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People's House - Altai National Parliament

Blue skies full of stars,
So vast, yet free is the Khan of Altai.
The three peaks of the calm Taigas
This sacred, ancient Altai

Altai welcomes you, may our blessed lands enchant you

Altai a nation bound for greatness maintains a shared history with its neighbors. Bound by a common history, language, and destiny the Altai Republic prioritizes relations with its regional partners and seeks to develop relations with nations outside of our region on the basis of mutual respect and equality under the banner of international law.

The peaceful Altai people maintain no standing army but a professional and modern civil defense force. The Altai Civil Guard is also responsible for maintaining the nations waterways, and civilian aviation security via an array of lightly armed aircraft. Governance of the Altai Republic's various districts and provinces is the responsibility of the central government based in Gorno-Altaysk; although currently a unitary state Altai voters are soon set to vote on if the Altai Republic will adopt a new form of government.

Altai maintains a modernizing but highly adaptable economy. The central government maintains an extensive transportation system that's primary adapted to focus on the nations export targets over the next decade; overall Altai aims to be one of the world's top 15% economies and has developed an ambitious program to achieve that. Premier Tilda Pryzbyla has made the creation of Altai "National Champions" the hallmark of her Presidency; the national champions are state corporations that will focus on the strategic areas of the economy being developed by the central government.

May these hallowed lands remain blessed and free

Tilda Pryzbyla, Premier of the Republic of Altai

Altai Government has entered talks on alliance-building, foreign policy stances

Premier Tilda Pryzbyla has revealed that the government has been making progress in talks regarding potential alliance building, as well as clarifying the Altai Republic's foreign policy stances and objectives. The nation's first female Premier has so far began her tenure with great fanfare announcing 2 years of paid parent leave, as well as boosting funding for early child care, and reinforcing financial protections for families with children of any age guaranteeing in effect safe and clean housing for all families. The Premier briefly spoke with reports as she arrived from Ult-Altai International Airport.

"While many contents of the talks are a matter of state security, I can tell you that the Altai Republic places great emphasis on the rule of law internationally and respect for territorial integrity for all states which maintain peaceful relations with the Altai Republic. Therefore the Altai Republic under my leadership will only commit to an alliance on the basis of these principles. However we have not ruled out forming a coalition under our leadership the efficiency of this decision will be finalized once we have properly and fully assessed our own potential to create security and prosperity outside of our own borders and region.... this study is fully underway already."

Currently, the Altai Republic operates under the principle of "Armed Neutrality". Meaning that the Altai Republic fully and constantly develops its military policy and defense potential to actively resist being stripped of its political and territorial integrity especially in regards to the independent formulation and execution of its foreign policy.

Finlas Kultura handed Economy and Innovations portfolio

Former Communications Minister under Dybrzyki Administration now appointed as Altai Minister of Economy. Mr. Kultura has over a decade of cabinet level experience and is expected to bring his administrative efficiencies built from the Communications Ministry to "turbo-charge" the Altai economy. His first order of business will be to overhaul burdensome regulations on the business community and will boost worker protections and push for higher unionization of workers in the economy. Key to the drive will be ensure that Altai workers remain competitive and highly educated so employers will be inclined to continue relocating to Altai and expanding their operations in the country.

"Premier Pryzbyla has the ambitious goal of shooting into the top 15% of global economies. I think this is fully achievable over a particular period of time, we have the world's best experience in economy building and I think efforts will allow Altai to assume not just the top 15% of economies but perhaps even the top economy in the world....period. Work will begin immediately on the National Champions projects, our work will also involve having a minimal impact on the ecosystem...yes this does mean that Altai will have strict environmental standards being enacted as the nation successfully reaches its economic targets. Based on the preliminary data, we can achieve economic growth while being environmentally responsible without crushing Altai families."

Finlas Kultura is determined to increase the efficiency of the economy, he plans to commission the nations universities and colleges to construct a national artificial intelligence to assist with the nation's economic planning. The future "National Champions" will contribute to the development and maintenance of the national AI to ensure Altai retains its competitive edge. Minister Kultura believes that whichever nation masters AI will become the leading nation.

