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Full Version: Beta Test - Your Thoughts and Suggestions
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I thought it might be good to have a thread in this forum where players can share their thoughts on this beta world - what they like and what they'd like to see changed...

I have a few comments to make, but don't have time to post them now! Please share your views and I'll catch up later! Smile
T.B.H. I'm not enjoying it.

  • Limiting it to 3 trades just for the 5 types dosnt make sense - why not just have an economic boost in general for having the trades with 'politically similar' countries?
  • Trades costing 1 ap is too steep - if I want to annoy someone, I can cancel their trade agreement and it costs them their action point.
  • Too much emphasis on military
  • The auctions I think have multiple issues: it seemed that the auctions where not up for a whole year, but only to the end of the year they where posted in?
  • High GDP states can afford to bid higher on aucitoned states as opposed to it being fair for any state to receive.
  • I think that multiple state ownership per world is a bad idea - it gives too much advantage to one player (or opposingly, a disadvantage to players only having one state).

I would like to see more options involving a programmed 'UN' with perhaps voting or a world task per player per turn to help with their cooperation - perhaps tying this in with your international rep, where international rep also affects trade - a higher international rep means more payments into your state, a -ve rep means boycots perhaps?

As it currently stands, I hope world based ars-regendi never replaces classic ars.
I have a suggestion to make for the auctions: States should not be able to bid MONEY (which is indisputably a big advantage for super powers), but PERCENTAGES OF THEIR STATES GDP. Wink
- a state should have "history". it makes not much sense to fully reset a state when a change of leadership happens.
- i wonder what will happen when there is only a few regents left due to high age... would this lead to the situation, that few people need to manage 20-50 states?
i therefore suggest to let new players into the game over time... maybe the world leader could play a role at this point.
That's saved me a bit of typing as some of my thoughts have already been posted.

As many states are difficult to run, this has led to a number of regents being deselected. These regents are then locked out of the world and this would probably make full roll out in this format very frustrating for many players.

The auctions and military set up make for a very unlevel playing field where those lucky enough to be allocated a superpower are at an enormous advantage. (Ok, I know that life is like that but...) Not only that, but open bidding means that the winner at auction will either be the regent with the largest economy or the player who's able to stay up until 3am to put in the last bid.

The war feature is another slightly sticky area for me. With wars being won in one quarter, it is very difficult for an attacked state to mount a defence. I guess the two ticks makes this much more difficult as it is hard to rally around the community in half a day, particularly if this is between 3:30am and 3pm and this hands too much power to the aggressor.

All of these points aside, there is lots of potential and I like the way that players have banded together in the forums to role play and move the game forwards. I don't have any answers, but I'm sure that feedback will be taken on board and changes made before any full roll out takes place. I think that 'classic Ars' would run alongside any new version (someone correct me if I'm wrong) so regents who prefer the game in its current format won't be disappointed.
I miss a feature, that allows us to do some "secret attacks" on economy or militäry (consequence the strengh of of military/ economy decreses [also the popularity and influence]). It should only possible with a high level of military, knowlege and Level of progress. You can choose duration of the attacs and the intensity. And ther sould be a possibility to get detected (if the attacked state is advanced enought).
Vangry why is my englisch so ... so... german...Noplan

BruceLee Wrote:
Vangry why is my englisch so ... so... german...Noplan

Umm... Maybe because you ARE German? Lachweg

mchicago Wrote:
  • Limiting it to 3 trades just for the 5 types dosnt make sense - why not just have an economic boost in general for having the trades with 'politically similar' countries?
  • Trades costing 1 ap is too steep - if I want to annoy someone, I can cancel their trade agreement and it costs them their action point.

Actually, there are 6 types of goods and Trade agreements cost 2 APs.

I fully support Liberty Valence and ystradband's suggestions about the auctions. Returning to silent auctions seems to be the logical choice, as this new system indeed favors those who can stay up until 3am.

In regard to the military feature, the ability to launch surprise attacks (no war declaration) just 1 hour before the tick again favors players who can stay up late and turns AR into too much of a wargame. And it's supposed to be a political and economic simulation that doesn't require logging in at a specific time in order to survive.

I dont like the auctions at all for two reasons other then the unfairness of the method:

1) If theres ten states to auction, what stops me buying them all at 1000% times my GDP each, effectively writing off my primary country with massive debt, and then suddenly owning half the board?

2) Multiple state ownership per world still gives massive advantages that avoids the player having to do any kind of diplomacy or work with other players. I realise this is a test world, but I really think in a small-number of player worlds like this, it should be limited to one player, one state.
Well, it always depends on the playerSmile
However, I think we should be able to chose, wether we want to lead a new state independently, or if we want to combine it with an older state
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