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Pakistanis Celebrate First Union Day

KARACHI - Across the country, Pakistanis took to the streets to celebrate the establishment of a new national government as well as their new nation's inclusion into the Union Bloc. "The Pakistani people are proud to stand in solidarity with all of the world's working people," proclaimed General Pervez Musharraf, Chairman of the National Council. Pakistan joins neighboring Motyro and Afghanistan as some of the Union Bloc's newest members.


In Nordien wird der UNION DAY mit einem 3 tägigen Festival gefeiert. Es gibt überall kostenlose Tanz- und Musikveranstaltungen. Außerdem werden Gäste aus allen Ländern des Union Bloc erwartet um in extra aufgebauten Bereichen ein einblick in ihre Kultur zu gewähren.

Leider hat eine dringende Nachricht von unseren Griechischen Genoss*innen erreicht. Diese wurden in Stadien zusammen getrieben und hingerichtet nachdem eine sozialistische Partei die Wahlen gewinnen würde. Unsere große Regierung hat umgehend Rettungsmaßnahmen eingeleitet.
South America celebrates first Union Day


The South American member states Bertholletia and Kratonia started their Union Day Celebrations with a massive rally in Ciudad Bolívar, the capital of Kratonia, where the Kratonian and Bertholletian Presidents Miguel Diaz and Joao Viana spoke to the people. Almost 1 Million people were marching through the streets, celebrating the very first Union Day with dancing, street food, theatre and music programmes and political discussions of nearly any matter.

The festival was also a great opportunity to explore the culture of all the Union's brother states, even for those usually not having the opportunity to leave their home region. For example, the Bertholletian government organized a program to allow 5'000 of poor jungle countrymen and -women visiting the booming capital.

Bertholletian Prime Minister Adriano Silva (*1969) (Bertholletian Progressive Socialist Party, BPSP) spoke of a "great day for the United Peoples", people all around the world are celebrating, hand in hand and united in their aim to achieve a world in peace, freedom and prosperity for everyone.
He thanked his fellow partner states of the Union Bloc, especially the Union Reserve Bank, for their help in fighting poverty and terrorism. Bertholletia is on the way reaching the same GDP per capita as other comparable states with a high grade of economical growth, after it had just half the GDP per capita a few years ago.

He also thanked all the people in the cities and villages all around the world which took part and invited others - especially the leaders of other states - to experience the same and to take place in the Union Bloc, enabling their peoples a better life.

(Lafayette Union Day Celebrations)

Oceania celebrates UNION DAY

As the Union Bloc celebrates Union Day, Lafayette City Government kicked off the week long celebratory festivities with a massive fireworks show. The cities and states of the Union Bloc pulled out all the stops to show off their massive displays of patriotism during the Union Bloc's most PRIDEFUL week.

Meanwhile over in Baton Rouge, the Union Bloc capital. A MASSIVE military procession took place in Patriots Square. 110,000 troops hailing from every corner of the Union Bloc took place in the joyous show of the Union's military strength even far-flung corners of the Union Bloc Procrastination deployed an entire regiment to the Union Day Victory March in Baton Rouge.

At the Patriot Square display, John Bel Edwards commenced the celebration with the Union Bloc's 5 newest member-states taking the front row of the display. The Union Bloc's recent liberation operations in Eurasia has showed the world that democratic socialism has prevailed over the failed totalitarian systems of the past. Today the Union Bloc looks onward to the future hopeful of the progress to be made and unfearful of the challenges that await. This Union Day we open our glorious lands to the people's of the world as a source of inspiration, a safe refuge, and an example of upward progress. Hail our glorious union, may god continue to bless us!

(Union Bloc Chairman, John Bel Edwards)

Liberation of Maghreb Completed, People Rejoice

The Hegemony welcome its newly liberated nations today as Coalition troops marched in the streets of Marrakech. With iron-willed and stoic soldiers, a bustling economy, and endless pockets, the Hegemon has enforced order and discipline across the formerly lawless territories. Their leaders, either kneeling down in vassalage or having been uprooted by their peoples, now look to the Hegemony for protection.

Promising an "End to War, and End to Sufferring, and an End to inter-religious strife", all violence and terrorism was ordered to desist immediately. Counter-operations against any remaining insurgent groups will progress within the coming years.

In the interim, a working-group composed of representatives from every section of Islamic society within the Hegemony has been formed, and shall report to Emir Faisal III. The problem to be addressed is the issue of the Caliphate, and its resurrection. Formerly a unifying force across the world, since its fracture in the early 20th century, the region from Morocco to Pakistan has seen constant violence, inter-state warfare, and poor governance.

Options are to be presented to the Emir, who will table a vote for resolution. Concepts range from a world-wide election, to Monarchial appointment. The Hegemon, for his part, has pledged to recuse himself from the decision in the interest of transparency.

"For the moment," his office claims, "the duty of governance belongs with restoration of social services, education, and local policing. Corruption is next on the list, along with the reconstruction of infrastructure. At this time, further military spending shall be maintained at present levels."
Yerushalayite Economic Boom

With recent years growth, and owing to the tribute from the conquest of many nations, the Developing Nation of Yerushalayim can no longer be considered 3rd world. Having maintained an army of 1.1M men at arms, sophisticated air defenses, and a blue-water navy, the nation of Yerushalayim now stands upon an ascending throne.

"It really is quite remarkable," spoke Professor Tuatha Zaccharius, of the Bialyan Institute of Econimics. "When looking at GDP, Yerushalayim has a higher GDP ($3,0168B) than many Union State Resource Powers like Terrebone, and with roughly a third of her population.