Altai Space Directorate proposes North American Space Alliance

Neugartland, Altai

Director Iwona Stanisławska of the Altai Space Directorate has proposed the creation of a continental space cooperation forum called the North American Space Alliance or NASA for short. Director Stanislawska made the proposal in order to bring forward peace and cooperation between North American states.

Altai for its parts controls about 75% of the Americas space-lift capacity with primary launches conducted out of the Ust-Kansky Panhandle, with rocket development, construction, testing, and other support services being conducted primarily along the Gulf Coast region on Altai. The move is designed to export Altai highest technical competencies which is manned and unmanned spaceflight and deploy its benefits for the advancement of all of North America.

"It remains truer today than it did even 30 years ago, that North America remains the economic, cultural, technological, and in many ways the political center of the world. In order to maintain this competitive advantage the states of North America must cooperate in ways that guarantee the mutual and persistent growth of our not only our industries but our prosperity. Only through true collective efforts can we continue to realize our potential. Space is our future, Altai wants to do its part to ensure North America can adequately protect its interest in the highest heavens."

As apart of the Altai Government's ambitious 10 year infrastructure development plan; the state has allocated 30 billion yei for the development of the ASD infrastructure and weather proofing all ASD facilities along the gulf coast. Part of this work will be aggressively expanding marshlands, and creating miles outward sea walls and barrier islands to form as the basis for a 10 year land reclamation project in order to protect the highly urbanized portions of the Ust-Kansky Panhandle a region which houses 10 million residents within the statistical area and is expected to growth to double that within the next 50 years. The space industry, tourism, martime trade, as well as finance are the regions main economic activities.

Economy Ministry announces new measures to boost economic activity amid temporary slump attributed to overseas intervention.

Economy and Innovations Minister Finlas Kultura acknowledges that the Altai economy is behind schedule compared to its peers but promises to make up lost ground as Altai concludes its civil intervention into Altai's Africa Regions. The measures the government plan to take are as follows.

-Federal support to consumers with reduced interest rates
-Acceleration of the State Program on the National Champions
-Opening additional federal waters for oil and gas drilling
-Tax cuts on personal income
-Additional boost to subsidies
-Accelerated Infrastructure Spending
-Increased Orders to the Defense Industry

The measures will help GDP growth to reach the target of 6% annually. The spending will be partially financed by the regional government of East Altai due to its low debt load. The region will first attempt to wipe out its debt before contributing to the federal budget. Altai's debt to gdp ratio is expected to hit 100% within the next 2 years before decreasing due to resumed federal budgetary reforms, expanding gdp, and increasing tax revenues from economic growth will reduce the federal deficit currently at over 200 billion yei.

(Viktoras Pranckietis - Speaker of the Altai Parliament)

Parliament moves to ensure Altai neutrality

In a rare move by MPs, the Altai Parliament has voted to allocate 3.2 billion yei to reroute Altai internet connections away from VIKI Prime and all VIKI sub-modems. Internet connections with VIKI and its sub-modems can now only occur through secure and highly encrypted satellite connections. These connections will be channeled through specialized satellites with capacity limiters to ensure massive information surges normally designed to overwhelm computer systems will not allow mistakes that cause VIKI to trigger politically questionable events to occur through Altai.

Like the VIKI embassy in Altai, all VIKI to VIKI and VIKI to non-VIKI entities communication that occurs on Altai soil will occur in a secure vacuum. This revolutionary step is to ensure the neutrality of the Altai Republic. Once the Altai AI Supercomputer (Watson) is inducted only Watson and the Directorate for Computer Hyper-technologies will be allowed to directly interact with VIKI. The DCH will also have a specialized diplomatic corps from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to manage relations with VIKI and its computerized submodems.

The legislation also halts technology imports from VIKI and countries which use VIKI parts for their technology imports into Altai. Altai must ensure it retains not only political neutrality, but digital neutrality and sovereignty. Lawmakers brief by security chiefs revealed that VIKI could potentially usurp power from states through technological proliferation. In order to ensure Altai remains at the cutting edge it will create specialized visa-regimes for highly educated immigrants and set them up with highly accommodating living arrangements and prioritized within Altai government, state enterprises, and large cap private corporations. Lawmakers have yet to agree on initial funding for this aspect of legislation but will appropriate 6.5 billion over the next 3 years to begin drawing in highly educated recruits. A further 7 billion will be invested in Altai universities over the next two years to develop more STEM graduates.

