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Hegemony Martials Military, declares Martial Law

After launching an Atomic Strike at Ministeritz, the nation of Schlabanien has been declared an enemy of the Hegemony. Aircraft, naval ships, and divisions of Spaceborne troops have been launched to quickly secure the territory and root out all dictatorial elements.

The Hegemony issues a final warning to the FSO, who houses Schlabanien- do not interfere. Defense of Schlabanien will be considered a war against the Hegemony, and her allies. An invasion of Syria would be considered in response to any defense of Schlabanien.

Forces across Africa have been recalled from Leave status, and the draft has been mobilized in the areas of Egypt, the Hijaz, and East Africa.
Socialist Union Party Secretary elucidates Union Blocs strategy

Brian Hutch, General Secretary of the Socialist Union Party of the Union Bloc, talks about the recent news.

"Comrades! We stand here as a unity. A unity of workers, farmers, intellectuals. We are men, women, old and young.
Today, a deliberate nuclear attack has been launched by the fascist regime of Schlabanien. The North-American emerging country has started a war which has never been fought before: A war of mass destruction, a war of mass extermination.

As socialists, we feel with the many innocent victims who died in the nuclear hell of Ministersitz. The relations between the head of the Weltregierung and our Union have been coldish and even hostile. But that's no reason why we should lose our humanity and our compassion. The Central Office of the Socialist Union Party condoles with the victims of the nuclear strike. May it never happen again! The union's party warns any potential enemy: a conventional or nuclear attack against a state of the Union Bloc will be atoned with a counterattack which will lead to total extinction of the hostile state. Solidarity must be our highest premise."

The Colombia Prawda

Colombia: The great chairman and acting world ruler has condemned the cowardly nuclear weapon attack of Schlabanien on the Ministersitz as a crime against humanity. All states are now called upon to limit the damage to the common planet through maximum efforts to improve the environment.

Colombia: Der große Vorsitzende und amtierender Weltherrscher hat den feigen Atomwaffenangriff Schlabaniens auf Ministersitz als Verbrechen gegen die Menschheit verurteilt. Alle Staaten seien nun aufgerufen, durch maximale Anstrengungen zur Verbesserung der Umwelt den Schaden für den gemeinsamen Planeten zu begrenzen.
Hegemony and Ministeritz Forces Storm Schlabanien

A pitched battle erupted in Schlabanien as a surprise Orbital Assault was conducted from Hegemony space forces, coinciding with a ground and air assault launched from Ministeritz in retaliation for the Nuclear Strikes launched from Schlabanien.

Over the course of a month, over 180,000 Schlabanien forces were decisively destroyed, compared to the allied loss of 6,000 men and an assortment of heavy tanks.

With the government of Schlabanien having surrendered, a new Administration has been imposed on the territory. Upon conquest, it was revealed that Schlabanien had been developing long-range missiles and targeted the Union Bloc in their sights. Once these systems have been completed, the Hegemony will irreversibly destroy the Schlabanien Nuclear Stockpile, as a gesture of good-will towards maintaining world peace.

In the interim, Schlabanien is being treated as an extension of Hegemony territory within Weltgeiregung. Comparatively, Schlabanien does not have the same high-technology unemployment issues as the rest of the Hegemony, and should see massive economic growth in the coming years.

Meanwhile, in the Emirate of Hijaz, a new project has been initiated...

WWL TV New Orlean's Premier News Network

Oceania Union comprises over 25% of global GDP

The Bureau of Economic Statistics released fresh data officiating the Oceania Union's continued economic primacy over the world. As the world's largest and most important economy, the Oceania Union has vast sway over global governance. The Oceania Union within the Union Bloc sets stringent import and export rules forcing any overseas supplier to adhere to strict workers protections in order to gain access to Oceanian markets.

The OU has always been known as a export giant with a trade surplus more than double its imports. Combined with the high quality goods Oceania is known for, the drop in the Oceanian Dollar has supercharged and further solidified the Union's economic strength. Although regulators have been attempting to prop up the rest of the global economy by reducing the downward pressure on the dollar by buying up OUD denominated debts. Regulators have few levers remaining to influence the dollars value but state that they will not expend a tremendous effort on this since regulators prefer a free-floating dollars and tend to focus policies on inflation targeting measures instead.

Oceanian officials are also managing how to implement the massive rearmament program ordered by the Union Bloc without further pushing down the dollar due to the many trillions of spending that enter the economy in a short span of time. Analyst have stated that Lafayette could simultaneously increase taxes temper some private spending but issue increased subsidies and social support to offset any potential increases to the cost of living via the inflationary effects of the re-armament program.

So far officials seem to agree to increase defense expenditures at a percentage rate just under the rate of inflation to account for other potential increases in government spending categories. Lafayette is perfectly able to claim the number one military position but seems content on a medium term increase instead. Lafayette and Baton Rouge are rumored to be close to agreeing to a 1 trillion dollar one time increase to the defense budget and being compensated between 300 and 500 billion by the Union Bloc Reserve Bank to offset the concerns of Lafayette's fiscal hawks hell bent on wiping out the superpowers national debt which at 22 trillion dollars is larger than all but a handful of nation's entire GDPs.
Protests in Meara Yerushalayim

Protests have grown in large number outside of Meara Yerushalayim, and concentrated around the Weltregierung Headquarters in the Hegemony. They call for a resumption in Weltregierung payments to offset Hegemony military costs for the intervention in Schlabanien.

