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Change of government in Kratonia

Ciudad Bolívar, Kratonia

After the death of our beloved state father, comrade Miguel Diaz (1940-2026) last month and the dismissal of the former General Secretary of the Socialist Worker's Party (SWP) and President of the Council of State, Marino Parilla (53), the SWP presented the new spearhead of our movement.

Former General Secretary Parilla has been ousted for entaglement into corruption affairs, nepotism and unbearable political ideas. The prosecution pleads in favour of a 10-year imprisonment and financial penalties, worth 2.8 Million Confederate Union Dollars. The Central Control Commission (CCC) of the SWP excluded Parilla from his position as general secretary, member of the politburo of the central committee and member of the central committee. The People's chamber followed the advice of it's president, Pedro Borrell (60), to unelect Parilla out of the State Council as well.

Pedro Borrell himself now was elected as Chairman of the Council of State. He was Vice President of the State Council since 2013 and also the first Kratonian Secretary for the belongings of the American Confederation of Socialist States (ACOSS) between 2013 and 2016. Borrell wants to strengthen the ACOSS and Union Bloc ties again, as at least the ACOSS project came to a standstill under Parilla. Borrell followed the Oceania Unions appeal to Ashana and stated that he would be very delighted if Ashana would become a member of the UB.

The 41-year old floor leader of the SWP faction in the Peoples Chamber, María Chacón, follows Borrell as the head of the Peoples Chamber and proposed Yolanda Iglesias (55) as head of the government.
Iglesias already Head of the Council of Ministers between 2012 and 2020, but then got ousted by Parilla for her "liberal commercial policies".

The Central Committee of the SWP will elect a new General Secretary this evening. It is supsected that the former head of the Youth Wing, Pedro Alvarez (47), will be the new head of the party.

(Allegiant Minister Enric Pryde, Oceania Armed Forces)

Pryde requests additional 2 million troops for defense of Ashana

Lafayette, Oceania Union

Allegiant Minister, leader of the Oceanian Armed Forces has requested an additional 2 million troops in order to successfully implement the old plans for the "Fortress Oceania" concept for the major islands.

The Fortress Oceania concept guaranteed the security of the Oceania Union by utilizing its vast territory to house atomic arsenals and vast scores of troops to prevent a successful enemy invasion of the homeland. While Oceania due to its remoteness and the vastness of the Oceanian Navy and Air Force which did not decline as a result of the Union's territorial losses, the Oceanian Army was curbed sharply since there was suddenly less territory to defend by the same amount of ocean and air space to defend.

Now with the restoration of statehood on the major islands, Allegiant Minister Pryde is dusting off his old plans for the defense of the continental region. The Oceanian Parliament is to be debate accelerating the rearmament program first requested by State Chancellor Landrieu on behalf of the Union Bloc Chairman John Bel Edwards. The original plan called for Oceania to foot 7 trillion of the original 10 trillion defense plan proposed by the Union Bloc Chairman.

Now the inclusion of Ashana into the regions defense and economic architecture has caused a positive reformulation of the defense posture that defense planners had long hoped would happen. Now Lafayette if for no other reasons than historical legacy and pride for its mostly faded concerns on national security are being launched into the spot light again. To these aims, the Oceanian state is prepared to shell out hundreds of billions in direct economic assistance to the Ashanans is spending trillions more to refresh and reinforce its ability to protect the islands sovereignty.

Most analyst had hoped that the Ashana government which perfectly already aligns with the Union Bloc's philosophy would join the alliance to receive the benefits of collective security and direct economic integration into the world's largest economic space. Union Bloc states have approved directly funding Ashana's atomic program and have pledged to inject 360 billion dollars into the Ashanan economy within its first year of Union Bloc membership.

Union Bloc Celebrates!

Ashana Ascension Day

Baton Rouge, Union Bloc Capital Territory

Today the fraternal nations of the Union Bloc celebrated the elevation of Ashana within the Socialist Bloc. The Union Bloc welcomes its newest member state and prepares to fully integrate the region into the world's largest and now even larger economic space. All state organs of the Union Bloc has begun executing ascension protocols for Ashana from the Union Reserve Bank issuing its first budget transfer, to the Ministry of Defense deploying naval vessels into Ashanan waters to show the Red Banner, and from the Ministry of External Relations raising the Ashanan flag along the other national UB flags at its embassies across the world.

