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Full Version: Hey sweetie, seems like you are still mad
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Hah, and again! Oh my dear friend, you have really serious mental problems!Glotz
You are reading again something written by something which even doesn't exist!
Your brain is really strange.

However, just in case the conspiracy "brave new world" would exist, you could read here, what would be our official statements. Of course it's yourself who writes this because like everything else, this is just a product of your mental illness. Oh, sorry, of course it's not yourself who have written this - this has never been written Smile
It's just part of your imagination and unreal reality

So, the first thing you imagine we would do is to announce that we just have signed a cooperation treaty with the UTTR which we herby recognize as official and independent conglomeration of nations.

Your second imagination about the things we do is that you believe we do not accept the attack on klackistan and would hereby declare officially war on W 22 - CS 8
As a result, you think you can see troops of country which is obviously not member of our conspiracy as our conspiracy doesn't exist attacking the aggressor, which is of course not the fact, because in your phantasy all members of a conspiracy called "Brave New World" are peacefull, kind and green-skined
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