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Full Version: Atomic nation without atomic bomb
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I just started a new game with an former russian templet. And even as i am an atomic nation, i donĀ“t have the atomic bomb and no missiles. I just do not understand it. Can somebody explain this somehow?
You do not have any nuclear weapons:

Though to be fair, calling it the 'russian' template and then not giving it any nuclear weapons IS probably somewhat misleading.

If I remember correctly, it used to be that 'Russia' was a stand-in for any 'resource power' which usually means nations like Venezuela or South Africa. Not an accurate representation, but that's how it is.

This has since changed in the multiplayer part, where Russia received superpower status, though I guess the admins just left the singleplayer part as is.

Edit: wanted to add that only superpowers (USA template) receive nuclear bombs at the start.

Morven Wrote:
You do not have any nuclear weapons:

Sorry for correcting you:

"As a member with less than 10 posts, you are not allowed to include clickable urls in your threads or posts yet" - what the hell?!?

I am an nuclear power. Without atomic bomb. And without missiles.
(look at "details" - "savety")

Well, the display is wrong then (for some reason).

You're not supposed to have nuclear weapons, since you've never finished the project.
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