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Es ist ein verregneter Tag und mehrere Staatschef haben sich in Montibus zusammengefunden um die TransAtlantic zu gründen.

Der Vorsitzende Außenminister Dr. Stattninus gibt ein Statement zur Gründung der TransAtlantic Bündnis ab:

Dr. Staatninus Wrote:

In Zeiten in den es zunehmend militärische Aktionen und ebenfalls die faschistische Bedrohung nun erschreckende Ausmaße annimmt, müssen sich die starken Nationen zusammenschließen um die Schwachen zu helfen. Es ist keine Frage der Nation, der Herkunft oder der Glaubensangehörigkeit - sondern eine Frage der humanitären Menschlichkeit.

TransAtlantic wird jeder Nation zur Seite stehen, welches ein Hilfsbegehr formuliert. Gemeinsam werden wir diese Welt und die einzelnen Völker vor den Groll und Hass bewahren können.

Short Version in English:

Join the Alliance, to protect yourself. Join TransAtlantic to reach support. Join the Alliance to be a independent state as long as you want!

Dagobert Duck new General Sectary of TransAtlantic

Gotham - Mr. Dagobert Duck as new Regent from Duckland, has been elected as new General Sectary for the TransAtlantic Alliance.

Dr.Stattinus from SPQM Dept. of State Wrote:
We're glad about our newiest Member of TransAtlantic and we're looking forward to the future of the TransAtlantic Alliance with Mr. Duck as General Sectary

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The Chairman of the World Council

Dear Members of our World Society, thank you for your trust on the election of Montibus for the Front Chair of the World Council. (Someone calls that "Weltherrscher").

Well you surely realized that we've blocked some reforms. So I want to explain that!

1. Block of all Socialist Reforms

Yes, I blocked the reforms of Socialism. The reason is very simple. Socialism is bad. Bad as hell. Did you ever looked in your history books?
How many people got killed by socialism? Or more by the idea of socialsm? MILLIONS! GOD DAMNIT! YES MILLIONS! Socialism is a threat for every peacefully human being in the entire world.
I just needed only ONE click to safe all those lives!
Honestly you should give me a nobel prize for that! Maybe I'm writing a book: The Art of saving million souls with one click.
I am sure you'll buy it!

Just to compare it: The most physical threat at captalism states is obesity. The most physical threat at socialism: STARVATION. God damn. Socialism is the pure evil. Rather I will die with a full stomach instead to starve!

One thing more about this: "Anarcho-Syndicalism" - Do you REALLY think, that when a reform starts with "Anarcho" has anything positive? I totally doubt that! I know a other thing with starts also with an "A": ANUS! Do you know what comes out from the Anus? Yes shit. Shit like Socialism. Easy to understand right?

2. Totalitarism

We're all democrats. We all love freedom. To being honest, I won't judge you about your way of democracy.
So ask yourself who really needs totalitarism?
Exactly. SOCIALISTS! God Damn!! Just realize that. Socialists Country were almost everytime also TOTALITARY states. Pure Evil. Just realized that.
So when the people don't die because of starvation, they'll die because the goverment kills them. What's that for a Joke! It's like in any case you'll die!

So it is very easy to get this into the picture:
socialism causes millions of death, millions of death causes totalitarism, totalitarism causes wars, wars causes nuclear holocaust, nuclear holocaust causes the END of the world

So basicly I just safed the world. Thank me later for this!

Cheers your

Ronald J. Trumpel

.. and Chairman of the World Council

PS:We'll see us on the social media!
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