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Full Version: Trading
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I don't think I get the instructional guide about this. Does the first set of variables (to the left of the delimiter) indicate the goods that that particular country can export? Then the second set indicate its needs?

I initiated trade with this nation that has RS in its first set, but I don't seem to have satisfied my own demand for RS.
The goods on the left are those the country can export if you sign a treaty with it. Those on the right are all the goods it has available - the ones it produces and the ones it acquired through trade agreements.

You signed the treaty this quarter. You have to wait for the tick for it to become active. Also, the country you signed the agreement with already has the goods that you can export, so it won't profit from it and may decide to cancel it at some point.
oh ok thank you for clearing that up.
btw what exactly are the effects of trading?

i have three agreements and covered all goods but don´t notice any effect.

import/export haven´t really changed and the economy isn´t doing extraordinarily good either Kopfkratz
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