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Oceania Union - Ministry of Economy and Finance

The Oceania Union announces tariff increase measures on goods produced outside of the Worker Rights Regions. It's the policy of the OU to maintain exports double the current imports. In order to swiftly protect Oceanian industry and the Union's ability to generate adequate revenues for the national welfare the tariff hike will take effect the next fiscal year.

Oceanian tariffs have historically remained static to benefit global partners and ensure access to the world's largest national economy. However nations are raising the barrier to entry for Oceanian goods and hurting our competitiveness. While the Oceanian Union cannot force other states to change their tariff policy, we have the right to resort to the same measures to protect our own legitimate interest. As such the Ministry of Economy and Finance will double the current tariff rate.

Once again this tariff will only apply to states outside of Workers Rights Regions. These regions ensure that workers rights are placed to the highest standards and trade disputes are settled via internal dispute mechanisms. The Oceania Union will be issuing waivers on these tariffs to the Heiluge Ordnung and Ministersitz as our three remaining superpowers form systemic links in the larger global economy and tariff hikes would threaten current growth trends.

The Union Bloc will also be seeking to update the Workers Rights Charter in the era of advanced robotics, modern space commercialization, and hyper development of society. The original charter doesn't protect against mass automation and subsequent job losses. While many Union Bloc and international states have some form of UBI, many nations grappling with high unemployment has not ensured basic income and face stability issues. The Union Reserve Bank stands ready through a 1 trillion dollar commitment to support nations implementing UBI.

(Automated Droid Factory - Assumption)

Sturt Stony Desert, Assumption Parish

State Chancellor Mitch Landrieu has approved the addition of androids into the ranks of the Oceanian Armed Forces. The plan to incorporate these fearless and highly efficient warriors without the armed forces ranks is the brainchild of Allegiant Minister Enric Pryde. The Minister fearing the ability of his Fortress Oceania to be overwhelmed heavily lobbied Parliament arguing that fiscal concerns would be a thing of the past if the Oceania Union lost its statehood.

Now Parliament has approved both the funding and the tax increases needed to fund this operation. After years of parliamentary delay, and bureaucratic infighting the Oceania Union is working hard to close the military gap with its cold war rivals. State Chancellor Landrieu has loudly announced that "We can spend what should considered an infinite amount of money on this. Our taxpayers can sustain a tremendous burden to finance their continued freedom and prosperity. Today the political decision has been made to restore Oceanian military dominance."

The Oceanian Armed Forces has already been a global force to be reckoned with. Historically spreading freedom and socialism to all parts of the world with the Oceanian Union at its largest extent controlling 7 different territories around the world before its dramatic collapse due to COVID-19. Currently the world's third largest military force, the OAF are set to eclipse the size of allied Colomb which boast a powerful 13 million man army ahead of Oceania's 12. The Oceanian Armed Forces plan to quadruple their current forces to a whooping 40 million personnel at a cost of 50 trillion dollars over a 6 to 10 year span. This is because Lafayette will spend 3 to 5.5 trillion annually on defense increases, this will be supported by a progressive tax increase to ensure that the annual deficit remains no higher than 3 trillion annually.

Oceania which maintains the world's finest economic planners have already written up plans to develop the economy in a manner to develop and finance its a massive defense hike. Economic planners have also charted increases to the real economy to ensure a continued flow of new revenue into the treasury to finance the latest defense plans. This will also ensure that Oceania retains its economic primacy while aggressively pursing the top military position.
Kratonian SDA-15 Air Defense Systems, in background: Kratonian/Bertholletian PCLA-12-4 intercontinental missile carriers.

American Confederation of Socialist States celebrates Union Day

Ciudad Unidao, Bertholletia

The people in South America celebrate the recent Union Day. In nearly any city of the ACOSS-States, Kratonia and Bertholletia, rallies and parades were held. As usual, the biggest party was celebrated in Ciudad Unidao, the common capital of the ACOSS, hosting now almost a half million of citizens. Ciudad Unidao was founded just 10 years ago as a sign of the friendship of the people of South America and the free people all over the world, hosting many embassies and common institutions of the UB and ACOSS members.
The party began at 10 a.m. with speaches of Kratonian Chairman of the State Council Pedro Borrell, Bertholletian President Adriano Silva and many other officials. At 12 a.m., the Union Bloc anthem sounded, introducing the military parade. More than 2'000 Bertholletian and Kratonian soldiers were taking part. A cultural parade of theatres, artists, workers and youth organizations followed. At 2 p.m., the parade ended and the city centre of Ciudad Unidao switched into a city of cultural diversity with many programmes of groups from all over the Union Bloc.
At 11 p.m., fireworks started, illuminating the sky over Ciudad Unidao.

