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(USGO Chancellor Jindal and Union Bloc Chairman Edwards at State of the Union Address)

Union of Socialist Bloc Nations snatches global primacy

Baton Rouge, Union Bloc

On the steps of the mammoth Palace of Nations building in Baton Rouge, Union Bloc Chairman delivers a speech on the State of the Union. Just as the Chairman delivers his speech on the achievements of the Union over the past year officials within the statistic bureau reported that the Union Bloc has if only for the moment secured the top spot from the Welt Alliance.

The Union Bloc in its time like any organization is imperfect but strives to deliver the most positive impact on the world it exist in. To date the Union has uplifted over 1 billion citizens within its borders out of poverty, the Union has created 400 million high tech, high paying jobs, delivered medical aid to 27 countries servicing over 10 million residents of foreign nations. The Union has worked to develop nations even outside its borders by lending or granting over 1 trillion in development aid and cancelled a total of 80 billion dollars in debt. These deeds have added hundreds of billions of real sustainable, and most important shared growth to the global economy.

The Union enforces its social agenda by setting strict conditions for foreign and domestic players to participate in our markets. Namely foreign entities are required to apply the same employee policies applied within the Union Bloc to all their global workforce. While some have complained that this unfairly indirectly forces the application Union law outside Union borders, enterprises take this condition upon themselves for the pleasure of doing business within the Union Bloc now the world's number one alliance.

In order to protect this tremendous milestone, the Union will continue to make serious upgrades to its defense capabilities. Currently the Union has prioritized its funding towards social projects.. however to shield these achievements and protect the long-term enforceable policies we must develop a stronger shield to protect the nations of the Union Bloc. The Union Bloc is working hard to strengthen its naval and air forces ability to project power, the Union is developing sweeping new regional defense architecture which will seamlessly flow into a new global defense architecture.

Chancellor of the Oceania Union Bobby Jindal in his own separate State of the Union to the Parliament of the Oceania Union promised to direct the wealth of his nearly 30 trillion dollar economy to create to most robust system of defense in the world. Oceania holds the supreme pleasure of hosting the parliament and half the ministries of the Union Bloc along with its own massive bureaucracy and must adequately protect these institutions from any and all threats. Extremely remote Oceania has geography on its side as it would take over 30 minutes for atomic warheads to reach the capital, to face conventional attacks potential enemies will have to face down the northern islands, and brave the massive Indian Ocean and Pacific Fleets of the Oceania Union Navy. By this time the OU would have issued a disproportionate retaliatory strike towards the political and decision-making centers of the combatant forces.
The Union of Bialya and Yerushalayim

Bialyan forces, originally ousted from Angola by separatists, have firmly won back control of their nation upon the eastern coast of Southern Africa. This stunning victory, in which Bialyan forces surrounded and facilitated the capture of 175,000 rebels was due in no small part to the training and materiel provided by the Hegemon, Ingen Chullain of Yerushalayim.

In a statement, the Hegemon proclaimed the liberation of Bialya and an end to terrorist separatism on the African continent. Yerushalayim and Bialya, he claimed, would bring about a new era of peace and security on the African continent. Their nations flush with money, it seems a forgone conclusion that Yerushalayim and Bialya would join forces. To that end, the Hegemon and Queen Bee announced a Union between their houses, and the nations at large.

It is unclear which power-broker will lead this union though. Many sources describe Queen Bee as cunning, ruthless, and overly interested in mystical artifacts scattered throughout her wartorn kingdom. Time will tell what, if any, role she will play in the coming conquest of Africa.

What is clear is that journalists are unwelcome, so long as they refuse to tow the official government line. Social media posts throughout Bialya, or those parts that have connected with the outside world, suggest a pattern of atomics movement. The weapons program which presaged the original rebel regime may in fact be restarted.

World Leader Lugo Warns Against Lengthy Military Operations

World Leader Fernando Lugo

ASUNCION - From his office in his native Paraguay, World Leader Fernando Lugo issued a stern warning to national governments considering military campaigns. "My administration strongly supports humanitarian interventions in nations whose governments have been derelict in their duties," Mr. Lugo announced. "However, I caution the leadership of nations that are considering such interventions to ensure that their operations are swift so as to minimize the effects of military mobilizations on civilian populations."