"Still," he said, while lighting a cigar, "Yerushalayim is many years away from enjoying the riches of Louisiana. She is not a Superpower yet, despite her Hegemony over North and East Africa, as well as portions of the Arabian Peninsula."[/color][/size]
Drei Wissenschaftler aus Nordien erhalten einen Nobelpreis.

Die hohen Ausgaben für Bildung und Forschungen haben sich gelohnt. Unsere Wissenschaft befindet sich an der Weltspitze und hat uns so tolle Dinge wie den Personal Rapid Transid geschenkt. Unsere Forschungsbemühungen gehen weiter.

Sorge um die Umwelt auf der Welt.

Unser schönes Nordien hat einen der besten Umweltwerte und wächst trotzdem enorm, wir beweisen das Umweltschutz und Wirtschaftswachstum auch zusammen gehen. Wir hoffen das die Menschen dieser Welt endlich aufwachen und auch mehr für den Schutz ihres Lebensraumes tun.

Südien im Wirtschaftsboom

Südien gehört mittlerweile zu der größten Volkswirtschaft unter den postkommunistischenstaaten. Die Wirtschaft hat sich großartig erholt. "Jetzt ist die nächste Herausforderung Finanziell unabhängig zu werden und unseren Umweltschutz zu verstärken." Ratssprecher Kuhlic

(Mitch Landrieu, OU State Chancellor)

Landrieu secures State Chancellor post, promises reform and transparency

Lafayette, Oceania Union

After the surprise collapse of Lafourche a wealthy, religious state of the Oceania Union and the following dismal of disgraced Bobby Jindal over corruption charges related to the collapse of Lafourche former Mayor of New Orleans Mitch Landrieu takes the helm as OU State Chancellor. As Mayor of Oceania's largest city and parish, Mitch Landrieu oversaw a period of extended economic growth and the rendering of world renown public services. New Orleans a city famous for its french colonial history as become the economic center of the Oceania Union and the world. Mr. Landrieu gave a speech from the Chancellor's Palace in Lafayette.

"Today marks the beginning of a new path for the Oceania Union. Today marks the beginning of a new pact between the people and THEIR government. Today all Oceanians will mark this day as the beginning of a promise I will fulfill to you. The Oceania Union WILL become the most equal society on this planet and the OU will remain as the world's largest economy and the world's most powerful nation. There will be no sacrifice to this status as my first order as State Chancellor has been to implement a new budget that will aggressively work toward this goal.

My administration will consist of the best parts of the old era of OU politics, and will also introduce a new breathe into a new era of progress that this government will UNLEASH unto the world. Oceania! Hear me! Our Union with out brothers and sisters in the Union Bloc have started an aggressive state-building program that will entrench our civilization into the annals of time. The socialist dream is only growing and we will PERFECT it! Glory to Oceania! Glory to Oceania! Glory to Oceania!"

Chancellor Landrieu has promised an aggressive build-up of the executive and legislative apparatus. The build up is designed to increase oversight of the current government and better coordinate executive and legislative relations. In the Jindal administration, the Chancellor dominated the legislative agenda by placing allies in key positions and suppressing the legislatures own initiatives. Jindal suffered his first major political defeat when the Supreme Court struck down the "Military Courts" executive order, and his removal following the Lafourche Crisis was overdue.

OU political society is being re-mapped as the loss of Lafourche legislators will change the balance of power in the OU Parliament and the consequences of the loss of Lafourche's military potential has not been fully factored. The State Chancellor has warned that the remaining OU members will carry a greater burden than before since the nations objectives have not changed and require even greater resources and effort than before to carry out now to make up for the loss of Lafourche.

The OU still retains the three titles as world's largest economy, military, population and the OU's nuclear potential is still the mightiest even if slightly stunted. Chancellor Landrieu plans to continue the Jindal era push to increase the number of Union Bloc states with nuclear weapons, the OU will increase budget transfers to the Union Reserve Bank to ramp up funding to UB members. Further Chancellor Jindal has retained Allegiant Minister Enric Pryde who has confirmed that the Fortress Oceania policy is still underway and will be changed to account for the territorial loss of Lafourche although the Oceania Union still does retain control over some island off Lafourche coast that will be converted to pure military use to retain control over the aerial and maritime approaches Lafourche was responsible for defending under the original Fortress Oceania concept.

Pakistan's Top Diplomat Declares World Leader Candidacy

Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Pakistan

KARACHI - With the collapse of Fernando Lugo's candidacy for World Leader, Pakistan's Foreign Minister, Mr. Shah Mahmood Qureshi, announced his candidacy for the coveted international position. "I pledge to work for more than simply peace between nations," Qureshi proclaimed. "I pledge to work on behalf of the working people of this world: the farmers, the fishermen, the miners, and the manual laborers!"

The Colombia Prawda

Colombia: The Great Leader criticized the invasion of European state in GDR and called on European state to withdraw. Moreover, the attempt at conquest was militarily doomed to failure. It was regrettable that a member of the Union Bloc was setting such a bad example to the world.

Colombia: Der Große Vorstzende hat die Invasion von Europastaat in DDR kritisiert und Europastaat zum Rückzug aufgefordert. Überdies sei der Eroberungsversuch militärisch zum Scheitern verurteilt. Es sei bedauerlich, daß ein Mitglied des Union Bloc der Welt ein so schlechtes Beispiel gebe.
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