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Full Version: Administration Reform
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Administration Reform (Administration, Budget)

Experts say that due to increasing labor costs and a growing population, it is necessary to reorganize the antiquated system of bureaucracy in Nowherestan3.

“To get anything done in Nowherestan3, you must spend days filling out forms and assembling documents, certificates, signatures, and stamps. Is very time consuming, complex, and expensive.” complains Zacharias Heppner, a highly paid IT-Specialist. “We should set up a central internet database which every government department can access. Citizens could release required information in person, or preferably online, to the requesting department. A safe and secure system will insure data privacy and the citizens will also be able to view what information about them is stored. We could then move to a truly paperless government!"

Exclusions and requirements
Requirement for: Database Access, Hacker
Excluded by: Anarcho-Capitalism

What are "Database Access" and "Hacker" reforms as I have not seen them in Reform list?
They're tasks, not reforms. I'd provide copies, but alas I haven't come across the hacker task yet and it wouldn't be right to provide one but not the other. :-\
Some time has pased, but the "hacker" isn´t a task. It is a random event that can occur after activating the reform.
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