.... even record military presence in the region citing its tremendous geo-strategic importance. Lafayette and Baton Rouge have already agreed to ensure that the region never needs for anything financially and along with CS18 with its ancillary importance controlling the Nordien Straits and thus any overflow trade that the Red Sea and overland trade through New Bayern to the Gulf of Hijaz cannot handle will be the largest recipients of Union Bloc development aid outside of the Western Hemisphere.

Militarily we have slammed the gas on the expansion to a fully mature nuclear potential, not just in this region but especially the Western Hemisphere. I cannot stress the importance we've placed on accelerating the development of atomic munitions in all of our Western Hemisphere states. Seeing as the Union Bloc has the unique capability of directing intensive atomic warfare against any potential enemies decision making centers literally within minutes. We've measures the distances to potential enemy decision making centers, if the Union Bloc is ever attacked conventionally or otherwise we will be able to bury enemy capitals in radiation before any of their munitions reach us in mere minutes. Therefore while the Union Bloc remains a close second military power, we will continuously develop this capability fueled by the wealth of our vastly superior and larger economy.

Today the Union Bloc proves that democratic socialism is the best political and economic model for humanity and that we will protect this unrivaled achievement with our entire national power."

The surge in support for socialism globally comes as other alliances economies experience anemic growth, social inequalities, growing nationalism, and a heavy emphasis on military power to distract from those shortcomings in there national models. This is why states have been flocking towards the Union Bloc, even as those states experience despair some organizations sit on trillions in cash holdings which is holding back growth on average of 1.5% annually. The URB which constantly analyzes the economies draws on average .2% of GDP in funds and carefully directs funds to nations in need. This allows governments to direct as much as their revenues as possible to social and economic development initiatives.

(Former OU State Chancellor, Bobby Jindal)

Jindal ousted following Lafourche collapse, elections underway

The Union Bloc Judicial Conclave voted to oust Oceania Union State Chancellor Bobby Jindal following the unexpected loss of Lafourche. The Judicial Conclave discovered that the Jindal administration actively supported Lafourche State Government's mismanagement of federal and union funds which were meant to help eliminate the state's wealth gap and help reduce unemployment. The bombshell discovery has led to an audit of the world's largest economy and has placed enormous pressure on the next State Chancellor to increase transparency and eliminate the shortcomings discovered from the Jindal Administration.

Jindal has been removed from Oceania Union federal government effective immediately with the Speaker of the OU Parliament carrying out executive functions until elections are completed. The OU Speaker himself in a speech to lawmakers warned that the body would need to better execute its oversight duties over the federal government, the considerable loss of military potential from the loss of Lafourche is unacceptable and the next State Chancellor will be held to a higher standard than Bobby Jindal whose house of cards suddenly collapse but could have nearly brought down the entire Oceania Union.

For his part, Chancellor Jindal is responsible for overseeing the rise of the world's largest economy and military power and should be accredited for introducing universal basic income throughout the entire Union Bloc as well as proactively pursuing a outward global security policy. Even with a new Chancellor, the Oceania Union is still expected to retain its foreign and defense chiefs. However greater pressure to boost domestic well-being will force the next Chancellor to chose between the world's largest military power and the world's most equal society.

(Oceanian Vice Chancellor for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Sergey Ryabkov)

Impossible for 'unsustainable' growth model of Heilige Ordnung to surpass Oceania - Ryabkov

Lafayette, Oceania Union

The Oceania Union Vice Chancellor overseeing Foreign Relations and Trade has expressed doubts that Heilige Ordnung can keep and hold the economic top spot. Vice Chancellor Ryabkov gave his remarks in an exclusive interview with OCNBC (Oceanian Consumer News and Business Channel).

OCNBC: Vice Chancellor thank you for being with us today. Analyst have predicted that Heilige Ordnung could exceed the combined GDP of the Oceania Union within the next 3 to 5 years if growth rates remain constant. What are your thoughts?

Ryabkov: Thank you for having me... and well yes I have seen the reports. Frankly I do not need see a risk whether or not Heilige Ordnung surpasses the Oceania Union or not. Simply speaking, the state relies on high levels of government spending to maintain or even increase its annual output. Yes, the nations labor productivity is marginally increasing by a substantial portion of the nation's rising output is related to an increase in aggregate demand from the state itself.

OCNBC: I see, but you know better than I that state's do actively participate in the economy. This is completely normal for state's government to participate in the economic life of the nation. You mentioned that the model was unsustainable. Can you further elaborate?

Ryabkov: Yes this is all well true. However Heilige Ordnung state driven economic expansion is actually debt fueled. We know this because the Government Heilige Ordnung largest bond holder is actually Oceanian investors including the Oceania Central Bank holding 3.4 trillion in Heilige Ordnung government bonds... we expect this sum to increase indefinitely since Heilige Ordnung middle class is already heavily indebted and cannot support much more expansion in consumption.

Naturally without reform to its policies, including its budget policy household, and institutional investors alike will begin to reduce bond purchases believing the government will be unable to service its debt obligations. And since their middle class is already stretched, an increase on their already high taxes will further depress spending and may even led to a recession. The Union Reserve Bank is expected to begin introducing regulations on Heilige Ordnung issuing debt on Union Markets in order to limit Union Bloc investors exposure to a worse case scenario from Heilige Ordnung cancelling its state debts would would have world reaching consequences.

OCNBC: Thank you for such a detailed scenario. Is there anything the Oceania Union can do to ensure it remains at the top? I know that newly elected State Chancellor Landrieu campaigned essentially on increasing the state's presence in the economy. Is this the Oceania Union heading towards the same path of an over-sized state presence in the economy?

Ryabkov: What Chancellor Landrieu has proposed is increasing the state's presence in the strategic sectors of the economy. Namely defense which is already considerable, aerospace technologies, education, and IT. These fields are capital intensive and despite having the world's deepest capital markets, state directed market influence is needed to ensure of Oceania's long-term competitiveness.

Further, while Oceania may briefly lapse into deficit spending we must note that we have the world's deepest capital markets at the most competitive interest rates. However the state has not reached what economist would call its "tax ceiling" meaning the maximum amount of revenue that can be collected at any given tax rate that will not disrupt economic growth. This figure is dynamic for all countries and the high growth in disposable income is constantly pushing this factor up for us. However there must be balance between taxing individuals and taxing capital gains and goods and services. The Parliament has signaled that it will not continue increasing taxes on individuals and demands enterprises and investors pay upwards of 5% to 7% of their capital earnings to fund government. Theoretically bringing in an additional hundreds of billions into state coffers without sapping economic growth or needing to deficit spend.

Combined with responsible policy formulation and the continued development of our citizens potential i.e. labor productivity and the better rendering and enhancement of public services we expect continued growth for the foreseeable future. Sustainable growth, not debt fueled growth. Ultimately Oceania is literally poised to remain the world's economic center for the foreseeable future.

OCNBC: Thank you for your time Vice Chancellor

Ryabkov: Thank you for having me
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