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Full Version: Ministry of Propaganda of the UTTR
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This is the official thread of the UTTR to inform the world community about our interests, our operations and to publish our announcements.

The UTTR consists of all nations ruled by Titian.
Even if some of those nations are members of alliances they remain still souvereignity granted by the other nations of the UTTR.

The UTTR is peacefull - even if some nations are involved in military operations. The UTTR was always peacefull, is always peacefull and will be always peacefull. The UTTR defines being peacefull also by ensuring peace all over the world.

We support trade and cooperation between all nations in this world and we will not accept any kind of injustice. Again, injustice is defined arcording to the policy of the General Secretary of the World Community Party of the UTTR, our great leader Titian.

for all units of the UTTR

Today the DEFCON Level of all nations and all units belonging to he UTTR was increased for unlimited time to DEFCON 5.

With DEFCON 5 every nation of our Union is permitted to make use of every necessary measure, in order to defend our borders and citizens. This includes cancelling trades, boycotts, military operations and the use of nuclear weapons as reaction to any military move against our union. Further I permit to start operation Black Medusa depending on the actions against our nations.
Operation Black Medusa is permitted
All associated troops are ordered to be ready to react to emergency situation Burning Hell

Nuclear forces are ordered to react with launch of strategic weapons in case of any attack on our nations.
All resources are accessible to upgrade warheads and delivery systems as soon as possible.

Further I order to shut down all our borders for personal transit between the UTTR and nations not being members or trade partners of the Union

Our ambassadors in all countries are ordered to contact every gouvernment immediately in order to solve rising conflicts peacefully. Our foreign policy will now include total destruction as answer to any kind of aggressive behaviour towards the UTTR for the time DEFCON 5 is active.
We ask the leaders of all alliances to set up contact with us in case their nations plan to take measures against the UTTR. The General Secretary has agreed to enter negotiations before any move against the UTTR is decided.
Every action against the UTTR without being declared and brought into negotiations will be answered immediately with the total destruction of the aggressor as part of DEFCON 5.

As part of DEFCON 5 the production of all non-essential goods withing the UTTR will be changed to military production.
Military expenditures will be increased to the maximum
Defense and national security have the highest priority in the policy of the UTTR

DEFCON 5 was activated to protect the security of the UTTR and not to start an offensive war.
DEFCON 5 will be active for unlimited time until world-stability is re-etablished

General Secretary of the UTTR
noch mehr kannst Du Dich selber auch nicht ins Abseits stellen... Rolleyes
kommt drauf an wie viel Platz ich noch im Abseits habe, bevor ich vom Rand falleHmm
Ich gebe mir jedenfalls Mühe.

und wie oben geschrieben ist das kein offensiver akt, sondern nur ein verzweifelter versuch, mir schoneinmal im voraus den hals zu rettenHmm

Btw, der thread ist eigentlich mehr so für diktatorische spaßverderbermeldungen gedacht...

Titian Wrote:
Btw, der thread ist eigentlich mehr so für diktatorische spaßverderbermeldungen gedacht...

oh - und ich hab gedacht, Dir wär einfach nur etwas langweilig gewesen... Hehe

das natürlich auch 'n bissleHehe
All peace loving nations convict the UTTR and his General Secretary of this unprovoked aggressive menace with atomic first strikes. We also convict the devilish build-up of atomic arms. We are afraid of the consequences of this aggressive behaviour.

Please stop this bad circuit before it's unstoppable.

Remember the self-fulfilling prophecy! Stop now or it's too late!

For peace and liberty

Son of light
And again I have to distance our alliance form his announcements. Hmm This is strongly against our prinicples and we absolutely don't support this.


St. Titianisburg
In these days of darkness and hopelessness millions of people full of faith and from all parts of our great Union of free and happy nations due to the wisdom of our Great Leader and General Secretary of our glorious party (Titian) came together to worship him, our hope, our desire, our light in the darkness.

Surrounded by hungry wolves, endangered by aggressive bears and betrayed by devious snakes we, the mass of millions, became one with our leader and he became one with us. Together we were unique and in being unique we were everybody. His voice spoke to us, to us his people, to us his faithful servants and it was us who spoke. And whilst we spoke, we understood and because we understand we believe and because we believe we will fight. And when we fight it's him who fights. And because he fights, Victory will be on OUR side!

People of our glorious UTTR, stand up and become one with our Great Leader and our Hope! Become one with Titian! The son of the earth, the son of the universe, the son of light!
He is our true master because he is the true master of the world! There is nothing else but him! We are one with him, he is one with us!
Become one with him and we will rise to endless life!
He is everything!
He made everything!
He will ever be!

People of Titian! Stand up and fight! Fight against those who call themselfes what only Titian can be! Fight against those who call themselfes what can only be because of our Unity! Titian! Stand up and fight! We are all in you! You are the onliest son of the light! Bring light into our darkness and drive the insincere darkness out of our light! Titian! We are in you! WE ARE LIGHT!!!

G. Eistkrank/V.Erblendet
Victory News

Now I'm really and truly afraid ...
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