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Full Version: advise with my usa country
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what do think i should do with my usa state its dd
For just being in the first quarters of the game, you are doing really well with your state. However, that being said, there are areas that can be improved. For one, you want to make sure your money supply is larger that your gdp to avoid regular economic crashes. Do this by increasing your money supply from 0-4 percent a year based on the amount of growth your economy has experienced. Whenever making decisions under tasks, make sure to choose options that increase transparency; I think your corruption could use some improvement. One major mistake i made with my USA state currently was not being hard enough on environmental issues. The U.S. economy tends to grow well; it can handle environmental regulation. Besides that, focus on increasing your popularity to pass important reforms.

boob Wrote:
what do think i should do with my usa state its dd

Generally speaking this game favors massive deficit spending w/ a free economy/social. Maintain your money supply above GDP and lower interest rates.

Let me add one other thing. only adjust your money supply manually when it is below your gdp. Otherwise, net income will stagnate and your people won't get any richer.
This is an updated reply to my last two replies, now that I have more experience with the game. You want to keep your money supply at 1.1-1.2 times your gdp to avoid economic crashes. At the same time, watch your interest rate. You will want to keep it between 3-6%. Ignore my last comment on low interest rates, I noticed they lead to high inflation for any state, especially developed nations. Increase education and PE subsidies when you can in the budget, as these increase your education value and infrastructure, respectively. Don't select task options that hurt the economy and business too much, but at the same time don't ruin the environment. Good reforms to pass would be laicism and admin reform, as these bring long term influence and economic benefits. Flat taxes are a good idea to attract investment, but only implement it once your nation has a gdp per capita above $30000, otherwise it will crush the poor.
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