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Full Version: Handling Unemployment (2010-2020)
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Yerushalayim has basically been built on the back of massive world alliance subsidies; everything was great until the last few years when unemployment jumped from 15% to 29%, I think this has to do with automation since my tech jumped up to permit acquiring missiles.

What are some steps I could take to curb unemployment? Having taken the Labor Market Reform, it appears to be that 30% of my population doesn't have jobs available, and is therefore living off of state largess.
With respect to the cause: Automation is a factor influencing unemployment, but so is population growth. Ars Regendi seems to model a relation between growth of the economy and the population. It the latter is bigger, the unemployment will rise simply because the economy can not keep up. (Its not 100% clear if this is an issue in the real world, but large population growth can certainly stall a countries progress)

What you can do: Trying to limit pop growth via tasks. A developings countries economy is fragile, so one has to be careful with options taken in tasks and the projects (to be) implemented. If things go totally out of hand (unemployment>40%), you can certainly try the Employment Reform. The Labor Market Reform has only a limited effect. Eventually, Planned Economy can be a solution that will resolve the situation entirely and enable you to rule your nation past Q200, but of course at a cost.
We shall see!

My next test will involve completely gutting the education budget, in the hopes that my people never become smart enough to adopt machines. This can't possibly go wrong.

JambalayaSam Wrote:
This can't possibly go wrong.



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