The Union Bloc and especially the Oceania Union itself has committed trillions towards the development of the Ashanan state. Oceanian Parliament is preparing to pass a bill to provide an additional 2 million troops towards the defense of Ashana. The Oceanian Parliament is also expected to provide Ashana with 5 vessels of the newest Ashana class space frigate to begin the development of the Ashanan Space Force. Various regulators have moved into to help the Ashanan economy interlink within the Union Bloc, trade with the Oceania Union is expected to be a huge cash cow for Ashana being that the nations has received a trade status equivalent of Oceanian Union state itself due to the historical status of Ashana within the OU.
Chaos in Hijaz, Hegemonic Military Movements

The Completion of the state of Emir Faisal I has shocked and enraged members of the conservative party within the Emirate of Hijaz. At a staggering cost of $5T dollars, the statue stands over 500 ft tall and is made from a hybrid of steel and platinum alloys.

Originally intended to solve the nation's labor market problem, the project has instead massive increased the amount of factories available and unemployed vast swaths of the countryside. In order to save costs, Emir Faisal directed the disarmament of his nuclear arsenal, scheduled to be completed within the year.

In other news, Correspondents around the Hegemony are celebrating the withdrawal of State Secrecy acts after landmark decisions by the Hegemon, Ingen Chullain, expanded civil rights protections throughout Hegemony territories. News Crews report that naval fleets originally scheduled for exercises in Weltregeirung nations have been withdrawn, and military forces on on high alert. T-barriers have been stood up at many border sites, including the Great Wall of Meara Yerushalayim, the now all-encompasing mega city of the Capital Region.

Outside of current events, the Hegemony has placed a large contract in for the construction of Cybernetic Yerushalayite Life-Form Nodes (CYLON) combat units. They have shown remarkable skill in adapting to combat conditions via Machine Learning algorithms, however frontline units are expected to be remotely controlled by human operators.

(John Neely Kennedy, Governor of the Union Reserve Bank)

Union Reserve Bank raises reserve contribution requirement, begins targeted debt relief program

Sakula, Ashana

Arriving in the Ashanan capital of Sakula is a very familiar to the Union Reserve Bank Governor, John Neely Kennedy. When Ashana was a member of the Oceania Union the URB frequently assessed the regions economic performance and rated it as a positive model for how newly industrializing economies should develop. There are still markings of former Oceanian rule throughout the beautiful island nation.

Today, Sakula is a member state of the Union Bloc as a full member and not a sub national entity of the Oceania Union. And Lafayette has committed the same vigor towards Ashana's development to pre-collapse levels first by issuing billions in debt relief to the island's government, and pledging trillions in current and future debt issuance. This is because the Oceanian government has pledged to issue common debt bonds with Ashana in the case the government approaches a liquidity crisis.

Today the URB arrives to assess the islands current economic conditions and to announce a similar program with other URB economies. Today the URB has begin issuing billions in targeted debt assistance to the member states of the Union Bloc. The URB is targeting nations with debt quotes above 80% of GDP and prioritizing nations with near or above debt at 200% of GDP.

In order to support this program, the URB authorized a rate increase of .2% most of this total will arrive from the Oceanian treasury which comprises 70% of Union Bloc GDP. As such Oceanian officials have signaled their willingness to transfer up to 500 billion annually to the Baton Rouge to fund debt relief operations. With that being said, the URB not having unlimited resources will require nations to adjust their tax policies in order to optimize their revenue collection to reduce the structural deficit as much as possible. The URB will also recommend implementing the Money Reform II to cancel out state debts in which the URB will help nation's by transferring funds to help build new national reserves since they would be debt free.

Stolenlands Herald
The Voice of Reason

Tazlforth hit by Hurricane Angela

The capital of Stolenlands was hit hard by a hurricane that was supposed to travel in the carribean instead of the caucasus.
Scientists and Military are very confused about this and first rumors reported some communist mad man behind this


The Hegemony Joins the Union Bloc!

In a stunning geopolitical game of manuevering, the Hegemony has found that the Weltgereigung Alliance no longer was capable of reform nor of real capacity to defend her interests. Laying out the new 5-year plan, Ingen Chullain, Hegemon of Yerushalayim, East Africa, the Hijaz, and Schlabanien, announced that the Hegemony would be joining the Union Bloc.

The reason for this is multi-fold. Speaking plainly to the public, dressed in his ceremonial robes, and guarded by sentinel droids, he related:

"First! Weltgereigung cut off subsidies for a period of years after the Schlabanien Incident. Following this, the ministers of Ministeritz sent a diplomatic demarche lambasting Yerushalayim for taking quick action to subdue the rogue leaders of Schlabanien and their Nuclear Stockpile, requesting instead to "vote by committee" on "unspecified actions" to rein in Schlabanien."

"Second! Yerushalayim, Hijaz, and Schlabanien all suffer from high unemployment. It was necessary to have Employment Reform passed, which the ministers of Union Bloc offered generously. Weltgereigung has only undertaken a single reform in all its history."

