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Full Version: Humanismus Ministry for Foreign Affairs
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As Humaismus' newly inaugurated foreign minister I hereby enact that this place shall be used as official represantation of Humanismus.
Here we will publish announcements and give you the possiblity to communicate with us.
You can ask any questions about our alliance or make proposals. Alliances as well as states that do not want to join any alliance are welcomed to contact us here.

Dasselbe in Deutsch: Als Humanismus neu eingeweihter Außenminister verfüge ich hiermit, dass dieser Platz als offizielle Vertretung von Humanismus verwendet werden soll.
Hier werden wir Ankündigungen veröffentlichen und euch die Möglichkeit geben mit uns zu kommunizieren. Ihr könnt sämtliche Fragen über unser Bündnis stellen oder Vorschläge machen. Bündnisse ebenso wie Staaten die keinem Bündnis beitreten wollen sind willkommen uns hier zu kontaktieren.
Congratulations on your appointment! I am sure that you will be a force for good in this world and Dignity looks forward to working with you closely on affairs of this world. Smile

Public Announcement

During the last few hours we have been hardly critized for not taking enough actions well to a certain degree this is true. As Foreign minister most of this is my fault and therefor I apologize to my alliance an the world community for not taking my office serious enough. I actually haven't been active enough during the last few days. I spent too much time on discussing Titians behaviour and the punishment for it in the interior of our alliance that I forgot to inform the exterior what was happening.
So I am going to tell you know:
We still are discussing about Titian but it already is absolutely certain he will be punished. The question we still face is how he will be punished.
I do know that many of you think we're to slow on this and that we should get him out as fast as possible. Well I want to remember you that we what we are doing right now is actually what we always told you we would do: We are using diplomacy. Such hard punishments like expelling someone from our alliance are not taken without using diplomacy first.
You may disagree here but I ask you to accept our position on this as well as we accept yours.

We are also negotiating on a non aggression treaty with Dignity which will probably be adopted soon. It sadly got in the background for a while because of the current situation.

On behalf of the world leader I don't think that a staetemnt is necessary. First he can't resign anyway and second who are we to question the results of elections? He was elected according to the rules of this game and since then did not hurt them a single time. So as believers in democracy we accept him as world leader wether we agree with him or not.

I think that's it if I forgot something please tell me so that I can add it.
If got an announcement to make again. We have come to a final decision about Titian recently.
He was allowed to stay within our alliance but only with restricted rights. He would not have been able to vote for a reform, nor get any financial help by the alliance and so on.

Well he left anyway what caused people to dance in the streets in Jeffersonien (my state). PartyyyytroetTanzJuerg42x50ApplausApplaus. ...Just kidding Wink... He did this because he did not want other members to leave who announced they would go if he stayed in the alliance.

There is no way to peace ; peace is the way

As Foreign Minister of HumanismusIII I am proud to announce (well ok I'm not the first one but anyway^^) that today we ushered in a new era of peace and prosperity. After both alliances ratified this Non-Aggression Treaty it shall now be enacted and send a message to this world that Dignity and HumanismusIII are working hard for peace and that we will not tolerate any agressive behaviour between our alliances. HumanismusIII is willing to have a strong relationship to Dignity and this could be just the beginning of it.

I want to thank Jamesgilfoyle and ystradband as well as all the Dignity members for their time and their support. I also thank my own alliance for their support and for giving me the opportunity to work as Foreign Minister to ensure peace between our alliances. I will now read out the Non-Aggression Treaty between the great alliances Dignity and HumanismusIII:

Non-Aggression Treaty
(Dignity & HIII)

It is hereby declared by executive orders of Dignity and HumanismusIII alliance leaders that a Non-Aggression Treaty is to be enacted binding all members of each alliance.

Aggression in this treaty is defined as any act of/engagement in war across alliance borders.

All Articles of this treaty are applied in unison with the assent of this treaty.

Article 1.
Any member nation of either alliance whom is found to be in breach of this treaty is to face expulsion from their alliance.
Article 2.
This treaty extends to the use of Atomic Weaponry on behalf of either alliances member nations - as Atomic Weaponry is an aggressive act upon the environment of all nations. In such instances Article 1 & 3 applies.
Article 3.
This treaty is binding to both current and future members of either alliance.
Article 4.
Should either alliance be able to ensure that their member nation ends their aggression without conquering the attacked nation or causing damage Article 1 is not required but advised.

Humanismus IV

I came here to announce that Humanismus has founded another alliance in World Cambridge to allow more Regents to join Humanismus. The new allinace will have the same policys and if possible the same treaties with other alliances.
HumanismusIV should be more regarded as extension of HumanismusIII then it should be regarded as a new alliance.

i demand help, dont let fascism win!

you fail: (

No More Appeasement!

I am joining Dignity in the fight against Titian who will be wiped off this map tomorrow. This is not an official act by Humanismus. I am acting as individual.
I have asked my alliance what to do about this but I will not wait for an answer. It is time for action now and not tomorrow or next week. We have already waited for too long.
Sometimes there are moments when we have to go to war in order to ensure peace. This is one of these moments.
I am happy to announce that Humanismus now officially declares war to all of Titians states .... so now it is an official act.
... and so it comes all to an end
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