For Freedom and Socialism: All glory to the Union Bloc!

(People's Arc d'Triomphe)


Parisia, Frankish Republic, Oceania Union

The Oceania Union celebrates UNION DAY in its traditional glorious fashion. Military parades, speeches by federal, state, and local officials fill the airwaves, families come together to celebrate, and we remember the dead who fought for the Union Bloc's freedoms across the world and the defense of the working mans plight. Every year we mark Union Day to display to the world that the Union Bloc's unbroken unity will always prevail when faced with an impossible challenge.

In Oceania's Union Day military parades, the 1st Automaton Battalion made its first public appearance. 50,000 droids marched along the avenues of Baton Rouge in front a vast viewing deck traditionally erected in the Palace of Nation Boulevard where the Union Bloc's leaders and Oceanian officials among many foreign dignitaries watch in awe of the Union Bloc's resurgent military power. Lafayette is se to produce millions of droids and newly designed automated combat platforms every year.

This year marks the first Union Day observance by the Hegemony where for the first time, Union Bloc troops marched in celebration through the powerful monarchs capital. Union Bloc flags flew proudly next to the Hegemony as joint Hegemon-Union air force groups perform high stakes air shows, while the Oceania Union's Space Forces used its powerful laser weaponry to induce dazzling laser shows in orbit above Union Bloc nations.

Union Day celebrations arrive to space in higher fashion as the Union Bloc's Space Defense Force largely composed of Oceanian Space Force vessels made powerful fleet reviews on the surface of the moon and martian space for the thousands of colonist off world. The Union Bloc's Red Banner flies proudly not just here on earth but amongst the high heavens as well. The achievements of our great union shall be felt forever, and latest innovations will capture the world like never before. Glory to the Union Bloc!

Grichenstein zelebriert den UNION DAY

Grichenstein zelebriert den "UNION DAY", trotz der schlechten Lage.
Die Leute freuten sich trotzdem den glorreichen Tag feiern und ihre Sorgen,Nöte und die Wut vergessen zu können. Bei dieser Gelegenheit wurden große Veränderungen zum Besseren hin verkündet.

Es wurde eine Delegation hochrangiger Mitglieder zu jeder Parade der Bündnispartner entsandt und es wurden ein paar kurze Grußworte über eine große Videoleinwand in Oceania vom Grichensteinischen Präsidenten höchstpersönlich an die Bevölkerung und alle anwesenden Staatsgäste gerichtet.

"Auf eine gute Zusammenarbeit, auch in Zukunft. Möge dieser brüderliche Zusammenhalt in alle Ewigkeit fortbestehen!"


Grichenstein celebrates the 'UNION DAY', despite the bad situation.
People were nevertheless happy to celebrate the glorious day and to forget their worries, hardships and anger. On this occasion, major changes were announced for the better.

A delegation of high-ranking members was sent to each parade of the allies and the Grichenstein President personally addressed a few short greetings to the population and all present state guests over a large video screen in Oceania.

'We wish you a good cooperation, also in the future. May this fraternal cohesion continue forever!'
The Hegemony celebrates Union Day!

With the economic woes of the past behind them, decreasing unemployment, and a forward-thinking technocratic administration running most of the nations, citizens around the Hegemony celebrate Union Day. Crowds throng in the streets, protected by the new Sentinel mkIV combat skins.

Widespread happiness in the Hegemony's policies exists in East Africa and Schlabanien, but unrest is on the Horizon in Hijaz, and in the breakaway provinces in Libya and Tunisia. No plans are on the horizon for resubjugation of the rebels, with the Hegemon having abstained from outward conquest in the coming twilight of his years.

Instead, the plan is for forward thinking. With his face plastered across millions of Holoscreens, the Hegemon announced 2 new Imperial Projects that would need to be completed prior to his death.

"First, we must construct a Space Elevator in order to secure Union Bloc dominance over the Space Industry. The tower shall be built in Meara Yerushalayim, and reach to the very Heavens themselves.

Second, we must construct a Lunar Colony, and secure the natural resources of Luna for ourselves, to the exclusion of Weltreigerung.

And finally, we must Voyage to Mars and establish a colony on that red world. Glory to the Union Bloc, Glory to the Hegemony!"

The Colombia Prawda

Union Day celebrations in Colombia

Colombia: The Grand Chairman opened this year's Union Day celebrations in Colombia. Despite growing concern about the armament policy of the Weltregierung, the population is celebrating the unity and successes of the Union Bloc in a relaxed manner.

