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Full Version: Ban of atomic warfare
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Tour, regent of "Holy Cow" would sign this treaty. Count me in
/signs with rapid pace.

GoldenAura, leader of The Republic of Auranium

May this be added with a good outlook in sight.
Arinea also supports the bill !
nobody else? let's keep this world free from nuclear weapons (or at least their usage)
The three United Dominions of W 22 - CS 13, Lutiania and Globalmot also sign this treaty! Daumenhoch
Whilst I support this bill, its intentions, and the states that have signed it, I am afraid to say that Cogworks can not sign this treaty, and therefore must, most respectfully, decline, having formed our own policy on the use of Nuclear Weapons which is not compatible with your Union:

I also call into question Dignity's policy of their use of Nuclear Weapons - in this thread James says:

jamesgilfoyle Wrote:
I support this bill.

The Alliance Dignity has now adopted an official policy on the use of Atomic Weapons challenging all nations to "Rise Above It".

And from the Dignity thread he says:

jamesgilfoyle Wrote:
The introduction of this means that should any of its member engage in Atomic warfare without the official consent of Dignity - they will immediately face expulsion.


Is supporting the bill the same as signing it - and what is Dignity's policy on nuclear weapons? Has dignity actually banned them, and what process do they go through to 'consent' their usage?

Whilst Dignity continues to produce a lot of propaganda about banning nuclear weaponry, and is acting to be righteous, they still seem to have clauses which allow them to use them, and I would like these clauses to be brought forward to the international forum so that everyone knows the score here.

[1] post 7

This is taken from the Dignity alliance forum:

jamesgilfoyle Wrote:
Following the announcement of the removal of W22 CS13 a new Atomic Weaponry Policy has been introduced.

This means now that any member who makes use of Atomic Warfare without the consent of the alliance faces immediate expulsion from Dignity.

Consent - in most occasions would be denied and at this moment in time I cannot fathom any situation in which such action would be given approval.

So for the moment we don't have a concrete policy on nuclear weapons. However we also haven't discussed this problem since the "Rise above it" statement, and thus haven't considered any situations in which nuclear weapons would be allowed.

I will post a suggestion in the Dignity forum to modify our policy to a no exceptions ban on nuclear weapons.


since i've unfortunately not been reelected in my state Bolivien i have to leave this noble union^^

maybe someone else can make sure that the initative will go on Kopfkratz
@ Johannes: if you PM one of the admins (Sheep, maybe), I think you can be allowed to re-enter the test with one of the states that's gone exitus. Otherwise, control of the game will soon be in the hands of just a small number of players.

Regarding the apparent 'get out' clause, I'm sure that a statement clarifying that use of atomic weaponry will not be tolerated by any Dignity member states will soon be released...
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