(Jay Dardenne, Vice Chancellor of Finance and Economy)

Vice Chancellor overseeing the budget and economy announces new taxes

Lafayette, Oceania Union

The Oceania Union's Vice Chancellor for Finance and Economy, Jay Dardenne announced today that the OU would in fact be increasing taxes to accommodate newly approved spending by Parliament. Parliament approved the State Chancellor's request for defense upgrades, infrastructure improvements across the union, and the subsidization of Bossier as it implements a largely successful social mobility program.

State Chancellor Bobby Jindal has vowed to spend "whatever was necessary" to secure the OU has the largest national military on the planet. To meet these ends, the Chancellor has deployed a creative mix of policies to massively increase economic growth which led to historic new revenues for the Oceania Union. Also to secure funding for the multi-trillion dollar program for infrastructure and social mobility enhancements will require fresh new taxes on the public.

Vice Chancellor Dardenne stressed that the citizenry would be purely burdened with funding for the national defense and economic investment. He stressed that capital taxes would be increased, he also wrote off concerns of capital flight stating

"The Oceania Union retains a unique position in this world. It's the world's largest national economy that's embedded into the largest alliance economy. Naturally this position will continue unchanged for the foreseeable future, even in the unlikely scenario that the OU's economic primacy is replaced in the near term, our market will also remain at least as important as they are today. Therefore we able to ask enterprises to share the cost and burden to protect this market for which their wealth past, present, and hopefully the future will be based on. We will not impose capital control, such a possibility is next to impossible considering our tremendous sway over the global economy... however if companies do in fact leave the OU even if to other members within the Union Bloc they will be stripped of the pleasure of doing business within the OU until they pay the amount of tax we calculate was loss as a result of their tax relocation. We imagine that enterprises will find it much more lucrative to cope with the mild increase in taxes especially as the OU Government prepares to increase the breadth and quality of services rendered to the public."

The Finance and Economy Ministry stated that the tax increases would total 3% to 10% depending on what budget model the State Chancellor decides to submit to parliament during the next budget session. Mr Dardenne aims to stabilize annual surpluses to between 600 and 800 billion dollars annually, this surplus must be maintained to help arrest inflation amid historically low interest rates. The Central Bank of Oceania has declined to comment on the issue but concurs that the government should continue its reserve building program to control inflation and should only reduce taxes and release reserves when the economy requires stimulus.

It should also be noted that 3 of the 4 Oceania Union member states are currently running substantial budget surplus and are increasing their government reserves. Aside from Bossier which is managing a massive population and likely take some decades to achieve fiscal independence, the states of the OU are all prudently managing their economies and will likely be able to survive any economic recession. Lafayette has already guaranteed the solvency of Shreveport's state debt and has already formulated and signed a new fiscal treaty lasting 20 years with Bossier which gives Lafayette some oversight and "veto" over their state budget. One of the control budget measures is legal recourse which allows the Government of Bossier to be sued in state and federal courts under expedited trial if Bossier disregards the fiscal rules agreed to by Lafayette. After a successful lawsuit Bossier will be issued another 30 day compliance window, after which Lafayette will legally be allowed to halt funds to Bossier and request the return of funds spent from the trial date to the date funding was halted.

(Sigmar Gabriel, Vice Chancellor for Transport and Infrastructure)

Oceania Union breaks ground on 'Connected Oceania' Program

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

In a ground breaking ceremony in the bustling Louisianan capital of Baton Rouge, Oceania Union Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel opened what would eventually becoming a hub in the future 'Connected Oceania' transport and infrastructure system. The Chancellor further elaborated.

"We see the race to the top has begin and Oceania must make tremendous investments in infrastructure to stay ahead. Along with the deep expansion and modernization of ports and international airports which connect the world's largest economy to the rest of the world, we must make even more investments into our internal infrastructure development.

To supplement our highways, trains, and domestic airports, and river systems. We are constructing massive high speed rapid personal transit systems. These systems will further strengthen the free.... and fast movement of people, goods, and capital throughout Oceania providing a greater engine of growth as we prepare to spending hundreds of billions in fresh spending to defend our position as the world's largest economy. We expect the cost of this project in Louisiana to range between 800B and 1T dollars, but the economic impact will produce an at least 2.3 trillion dollar benefit with increases due to technology enhancements in transports technology as the system can be retrofitted and updated to the latest designs."

