The Aspasian Republican president velazquez would like to announce his canidacy for world leader in the coming year.

Military Agenda:
The aspasian government would like to encourage the usage of joint military exercises among leading democratic, progressive, and democratic-socialist regimes. It sees great opportunity in members of different nations around the world learning about each others military capabilities for future coordination against global threats. It looks to establish a joint operation between nuclear powers as to avoid global nuclear wars over misunderstandings or mistakes. It also pursues these for the purpose of jointly working with other nations to keep the seas open from pirates.
Trade Agenda:
The Aspasian government policy of capital development for trade. In essence, this means tariffs are allowed, and that each nation can have the authority to protect its capital from offshoring. Free trade is encouraged, but will not be necessary. However, if a nations wishes to invest in another nation, under our leadership the nation receiving the infrastructure investment must directly benefit from it, and debt trap diplomacy cannot be used against third world countries to prevent a repeat of colonialism.
Diplomatic Agenda:
The Aspasian government wishes to pursue the promotion of democracy and human rights globally. However, it encourages diversity in the democratic processes depending on geography and culture. The Republic will promote the usage of the democratic experiment globally, and will try to avoid conflict and reduce border tensions through diplomatic talks.

Other Goals

The Aspasian government seeks to work with countries internationally to crack down on tax evasion, criminality, and corruption originating from multinational corporations. In addition, it would like to propose a global carbon tax for nations with a gdp per capita above 12000 USD. a year to reduce emissions. Each nation themselves will receive this tax revenue.

Pipeline Projects:

If enough nations wish to do so, Aspasia would like to encourage a joint global space program, from which all nations would benefit from technological progress. Funding proposals can be finalized after diplomatic deliberation.

Thank you for considering Aspasia's regent velazquez for world leader.