The PECAN alliance is seeking applications from well managed states of all four templates interested in a long term consensual union. Join the Phenomenally Elitist Conservative Alliance of Neosarmatia which now includes

Nova Sarmatia (India) Pfeif
Lurinza (USA) Groove
Sherry Gong (USA) Applaus
Greater Korea (USA) Tongue
Mathematik (DDR) Daumenhoch
Logika (DDR) Wink

We will generally focus on economic development, including short term stabilization and investment in good fundamentals for the long term. We will help members carry through beneficial reforms, though we do not demand ideological conformity. Whether you are interested in being forever an economic powerhouse, or using your wealth to build a New Jerusalem on your nation's green and pleasant hills, we encourage you to join hands with us, many strands in one eternal golden braid.