The announcement comes as State Chancellor Bobby Jindal unveiled a fresh spending package designed to protect Oceania's position as the number one economy and eventually the top national military power in the world. The top socialist economy unveiled over 5 trillion dollars in new spending to be spent over a 10 year period to keep Oceania strong and competitive. State Chancellor Jindal is expected to announced a newly consolidated entity to manage government space activity and that same entity will provide start-up financing to private space ventures to ensure that Oceania's orbital slots are fully utilized in advancing the national economic and security interest.

Stolenlands Herald
The Voice of Reason

Stolenlands to accept Weltregierung

Tatzlford, now:
In a shocking press conference, General der Panzertruppe Lauren Strickland (Prime Minister of Stolenland), General der Artillerie Annegret de Aragon (Minister of Defense), General der Infantrie Yuko Obuchi (Minister of economics) and General der Luftwaffe Tajana Gollana (Chief of the Foreign Relations Office) proclaimed that Stolenlands had negotiated for a while with the Weltregierung to be accepted in the alliance.
Our military led government made clear that it is in Stolenland's best interests to join the Weltregierung, especially since the encrouching socialism everywhere in the world would some day cause trouble on Stolenland's borders.
"We cannot fight the whole world alone, no matter how strong our military is, how strong willed our population and soldiers are and how strong our economy is."

General der Panzertruppe Lauren Strickland

"This is why we are following our friends in Yerushalayim, who already joined Weltregierung several years ago. We negotiated good terms, terms that would mean that our population is still free to pursue personal happiness and economic success."

General der Luftwaffe Tajana Gollana

"We will have full justicial autonomy, except for the cooperation with international police organisations, which also means that we can now officially get our hands on criminals that fled to the countries of the Weltregierung."

Markus Rubin, Minister of Justice

The Drums of War Ascend

Across the Bab-el-Mandel strait, a confrontation between Yerushalayite, Bialyan, and Yemeni forces commenced. Calling the Yerushalayite Freedom-of-Navigation manuevers an "aggressive posture", the Yemenis initiated missile strikes roughly 50m from the Union's vessels.

The Hegemon and Queen Bialya have yet to make a pronouncement about the subject. Yet, observers at the shipyard in Meara Mombasa have seen an uptick in naval construction, and an increase in the typical security prescence. In the past, the Hegemon has been quick to respond aggressively to such actions. [/size]

(Viktor Zolotov - Director of the Main Security Directorate)

Oceania Union will crush foreign attempts to destabilize Bossier

Shreveport, Bossier

The head of the Oceania Union's central security bureau arrived in Shreveport to assure the local government as well as citizens of the state that foreign attempts to erode their way of life and severe them from the Oceania Union would never succeed. Director Zolotov further elaborated at a press conference at the MSD HQ in Bossier.

"Foreign elements have hijacked disparate elements of our society and are threatening the well-being and social harmony of the over 1 billion residents of Bossier. I am here to reassure the citizenry and the foreign elements that we have foiled the enemy plot and will actively counter these attempts.

Right now, 50,000 troops of the Main Security Directorate have deployed from their local bases to secure the streets of Bossier. Premier Lo Walker has declared a state of emergency and activated his State Defense Forces to supplement the MSD operation in the state. Further State Chancellor Bonny Jindal has recognized the event as a federal emergency and has dedicated the union's total efforts and resources to combat this issue. The Oceania Union Parliament also approved 300 billion in direct assistance annually to better address the ongoing efforts to modernize the State of Bossier.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to stress that the Oceania Union was founded to protect workers rights and freedoms in this world where aggressive capitalism runs rampant and worker abuses happen all over the world. The Oceania Union, and the larger Union of Socialist Bloc Nations exist to protect human rights, human dignity, and human progress. The elements who have hijacked these rogue elements within Bossier society see our success as a threat and sought out the biggest crack in our armor.

