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The leader of the nation Regensphere looked noticeably annoyed.

"Titians constant onslaught against those who are worse off than him have continued to blight this world of ours."

"He lives in his own little world which he calls brave."

"I call for all nations to now be brave!"

"I call for all nations to join me and to act upon our common morals to smite this blight from our world!"

"If not now... WHEN?!"

"If not like this... HOW?!"

"Now is the time - now is the place!"

"For freedom! For integrity! For democracy!"
well as long titian attacks one of his own states (according to my list of countries)... Kopfkratz

may Regensphere be prepared for Military Sanctions against Titian

but I also motivate all other Leaders to keep OFF that conflict


Can you hear it?

The voice of destruction! The voice of suffer and death!

Jamesgilfoyle - the ally of GOLDSTEIN - has attacked our peacefull nations.

Comrades! We will NOT tolerate his attacks anymore! Jamesgilfoyle our greatest enemy who poisens our springs, rottens our food kills our children!

Comrades! Our great leader Titian, our leader, our pride, our glory, our victory, our GOD will bring us victory!

Stand up Comrades! Fight against the satan of mankind!

Stand up Comrades! Stand up and fight! Fight against the evil itself!

Stand up Comrades! Stand up and fight! Stand up and receive Victory!

Stand up Comrades! Stand up against this dictator! Stand up against him who threatens us with his nuclear weapons! With his spies! Stand up against this Buguser and hacker who manipulates our world for his benefit!

Stand up Comrades!!!


You could be really Goldstein jamesHehe

But anyway, as you might have notice until now, W 22 - CS 7* is one of my own states. I brought him nearly to exitus to replicate the situation in which I've once created negative military. SO first of all I want to find bugs. Secondly, I want to investigate the consequences of rapid decrease of population.
((I just wanted to note that your post made me actually laugh out loud Tongue I got some strange looks from the living room!! Tongue ))


One's dignity may be assaulted, vandalized and cruelly mocked, but cannot be taken away unless it is surrendered.

Should you feel the need to attack me; I may remind you that I am a member of one of the most influential and strongest alliances on this site.

In the words of Ralph Emerson: "Let not a man guard his dignity, but let his dignity guard him." Smile

Perhaps anybody who follows your call may want to consider that - perhaps you should too. Daumenhoch

You don't want something like Project Libertas jumping into action now do you... ? Pfeif

In the words of Ralph Emerson: "Let not a man guard his dignity, but let his dignity guard him."


Well, it depends on what "Libertas" actually is. If it's somekind of chocolate ice-cream with hot rasperries, spanish lemon sauce and garnished with a mint leaf you can start it as often as you want Essen
However, if "Libertas" is some kind of total destruction of unpopular dictators like Titian, you should maybe try it next door. I'm just a poor Mexican with my Sombreró making fiesta under my cactus.

Actually I don't want to attack you. I think it would be very boring without you. Let's make a deal: I won't attack you, you will bring you troops back home as soon as possible, you will innitiate some trades with some of my nations and write some of your funny articles again for DignitySmile

PS: If anybody really wants to stand up against James after reading my post, please log of from ars regendi, shut down you computer, write a letter for your wife, leave the house as quiet as you can (be carefull when going down the stairs) and ask a psychotherapist immediately for help (remember to get to him first - maybe you should take a taxi; no, not this one, the next one - Sponge Bob is definetely NO taxi driver) . this should help (until you get killed by your wife's frying pan because she thinks you have cheated on herHehe)

(( Stop making people in my living room look at me like I've lost it for laughing at my computerrr!! Tongue Should be back soon by the way, been quite busy recently! Sad Seems to have been a massive downturn in activity though from looking at the forums... how naughty! Motz *pokes regents into posting* Tongue ))
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