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Full Version: Declaration of War
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Today the regent Vetinari ordered his troops of W 22 CS 14 to attack Bayern. Bayern was occupied by forces of the Union of Titianian Tea Republics (UTTR) after the former regent attacked Bunzreplik with nuclear weapons in order to stabilize the country and to eliminate further risks for world peace. After our troops have finished their mission Bayern remained peacefull and efforts were taken to rebuilt the country.

We consider the attack as an infringement of our national security, our independence and as a symbol for imperialistic interests of Vetinari.
In order to protect the TTR Bayern all other members of the UTTR are declaring war to W 22 CS 14

We have not started this war and ask other nations to support us. This is a disgusting attack on a weak and peacefull nation.


General Secretary of the UTTR

This Nation agrees that Bayern has indeed ceased its politics of aggressive and has been peaceful. As a result Regensphere has pledged to defend the nation of Bayern in the support of peace as a former member nation of Dignity in the spirit of goodwill after meeting the Alliance demands to cease its aggressive operations.

Bayern has been much more conducive to peace and as a result my people feel that it is wrong of it's attackers to conduct such an act of war on a considerably weakened nation.

However, Regensphere cannot condone the declaration of war upon the attackers as diplomatic options have not yet been exhausted or even considered.
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