Ladies and gentleman, allow me to stress that after we resolve this issue although I am not a state official responsible for social development I am tasked with protecting the state to this social development may take place. I would like stress the tremendous efforts the Lo Cabinet and the Jindal Chancellery have undertaken and have planned to enhance the well-being not just of Bossier but for all Oceanian citizens. If we fail to defeat this enemy operating within our borders all that we've worked for will be destroyed. We've increased economic output yet have increased social equity, without the centralized leadership over this vast territory and vast population this state will resume the chaos before the liberation armies from Louisiana uplifted the population.

Today it is more important than ever to stand united and stand as ONE Oceanian people, ONE Union, and ONE Socialism. We will prevail and we will not forget the hostile actions towards us. Hail our Union, Glory to our People - Mother Oceania reigns!"

The stirring speech comes as the Oceania Union deploys a biting cyber offensive against the foreign elements responsible for the attack. Oceania Cyber Units were said to have targeted enemy communication systems stealing data from and then shutting down government servers. Lafayette will also likely continue to plan a more extensive response and will likely resume ramping up defense spending, State Chancellor Jindal addressed the Oceanian Parliament to outline the State of Emergency and asked the Parliament to accelerate its disbursement of funds for the various national projects his administration and the the various Union governments are undertaking. The 300B dollar annual aid to Bossier is simply pending approval from the Union Bloc - World Leader. The Oceania Union Central Bank recently noted that if the government increases spending as announced it could cause a sharp uptick in inflation and will warrant corrections to federal funds rate, but that can be managed on a state by state basis.
Chaos on the Arabian Peninsula

Yerushalayite forces spearhead an offensive against the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, backed by local Hashemite fighters. They seek to install Sharif Hussein bin Ali IV, great-grandson of the last legitimate Emir of Mecca and King of the Arabs, Sharif Hussein bin Ali.

Already Yerushalayite warships have secured the coastline along the Hijaz, wth the exception of Jeddah, now under siege by the combined forces of Yerushalayim and Hashemite warriors. A protracted insurgency is expected to take place after the initial liberation phase has completed.

Reporters were unable to reach the Hegemon for further comment on the operation. During an open questions session with his wife, Queen Bee of Bialya, the Queen was heard to suggest that further operations may be taken against Yemeni forces, but that this would only be at the request of the new Emir after his nation is liberated.

Speaking candidly, the Queen further reiterated that additional attacks against coalition forces would result in the complete occupation of the Arabian peninsula, and stressed that further provocations were unfounded.

(Union Bloc Chairman, John Bel Edwards)

The Numbers Are In! Union Bloc still world's largest economic space

Rio Branco, Bertholletia

The International Measures and Statistics Agency has reported the latest GDP figures and the results are impressive! At least for the Union Bloc that is. The latest forecast point out that despite being two states smaller than the Weltregierung, the Union Bloc's economic output is over 2 trillion dollars larger than the Weltregierung.

The Weltregierung whose military is about 30% larger than the Union Bloc has sacrificed the economic progress and well-being of its citizenry and civilization by pouring trillions more into its military. Now the Union Bloc retains the edge being able to pour more funds into impressive national projects, and continuing to invest into its citizens and society while continuing to remain the most costly military target for any potential enemy in the world due to the status as the world's largest atomic power and the defense nature of the alliances armed forces.

Comprising nearly 50% of the Union Bloc's GDP and just over 16% of the global economy the Oceania Union retains the top spot as the world's largest nuclear power, the world's largest national economy, while coming into a close second in terms of conventional military strength. Lafayette which is currently fending off various foreign attempts to undermine its civil society and counter capitalist imposed color revolutions in Bossier has used the report to highlight to its citizens why the Union Bloc political and economic model is superior. Lafayette announced additional projects spanning a 20 year period in addition to the ongoing 'Fortress Oceania' and 'Connect Oceania' programs. The latest programs outline the continued development of national energy resources to modern and low carbon options. As such Oceania will be powered by a combination of geothermal, natural gas, renewable, and eventually fusion by the year 2050. Further State Chancellor Jindal announced that he was doubling down on space efforts by submitting to Parliament a request to triple the Federal Space Agency's budget to 70 billion annually over the next three years. The FSA should also have access to a special and separate pool of funding totaling 5 billion annually to stimulate the private space industry. The expanded budget will allow the agency to independently create infrastructure planet-side and in orbit to expand the Union's Bloc presence unto the moon and deep space.
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