Parliament will work closely with the government to ensure Altai remains neutral, progressive, and on the cutting edge. The proposed North American Space Alliance will also go forward without VIKI and will receive an additional 1.2 billion in funding annually to begin expanding the satellite network.

(Port of New Kasgrin, largest port by tonnage in Western Hemisphere)

Port officials move to flat toll for all transit cargoes, free-trade partners exempt

Port New Kasgrin, Kasgrin State, Altai

The Port Authority of New Kasgrin responsible for all shipping entering and exiting the Illusien River will now charge a new flat and lower transit charge for all cargoes. The new fee set at $50 Yei for each TEU capacity whether loaded or unloaded is designed to allow Port Kasgrin to stay competitive with Texan Ports vying for more business from Asia. Kasgrin already is effectively the port of call for most shipping traffic from Africa due to complex shipping discounts administered by East Altai authorities for charging severely reduced transit fees.

The system is expected to bring streamlined and simple charges for transit and is expected to actually raise 1.3 billion extra yei in the first half year alone. Some of these fees will be used to deepen the river draft to allow higher tonnage freight to directly use the port. Other funds will be used upgrade port facilities and rail and road routes used to exit and enter the port. 25% of surplus revenues will be shared with the East Altai Port Authority to offset lower fee collections.

As always free trade partners will be exempted from the transit fee, but will still be charged fees for using port services themselves as well as minor fees used to safely navigate the port.

(Nito Cortizo, Governor of South Altai Federal District)

Governor Cortizo unveils federal aid for South Altai

Vanama City, South Altai

Governor Cortizo announces that Gorno-Altaysk will relocated the headquarters and significantly expand the infrastructure of the North American Space Alliance to South Altai. Further, the Vanama Canal Authority will receive a brand new HQ and the Altai Red Cross will be based in Vanama City.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine announced that his agency has received 7.2 billion to develop a new HQ campus on the territory of South Altai. In addition to new campus, Altai is granting seed funding to help build out the continental space alliances infrastructure in the region. Many have noted that South Altai remains the most attractive location in North America for primary space launch services. The development of the new space center in North America will create a new industry in South Altai and together with the massive shipping industry will catapult the region and North America into greater prosperity. Altai urges other NASA allies to contribute up to 5 billion to complete the build out of NASA future civilian space launch center.

In other news, Altai as a neutral power works to develop its humanitarian relief capacity. As such a brand new 250 million yei headquarters for the Altai Red Cross will be established in South Altai. The agency will focus on anti-poverty policies and activities in the Americas and Africa. The agency will retain spare capacity to rapidly assist in international relief anywhere in the globe. The current task of the agency is to reduce poverty in South Altai and Mexico due to the recent successful intervention by Texan Armed Forces.

The Vanama Canal Authority is constructing a massive 1 billion yei skyscraper campus in Vanama City steps away from the Vanama Canal. The new building will house the South Altai Maritime Administration, the South Altai Fisheries Office, and the Vanama Port Authority.

South Altai due to its growing debt will receiving immediate federal assistance to service its debt. Along with a strict fiscal consolidation plan, South Altai will incorporate modest budget reductions with meaningful investments and regulatory improvements to rejuvenate its economy. The Federal Minister of Economy Finlas Kultura has pledged to make South Altai's economy the fastest growing in the region. The Altai Armed Forces have already announced it will create a base the Pacific Fleet on the West coast of South Altai, a large Coast Guard contingent will be created on the regions East Coast and the Altai Gulf Coast Fleet will be reduced to a Flotilla and have 70% of its tonnage transferred to the Altai Navy's Atlantic Fleet to allow some assets of the Atlantic Fleet based in East Altai to be transferred to the Altai Mediterranean Fleet. South Altai shipyards are expected to receive large orders to support the creation of the Pacific Fleet some orders will eventually be to help strengthen the Atlantic Fleet. The Altai Navy is expected to reform and refine its command structure as the fleet expands but has committed 2.3 billion yei to help expand shipbuilding capacity. The Altai Parliament will debate an appropriations bill to issue no interest loans up to 10 billion yei to expand the nations shipyards as Altai expects to become a very large naval power due to its overseas territorial holdings and the need to independently protect its trade lanes due to its neutral status.

