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Full Version: Initiative zur Beendung des Welthungers/ Initiative for stopping the worlds hunger.
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Jeder Hungernde ist einer zuviel.
Helft dabei den Hunger in der Welt Stockholm zu beenden. Daumenhoch
Every hungry person is one to much.
Help to end the hunger in the world Stockholm.Daumenhoch
Union Bloc Directorate of External Relations

The Union Bloc is intrigued by how your nation and alliance invades another state then attempts to white wash the issue by calling it an armed intervention to cure hunger. We are further perplexed by how the Union Bloc as the world's socialist alliance whose manifesto support a noble cause was not included in the suddenly convenient agenda for your alliance.

The Union Bloc for its part summons does question the authenticity of your motives and will take steps to protect its interest. We will discuss your alliances aggressive inroads at the upcoming Foreign Ministers Summit in Nordien and we would like to invite a representative from your alliance to represent the Welt Alliances foreign policy perspectives as to avoid miscalculations.
The statistics office of Eterna is happy to announce, that the number of starvation deaths got approximately reduced by halve to 673 in halve a year in CS1

Das Statistikamt von Eterna ist froh anzuk├╝ndigen, dass die Zahl der Hungertode in CS1 einem halben Jahr zu 673 etwa halbiert wurde
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