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(Jay Dardenne, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Economy)

Oceanian economic damage reversible, recovery period to take 10 years

Lafayette, Oceania Union

Jay Dardenne, the Oceanian Vice Chancellor for Finance and Economy today spoke at a news conference on the government's response to the current social unrest. The Vice insisted that the tremendous damage done to Oceania's economy could be reversed if the right policies were carried out immediately. Mr. Dardenne reminded reporters that the Oceanian government has become well experienced at resisting state collapse and that the government still has several options remaining to stabilize the situation.

The Vice Chancellor laid out some proposals for the economic recovery

"It's clear that the era of Oceanian primacy over the world is no longer sustainable. We've asked a tremendous burden on the Oceanian tax payer... a burden that is causing havoc in the state.... millions left unemployed. So the state is announcing a new social contract with the citizenry; the state capitalism model was overwhelmed and collapsed under its own weight. Now the pure ingenuity of the Oceanian people must support our progress and this is something we can easily accomplish.

In order to meet these ends sustainably. We are forced to make difficult decisions and so our vaunted military position must again be sacrificed. As we slowly raise revenues from our battered economy to maintain our social obligations the military potential will be axed substantially. We must also conclude our international financial obligations to our allies within the Union Bloc outside of URB contributions.

We will revert a more intelligent strategy of intelligent deterrence by only maintaining the minimum deterrent needed to defend our regional interest. Alas the Oceania Union is forced to retreat from its global military ambition and continue to focus on restoring the pride of its economy by reclaiming the title of number one economy. This is something that is fully within our power and we will use our renewed economic vigor to pull ourselves up from the bootstrap and restore our dignity. 10 years is all that is needed to accomplish this."

With that being said, the Vice Chancellor assured reporters that unless the state itself collapses that the Union Bloc sovereignty remains fully intact. However the Vice Chancellor did pitch the possibility of forming a Supranational Union with the WRG. The Oceanian Government has always flatly rejected the notion of the WRG being the world's only true political center; the WRG refusal to compromise and recognize Union Bloc political legitimacy has always been the leading reason for the alliances growing militarist sentiment. Even despite a so called "minimal deterrent" policy by the Oceanian Union the nation has no plans to completely disassemble its armed forces rather a slow drawn down will be carried out over a long period of time as the state raises revenues over the same period.
Ultimate MCA at Tocoma Nuclear Power Plant "José López"

Tocoma, Kratonia

It was the last day of March this year: A gigantic smoke cloud of smoke came out of the open, burning Reactor Unit Number 6 in the Tocoma NPP (TNPP). In the night from March 30th to March 31st, at 11.50 pm, an explosion enlightened the sky over Malanez, Tocoma district. Just 15 Minutes later, first firemen arrived at the burning TNPP Unit 6. It lasted 3 Weeks to stop the fire. Helicopters suffocated the fire with sand, boron, lead and other chemicals. Afterwards, the ruin was sealed with a large shelter, saving the world from radioactive dust.

The Tocoma NPP consists of 8 Reactor Units. The first unit entered service in 1980, the 6th unit was built in 2008, the 8th unit in 2022. There were 4 units (4, 6-8) in operation lately, delivering 5200 Megawatts of energy. The lose of the 1000MW is a harsh strike against Kratonian power supply. Anyways, 2 of the 3 remaining Reactor Units at TNPP started service after a security checkup and cleanup measures. Reactor Number 4, which was identical to Reactor Number 6, was switched off after 35 years of service.

More than 80'000 Armymen and more than 200'000 volunteers worked to liquidate the consequences of the MCA. Over 200'000 people were resettled in a zone of 30 kilometers around the TNPP. More than 60 villages and 6 towns were evacuated, the highly radiated ones of them, were completely buried under the soil with heavy army equipment. The consequences for the economy, society and environment can not be estimated at the moment. The Council of Ministers founded a committee to explore the reasons and the course of the catastrophe. General Secretary and Chairman of the State Council, Pedro Borrell, promised there will be a "complete clarification and aftercare". The 3 other reactors of the same Type RARC-1000 in Kratonia were shut down lately.

(Fleet of Oceanian Defense Forces Cargos entering Wien airspace)

Oceanian Military Junta lands massive fleet inside Wien

Neolaboratoria, Wien

The Wien Science Directorate has received a massive fleet of aircraft hailing from the former Oceania Union's still operating but severely reduced armed forces. The Fleet is allegedly was carrying high ranking VIPs from the Oceania Union that had to wait to be exfiltrated from the collapsed Oceania Union. The Oceania Military Junta retains control over varied stretches of the former superpower and retains control over the Union's vast space holdings and still administers control over the extremely important earth based space assets.

The Military Junta exercises zero political control over the Union's space holdings and is merely tasked with completing the off-worlding of the Union's assets and then the destruction of remaining infrastructure to prevent its use by foreign governments. Despite no longer being a part of the Oceania Union by its own declaratio; the Wien Science Directorate has pledged to support the OU's continued off-worlding activities and will represent the OU Military Junta and the Oceania Union's off world colonies and territories here on the planet.

The massive fleet contained not only VIPs but some assets for use by the Science Directorate such as gold, hard currency, and 7th generation military technologies (OU operates 10th generation technology while the average nation operations 6.5 generation military tech). As the OUMJ still controls the OU important planet side infrastructure especially for space it was easily transported across the Indian Ocean to the Directorate by a heavily armed and escorted OUMJ air group.

Some say that State Chancellor Mitch Landrieu who now governs the Oceania Colonial Union from his expansive martian cities secretly controls the Wien Science Directorate via a shadowy and elite organization called the Eternal Order. Those rumors cannot be confirmed however due to lack of direct contact with the OCU and the Wien Science Directorate insistence that it is it's own independent country that merely acts as the neutral protecting power for the OCU due to the fact it practically retains no governance over its former earth territory and the OUMJ is unsuitable to act in a diplomatic capacity. Other have stated that the gray legal area created due to the WSD plays exactly into the Eternal Orders objective of eventual resurgence.
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