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Oceanian Armed Forces

Oceania Union to propose revised nuclear policy at Union Bloc Defense Minister's Summit in Ashana. Lafayette offers to finance via URB transfers the full cost of atomic upgrades. Policy revisions to introduce "conditional no first strike" to be included in proposal. OU also to propose economic decoupling from the WRG targeting Heilluge Ordnung specifically at next years Finance Minister's Summit in New Orleans.
Kratonian Democratic News Agency

Kratonia closed all borders as of 1st November, 2035. Over night, border guards blocked all frontiers with support by the Ministry of State Security. The Kratonian Council of Ministers explained that there was no other way to stop the brain drain and the outsourcing of Kratonian industries and workers. Since 2030, more than 4 Million people left the country due to growing totalitarian structures under General Secretary Pedro Borrell.
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