Titian Wrote:
Nonetheless, back to topic.
Maybe we can move the religous content into another thread, as this one has the purpose of discussing why and how Aum Shinrikyo has actually been able to commit these terrorist attacks and why we, in today's world, have such massive problems in dealing with "terrorists" who can simply be called "lil' boys" when comparring them to Aum.

I suspect that the main reason for initial success of Aum Shinrikyo was absence of connections between their terrorist activities and their publicly proclaimed ideology. This allowed them to accumulate many resources without being recognized as a serious threat. But they were simply a group of madmen without long-term strategy, not a professional paramilitary unit.

On the other hand ‘normal’ terrorist organizations may have less resources, but they work much more seriously, and as a result it is much harder to track them down. Plus unlike Aum Shinrikyo they usually are composed from relatively autonomous terrorist cells.