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Full Version: Atomic Attack on Oxford!
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Computer Wrote:
Hello ystradband, atomic attacks are started against Oxford! Population flees into bunkers!

The perpetrator of this unprovoked and heinous act is W22 CS8. Warren Buffett is clearly tired of his existence in this test world... Motz Vangry

The UTTR and some mysterious srawl on a restaurant bill of the "Shabby crab" are offering help for Oxford.
As pronounced of the Ministry of Propaganda, the UTTR are planning to test nuclear warfare in combination with large conventionell troop support anyway. If the international community agrees, the Troll in chief could give order to move the place of this operation from the chosen testing area W 22 - CS 7* to W 22 - CS 8.

Troops to defend oxford are on their way
All support is welcome! Smile

But if you launch a nuclear attack while your troops are there, that can't be very good for them, can it?
Well, I guess so...
however, theoretical tehy should fight better, as the temperature of the explosion provides nice climwarm weather - perfect for long-term holidaysPfeif

And see it in this way: The more troops the "enemy" has, the more of our brave sons he will take with him into the endless depths of death. And our troops have to arrive first anyway.

I thin kwe should use the opportunity a test worl offers and gather experiences with this situation - some players already have, but unfortunately I haven't.
Edited as my initial reply is no longer valid.

Warren Buffet's mindless actions have led to the dropping of six atomic bombs in total! Vangry. Oxford, of course possesses none of these odious weapons and has adopted pacifism. Which, of course, makes the initial attack even more reprehensible.
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