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Full Version: Scaboroughstan steps onto the World stage
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Good morning/evening regents of World Arnheim,

I greet you all as the Leader of the Central African republic of Scarborough, Shortly my nation will be holding a democratic referendum in order to affirm, in the constitution, whether Scarboroughstan will be a republic or a representative monarchy.

Either way, I am the elected premier for the foreseeable future and I am opening my government to international relations. We welcome world leaders to visit and visit our seaside capital and sample the local delicacies and begin discussions on establishing diplomatic relationships.
Arborea welcomes Scarboroughstan, and is eager to see their people thrive.
The Transcaucasian Republic of Radis welcomes Scarboroughstan in the Name and wishes all the best luck and a wise intuition!
The Confederation welcomes Scaboroughstan and wishes them every success.

To a good relationship.
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