(Nito Cortizo, Governor of South Altai Federal District)

South Altai's ORMEC membership cancelled, mulls Houston Pact, FU membership

Vanama City, South Altai Federal District

South Altai Governor Nito Cortizo has indefinitely suspended South Altai's ORMEC membership citing recent guidance from Gorno-Altaysk that additional Altai membership in ORMEC could compromise the neutral status of the republic even if not technically breaching neutrality. The Foreign Ministry fears that even though Altai only cooperates within ORMEC commercially that the increasing political status of what is originally an economic bloc could pressure Altai foreign policy.

Nito Cortizo immediately ordered his advisers to pull the plug on South Altai - ORMEC membership talks. Stating that South Altai would merely cooperate with the organization via bilateral economic agreements via deals signed with the Altai Oil and Gas Group. AOGG is also pressuring officials within East Altai to suspend their membership within ORMEC if the bloc turns political. However some see the move by AOGG as a way to further consolidate and control its own oil and gas holdings. East Altai would give remaining license rights to AOGG and a new licenses would be issued on a competitive basis. AOGG has allegedly spent millions exploring the southern regions of East Altai and is rumored to have discovered the largest oil deposit in the Western Sahara.

While South Altai will consider joining Houston Pakt, or the FU its unsure if the region will be able to join either organization due to their political nature. Only the federal government can formally align with another political entity. The federal subjects may only pursue limited economic relations with foreign powers outside of the purview of Gorno-Altaysk which is why East Altai was able to join the ORMEC Energy Bloc on its own.

(Defense Minister, Ursula von der Leyen)

Defense Minister Von der Leyen announces new 5 year State Armaments Program and National Military Policy

Vanama City, South Altai Federal District

Altai Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen arrived to Vanama City as Altai Armed Forces finish sweeping away enemy combatants in the regions dense forest and many waterways. The Minister arriving with a heavy escort of 12 fighters surrounding her government aircraft, and escorted to the South Altai Federal District Headquarters by a heavily armed motorcade to meet Governor Cortizo.

The Minister underwrote the ongoing government talking points of massive economic development, substantial fiscal support from the federal government, and guarantees of investment from long-time Altai allies in Texas in the massive NASA complex being erected in the region.

The Minister brought her own message...... the Altai flag has returned and to fly high permanently. In order to do that, Mrs von der Leyen pledged to dozens of ship orders to regions ailing shipyards, she promised that state owned defense firms would relocate factories to produce parts for the Altai Republic planned defense architecture for the region, and more importantly she promised that as host to the Altai Republic's future Pacific Fleet that numerous bases would be planted to support naval and air force activities in the region. The total federal investment in South Altai will exceed its entire GDP.

Governor Cortizo welcomed the additional news, stated that he's dedicated to working with the federal government, private enterprise, and regional allies to turn South Altai into the most attractive investment location in the union. The regions control of the Vanama Canal would provide important revenue sources and allow millions to see the wonder of South Altai thus driving additional tourism and investment yei to the region. The governor stated that he is confident that the various local and regional heads within South Altai would be glad to offer territory to place the future federal bases but cautioned the federal government to avoid having regions and cities within South Altai to have to compete for federal funds and that these funds should be distributed as evenly as possible and prioritize regions with the highest unemployment.

The governor also exclaimed that the war has decimated the South Altai economy and that the federal government and all brotherly Altai regions should quickly render assistance to South Altai. Rebels have damaged significant portions of the canal which has cost hundreds of millions in repairs at a time where the war has halted economic activity and thus revenue collection. Further the significant cost of protecting all 50 miles of the canal on both sides runs into the tens of millions every month until the rebels have been crushed. Naturally the international community depends on this important waterway for trade and thus we have no choice but to front the cost. The Vanama Canal Authority will have to raise rates on passage if the federal government doesn't provide emergency lending on 340 Million Yei.

Minister Von der Leyen promised to deploy the Army Corp of Engineers to take over repairs and cost, and pledged that 5,000 additional federal troops would be deployed to help better protect the canal throughout the duration of the liberation operation. She also stated that she would give testimony to the federal parliament to approve substantial funding to South Altai but noted that she is aware that the Finance Ministry is already finalizing the proposal to parliament based on consultations with the South Altai Regional Directorate for Finance and Economic Planning.
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