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Full Version: I NEED HELP
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John Kennedy

Can someone tell me why i am not able to work on any task or Reforms ? i have not made any decisions on either since Saturday.


Today it's winter, so you must not make any decisions but make reforms or change your state's budget.
Or does this problem exist since saturday?Noplan

John Kennedy

I cant do anything or make anything. are u getting what i am saying, the system will not allow me to work on the budget or work on any reforms at all.
I guess the admins have to examine this.
What is the system telling you? Whats happening. Actually, you should be able to do 4 tasks!

John Kennedy

This is what the system is telling me
"Because of the vacation status you cannot work on any task today"

I have went to Edit profile & set my away status on this past saturday July 18, so i set up my away status from July 18-20
Nevermind i just went & Re-started my nation all over again.
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