Colombia: Der Große Vorsitzende eröffnete die diesjährigen Union Day Feierlichkeiten von Colombia. Trotz wachsender Sorge um die Aufrüstungspolitik der Weltregierung feiert die Bevölkerung ausgelassen Einheit und Erfolge des Union Blocs.
Ashana celebrates the Union Day

Ashana würdigt den großartigen sozialistischen Union Day mit einem gigantischen Feuerwerk und der Vorstellung des "Ashla Motors Model S", dem ersten Grossserien-Elektrofahrzeug des Landes.

Regent Sterzman betont in seiner Ansprache an das Volk, wie wichtig Einigkeit und Völkerverstaendigung ist, um das Land wieder zu alter Größe zu fuehren. Zugleich würdigt er insbesondere die Anstrengungen des Verteidigungsministers, der maßgeblich die militärische Aufrüstung des Landes leitet.

Ashana pays tribute to the great socialist Union Day with gigantic fireworks and the presentation of the "Ashla Motors Model S", the country's first mass-produced electric vehicle.

In his address to the people, Regent Sterzman emphasizes the importance of unity and international understanding to lead the country back to its former greatness. At the same time, he especially appreciates the efforts of the Minister of Defense, who is decisively leading the military armament of the country.

(Oceanian State Chancellor - Mitch Landrieu)

Oceania retains largest economy in PPP terms, slips to 2nd in nominal GDP

Lafayette, Oceania Union

The Oceanian State Chancellor Mitch Landrieu welcomed the economic challenge from his far northern neighbor Heilige Ordnung in claiming the top economic spot in nominal GDP terms. The Oceanian Union which retains far better investment climate and overall better indicators is in an easy position to reclaim the nominal GDP position as well.

Lafayette refers to the additional tax burden citizens can stomach as a result of their dramatically higher incomes than the poorer and heavily indebted citizens of the Ordnung. Further Landrieu insist that the Union's GDP has rightly been suppressed by its technocrat ran Central Bank which jacked up interest rates to tame inflation and cool the overheating the economy. The OCB has recently decided on a major rate cut which will not only lower Oceanian debt interest payments, but support enhanced business activity.

The Oceanian State Armaments Program which incorporate the nation's obligations from the all-Union Bloc Armaments Program is being kicked into high gear. The trillions of new dollars being introduced into the economy will prevent a true return to normally low interest rates to tame inflationary pressure but will nonetheless add real dollars to the economy and continue to draw what's already the world's largest investment inflows.

Within the next ten years, Lafayette will have doubled both its GDP and tripled its military output. Once again, Oceanian's tremendous personal wealth will be leveraged to finance this meteoric growth the State Planning Commission is projecting.
CRISIS: And there was a great cry throughout the Hegemony...

Twenty Million dead, and bodies without measure. So fell the social order within the Hegemony. CCTV cameras, previously shut off from the outside world, show a horrific crime the likes of which the world had not seen in generations.

It was pure chaos, the crime of multiple generations of capitalists exploiting the poor, and most of the population on grain dolls from the state. When the dolls were cut, the poor had nothing to eat. Even worse, the State gave sanctuary to the embattled Emir of Hijaz, and with him the vast swathes of his state treasury, yet the poor could not eat. And the State, ever cautious of its decreasing power to subjugate, responded with force.

But the soldiers, loving of their countrymen, would not fight. They too, rebelled against the State, but the Hegemon hardened his heart against the wishes of the people, and took solace in the dream of his empire.

And so, the Hegemon ordered in his security bots to place and end to the Uprising. All throughout the Hegemony, rebellious freedom-fighters rise up to overthrow the Machines and their so-called Hegemon. Will you rise to the Occasion?

*A vast chorus is heard throughout the capital region, played across hacked loudspeakers which have slipped from State control*

"Do you hear the people sing?
Singing a song of angry men?
It is the music of a people
Who will not be slaves again

When the beating of your heart
Echoes the beating of the drums
There is a life about to start
When tomorrow comes

Will you join in our crusade?
Who will be strong and stand with me?
Beyond the barricade
Is there a world you long to see?

Then join in the fight
That will give you the right to be free
Do you hear the people sing?
Singing a song of angry men?

It is the music of a people
Who will not be slaves again
When the beating of your heart
Echoes the beating of the drums

There is a life about to start
When tomorrow comes
Will you give all you can give
So that our banner may advance

Some will fall and some will live
Will you stand up and take your chance?
The blood of the martyrs
Will water the machines at laaaaaaaaast!

Do you hear the people sing?
Singing a song of angry men?
It is the music of a people
Who will not be slaves again

When the beating of your heart
Echoes the beating of the drums
There is a life about to start
When tomorrow comes"

The clouds part, and the sun shines upon the decrepit ruins of Meara Yerushalayim. Perhaps the technological dystopia is finally at an end. Bouyant with hope, the Rebels surge upon the last pockets of resistance in the Capital to pronounce the overthrow, and usher in a new Liberal order.
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