"Third! Weltgereigung has continued to stockpile a $16 Trillion dollar war chest, paid for on the backs of hard working Yerushalayites. They are the reason why you do not have work! Their endless subsidies spurred immense automation, such as the unending metropolis before you. It is their droids which have placed you out of work! But, we have a plan to fix this."

"Finally! It was time for a shakeup. The world has begun to stagnate, and the Union Bloc is on the ascendant. It is my hope to place all of you, my loyal subjects, on the winning side. We absolutely must transition to a market-socialist economy if Yerushalayim has any hope of surviving this century. Unlike Bialya, which my deceased wife loved, we maintain a fighting chance."

And with that fanfare, the conference ended.
Kratonia avoided Hurricane Angela

Ciudad Bolivar, Kratonia

It's called a wonder, but it's rather a success of socialist technologism and progressivism. The Hurricane "Angela", which should arrive the Kratonian coast last winter, was predictably one of the most devastating hurricanes to reach our coast. Thanks to the Bolivarian Kratonian Armed Forces and it's Bolivarian Kratonian Space Forces, the Hurricane could be avoided. It's said that it disappeared around 600 kilometres away of the Kratonian eastern coast. The commander of the Space Forces, Major General Xavier Sambogla, blamed the capitalist western intelligence and space services for the upcoming catastrophe. After a successful launch of the Kratonian Weather Control and Security System (KWCS), the Hurricane went into the opend atlantic and far eastern "where it belongs".

(Nikolai Patrushev, Union Bloc Minister of Defense)

Union Bloc's shadowy Defense Minister to oversee alliance wide defense improvements

Baton Rouge, Union Bloc

Union Bloc Chairman John Bel Edwards made little fanfare in his announcement that the alliances longtime Defense Minister would completely oversee the implementation of alliance wide defense enhancements. The Oceania Union's Allegiant Minister Enric Pryde would oversee the development of the Union Bloc's newest State Armaments Program and drafting of the All-Union Military Doctrine which is expected to remain defensive and focus on ensuring persistent military endurance.

The Union Bloc Chairman is implementing important fiscal reforms that will effect all states within the Union. The purpose of this fiscal reform is due to the fact that Union states currently retain tremendous budgetary potential to finance larger Armed Forces. This has been concluded on the basis of a thorough economic study which determined that the Union Bloc's military potential has not exceeded its current economic potential by a considerable margin.

Mr. Patrushev is not responsible for the fiscal regime, that will be the responsibility of long serving Union Reserve Bank Governor John Neely Kennedy whose bank recently published the findings presented by the Chairman himself. Mr. Patrushev will essentially ensure that the national defense chiefs are implementing their portion of the State Armament Program and the All-Union Military Doctrine. Mr. Kennedy will be working with member-states to optimize their budgets in order to accommodate the implementation of the above mentioned defense programs.

In order to denote the seriousness of the agenda, the Union Bloc is currently in the middle of passing several reforms meant to ensure the long-term sustainability of the agenda. These reforms will provide a tremendous economic boost to further support the defense reforms. Union Bloc member-states understand what is needed to protect the socialist utopia. The Oceania Union has recently passed a non-binding resolution in both houses of Parliament to commit 25% of its GDP in cost to bankroll the initiative. This means that the Oceania Union alone has committed to spending 35 trillion Oceanian Dollars to fund the massive rearmament program this easily translate to roughly 15% of the Union Bloc entire GDP. Lafayette has stated it will commit to spending this amount if remaining Union Bloc states go above and beyond the call of duty and commit collectively 17 trillion in additional defense spending. If the alliance members meet this commit the Union Bloc would be shelling out a whopping 52 trillion in additional defense expenditure or nearly 25% of its annual output.

Many bloc members have stated they would commit to the extra spending without condition while some members requested financial guarantees from both Baton Rouge and Lafayette. Both capitals have committed to supporting and fully backing support measures, however both capitals will insist on strong fiscal requirements be implemented as a condition of financial guarantees. Lafayette has already stated that as a member of the Union Bloc it can't legally impose fiscal rules on another equal UB member and that such rules can only original from Baton Rouge. This is why most funding would come in the form of larger rates from the URB with member-states simply receiving rebates from the URB since the URB can legally impose fiscal rules on states receiving assistance from the Union-level bank.

The Union Bloc generally prudent fiscal policy according to our calculations allows for a sustainable long-term responsible development of its armed forces while continuing to provide for the socialist social welfare.
The Hegemony Discovers Cure for Malaria, Covid-19

Scientists from the Public Health Institute in Meara Yerushalayim, establish over two decades ago to combat common illnesses, has announced today that they produced a vaccine for Covid-19. In the same press release, they announced a nano-biotic cure for the Malaria parasite.

Both cures will be released to the public in short order.
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