Hegemony police have formed a blockade around the Weltregierung Headquarters, and are maintaining a 50-ft separation from the protesters.

The protests come as documents were leaked showing that Weltregierung maintains a stockpile of $15 Trillion in cash, and has not issued out payments to member states in over 2 years. Weltregierung has also not hosted any alliance meetings, telecons, or other activities. In short, it appears as though the Alliance does nothing but leech money away from member states into coffers controlled entirely by Ministeritz.

Protestors also call for the Alliance-Wide enactment of Employment Reform; as they are desperate to eliminate massive unemployment problems.

Hegemony officials fear that if the demands are not partially met by Weltregierung within the coming months, that the events may snowball out of control and destabilize the political situation.

(Oceania Union State Chancellor, Mitch Landrieu)

Oceanian Parliament approves 2.2 trillion Trillion OUD defense hike

Oceanian State Chancellor Mitch Landrieu secured the funding he needed to meet Oceania's commitment towards the Union Bloc's 10 trillion dollar rearmament program. The plan called for Oceania as the Bloc's largest economy by far to bear at least 30% of the plans cost. However after Union Bloc delegates balked at having to raise an additional 7 trillion dollars with GDP's totally only 26% of the Union Bloc's 164 trillion dollar economy it was revised that Oceania would instead initially raise nearly 3 trillion in spending within the first two years of the 5 year plan and then raise an additional 5 trillion over a 3 year period.

Since the OU comprises nearly 75% of the Union Bloc's GDP it makes sense for the nation to bear the extreme financial cost of protecting the socialist utopia. The Union Reserve Bank will then credit the Oceania Union a one time payment of 1 trillion dollars to offset the long-term cost and will set aside an additional 1 trillion dollars to finance some of the cost for other nations in the Union Bloc to meet their spending requirements. Oceania fiscal hawks demanded an additional 1 trillion dollar rebate after a 5 year period for which levies would need to be re-introduced on UB economies to finance the defense hike.

Lafayette's prized surplus is expected to shrink to around 1.5 trillion annually as the .2% levy will suck 250 billion out of Oceania annually along with the 500 billion in planned tax breaks at all levels. The revised totals account for the expected revenue hike from economic expansion.

While the Oceania has shrunk from being the world's second largest territorial entity, and no longer the world's top or second largest armed forces. It remains by far the world's largest economy, is comfortably leading position as the world's 3rd largest army (which will soon be the second largest), and is the world's most advanced scientific and most developed nation by every standard. The sleeping Oceanian giant is preparing to awake from its slumber and reclaim its title as the world's most powerful country.
(Press Release of the Oceanic Republic of Ashana)

Takeover of power in the Oceanic Republic of Ashana

The progressive liberal politician Sterzman has taken the leadership in the Oceanic Republic of Ashana. In taking power, the leader proclaims the transition to profitable economic growth and the restoration of extensive civil rights. The Republic of Ashana will use its vast raw material reserves of cobalt, lithium and copper to build up its own industry of electric car manufacturers and suppliers, as well as investing more heavily in renewable energies and their industry. The ongoing pollution of the environment and the overexploitation of nature will be fought. With immediate effect, large nature reserves have been established to save endangered species such as the oceanic orangutan or the large oceanic sea turtle.

Ashana calls on all freedom-minded states to participate in this major reconstruction of their country and will establish generous special economic zones where foreign investors and companies can settle and conduct profitable business. Ashana also welcomes any country that wishes to trade luxury goods or commodities with them to participate in this great sustainable economic policy.
OU Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Oceania Union to guarantee the protection and development of Ashana. As the world's largest economy and 2nd largest combined military power, the Oceania Union will work to ensure that Ashana benefits from the prosperity of the Oceania Union.

Lafayette has passed a binding resolution that guarantees the state finances of Ashana up to 150% of it's GDP until the nation's GDP reaches 20 trillion. When Ashana reaches 10 trillion GDP, the Union will guarantee up to 100% of GDP in financial guarantee.

Ashana whose territory was once directly a member of the Oceania Union is formally invited to join the Union Bloc to receive the benefits of collective security, diplomatic protection, economic coordination, and reform support. The Union Bloc Economic Area is the world's largest economic region with the Oceania Union being the world's largest economy.

Lafayette extends the highest order of friendship and cooperation with the Fraternal Republic of Ashana!

Stolenlands Herald
The Voice of Reason

Stolenlands to implement legislative power to the executive

Stolenlands has just implemented a state reform that gives legislative power to the executive, making the parliament the controller of the government's powers rather than the legislative body it once was.
Popularity and especially vote count went sky high in the latest election, with approval rates of 90% for the military government.

Stolenlands also supports Yerushalayim in its struggle to get a more transparent acting Weltregierung and open up its budget for the military actions of Yerushalayim.

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