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Full Version: Common Questions About the Game
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Please post your questions about the game in this thread. There is also a germen one for the german-speaking part of the community.
The team will answer them as soon as possible. Jaja

Before you post a questions please check if that questions is already answered in another thread or in the FAQs.
Help! I was out of town for a few days and now my state isn't active. It says "Exitus Assassination". Is there anyway to fix this?
It means that you were assassinated. So you're dead. I'm sorry but there's no possibility to change this.

Samiott Wrote:
...I was out of town for a few days and now my state isn't active...

Schau in dein Profil. Dort, bei "Abwesenheitsinformation" kann der Staat eingefroren werden solange du willst. Dann wirst Du nicht ermordet Wink.


--- google trans ---
Look into your profile, there you set "away information" and the state will frozen as long as you want. Then you will not murdered Wink.


Another try:
Please do not post your questions in seperate threads.
Do this here.

Thanks Smile
Okay, so I found this thread and got one of my questions answered. In the re-capitulation, where is says the game day starts at 3am, maybe the timezone should be specified? Presumably you mean GMT, but being redundant wouldn't hurt.
How can i join a state ? Please answer me fast, i cant find it.
You can found one, move to and press "New State" at the right side. It is not about joining an existing state like in eRepublik.
Hi, is it possible to delete a state and start again? If yes, how? I don't think I saw any link pointing me to the instructions. Thanks!
In your overview page of your state, to the bottom of the page you have change state and delete state. Wink
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