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Full Version: Bank reform I (not money reform I)
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I'm having trouble finding a comprehensive answer, so does anybody have any insights to the positive and negative effects of Bank Reform I? That is the reform in which the banks are nationalized with 51% of stocks owned by the government, not Money Reform I. Thanks
From what I can tell it makes for a big economic downturn as Government is more useless than the bankers at running the banking system.

ENNN says the same and suggests that you instead punish bankers in the bankruptcy task.
This reform works well with the USA template, but it also needs money reform I to bring you sizeable revenues, 450+bil; It also excludes the bankruptcy task, but you'll have negative growth after its implementation. So if you really want to do bank reform I, save up a couple of tasks that offer economic growth, and after the reform do those respective tasks and stimulate the economy after that in the winter.
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