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Full Version: Money Reform I
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Does money reform I help with keeping the money supply above 100% of gdp? If not, what is the most efficient way to prevent economic growth from steamrolling your money supply? (I don’t want to have to increase money supply each year in the budget to make sure money supply will be above gdp for that year).[/align]
Money reform I is more about control of banks than a tool for people who are too "lazy" to increase the money supply.

If I where you, I would not worry too much the money supply. While there seems to be consens about an interconnection between a sufficiently high money supply and an increased economic growth among the players of Ars Regendi, I personally had quite successful states in which I hardly ever touched the money supply.
In my experience all that Money Reform I does in Ars is a tiny bit of "other state income" and preventing the task Bankruptcy from showing up. Which is good, that task can hit the economy hard.

It doesn't really change anything about money supply.

edit: also raises the interest rate, in my Germany state "Nachfrageland" from 5.86% to 7.84%. So it may be an interesting reform if you can't otherwise get away from the 1% interest rate.
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