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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Navigation note: With Ctrl-F you can search for a key word in most browsers, this should also help here.


What can I do here?

After registering you can found two virtual states and lead them.

How do I found a state?

In case you don't lead a state yet, on dashboard a large red link is available: "Click here for a new state!". In any case there is a button "New state" below the greeting which is located to the right. Direct link to state foundation is .

Which template should I select?

As a beginner it's recommended to start with Germany, USA or Great Britain, since they are easiest to play.

What's the dashboard for?

There you can find important information, helpful links and options. It's the administration central for your account. When you log into the game again, you will find yourself at the dashboard.

How do I get coins?

At the right side there is a link "Premium" where you can buy coins with real money. Additionally coins can be earned by advertising the game to friends. Let your friend join via referrer link which can be found at the dashboard, below "Your status".

How many states can I found?

There are always two free state slots, additional ones can bought. If you lose a free state, you can replace it by a new one without costs.

How can I write in the forum?

Your account can be used in the forum also, so you can start writing instantly. At the top menu there is a black button to access the forum.

Can I use multiple accounts?

No, that's not permitted, since it would be possible to gain advantages this way. If you get caught with multiple accounts, you lose them all.

What are premium or VIP accounts?

These accounts grant more rights to the player, for instance to see all diagrams and to get rid of adverts. They can be bought with coins. New players get some premium rights during the first 14 days.

Is Ars Regendi really for free?

Yes, but as described above, you can buy additional states and rights. Additionally you support the simulation that way. To keep it realistic you can't buy direct ingame advantages.

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RE: FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

The game

How do I get help?

If you click on the [?] after an unclear term, it will be explained. Additionally green colored links indicate there is something to do now. For everything else the community in the forum is available. Don't hesitate to ask your questions there.

What are the quotes at state foundation for?

They are the first modifications of the new state. Depending on your answers, the state will be computed slightly differently.

What's the point of the tasks?

Tasks are your daily business in Ars Regendi. As regent you are supposed to decide about new issues every day. Your decisions will affect the state after next tick (during next quarter).

What means "extremely urgent" at tasks?

Urgency describes how much the population requires a decision. This way you cant evade unpleasant topics. In case you still do it, people will be upset. If urgency rises too far, extremist amount reaches dangerous levels. By default your receive a message when tasks turn "extremely urgent". It's recommend to login daily and work on the tasks as soon as possible.

What means my state's classification (for instance "conservative neoliberal party democracy") and how can I change it?

This classification is done by the system. It cant be changed directly, but indirectly over time by deciding tasks and reforms.

What's the meaning of the green or red dot after state name?

Green means an active state. Red shows the state is exitus, it's no longer possible to play it.

What's a tick?

A tick is the computation of a new quarter, meaning a new season. All decisions will then affect state values. Per default a tick happens once a day.

I solved my tasks for today. What else can I do?

Basically you can wait for the next tick. Ars Regendi is turn based and a new quarter is usually computed once a day.

In some cases it makes sense to order special actions (see regent area), to start a project or to read and write in the forum.

How long does a quarter last?

For your state a quarter covers three months. In the game these three months are computed once a day, at midnight Central European Time. We call this computation tick.

How can I do more?

You can found more states, including ones with two ticks which are consequently computed twice a day. If you want much faster progress, you can buy a tickless state where you can initiate a new tick every three minutes. Tickless states cant join alliances and worlds though, since they wouldn't run synchronous then.

Can I upgrade from one tick to two ticks?

This is currently not possible.

What's a tickless state?

In a tickless state you can initiate a tick every three minutes. This way you can play much faster. Play speed is up to you, you can also decide to not do a single tick. Regular computation times (Central European midnight and noon) don't let tickless states advance. However, a tickless state cant be in any alliance or world, and additionally costs coins, given that he causes serious server load.

How do I delete my state?

At the very bottom of state overview you find a link "Delete state".

How can I modify my state's expenses and income?

Budget changes are only possible during Winter. Till then you should have done your five to six yearly tasks, so you can modify budget at Details > Budget, for instance reduce taxes and redistribute expenses.

Why are some links green colored?

Green shows that there is something which has or can be done, for instance changing the budget.

Is there a vacation mode?

If you don't login, task urgency in classic states doesn't rise. However, in world states this login abstinence doesn't have any effect. In both cases quarters keep elapsing. It's allowed to pass login data to another player, so they can care for your state during your abstinence. After your comeback a password change might be useful.

Regardless of this you can switch your account to away at Forum > User CP > Profile. This is used only to tell other player that you are not available for discussions in the forum.

What are experience points?

Every player get experience points for leading states. The more states you play and the more successful you are, the more experience points you get.

Where do I see my experience points?

In your forum profile or at the dashboard, below "Your status". It's a state independent value, instead bound to the entire account.

How long does it take to reach five experience points for the worlds? Is it possible to accelerate it?

With a single state five experience points can take several weeks. The more states you play, the faster you pass the 5 EP barrier, and it's fastest with tickless states. As a rule of thumb: The longer you stay in power, the higher becomes your experience.

What means exitus?

No state exists forever in Ars Regendi. If the regent gets deselected, loses power because of a coup, dies because of assassination or dies of old age, the state is no longer playable. Which is called exitus.

How can I avert exitus?

You can't, but you can delay it. Try to keep the number of uncontent people and especially of extremists low (can be found at state overview), by deciding reasonably citizen-friendly. In particular don't upset the citizens shortly before elections! Keep an eye on task urgency and indulge in a life prolonging regimen every now and then.

What can I after an exitus?

Accept the challenge again, with a new state!

What are "Special Actions"?

In the Regent tab, you will find an option labeled as "Special Actions". Here, a number of useful actions are listed which may support your rule. The first option "Address an audience" for example allows you to encourage your citizens. Every actions requires you to have sufficient amount of action points.

What are action points (AP)?

Action points allow special actions like regimens or state visits. These actions cost AP, but you can regain 1 AP by winning an election. An election victory with more than 70% even nets you 2 additional AP. Increasing influence in comparison to previous year also provides 1 AP each time. Every state starts with 4 APs.

When do elections take place?

Elections are scheduled every 4 years, meaning every 16 quarters. First election takes place in quarter 32, second in quarter 48 etc.. If you achieve 50% or more votes, you are allowed to further reign your state, else the state goes exitus. In case you use certain options in secret files, you have a chance to win an election with less than 50%.

What are the secret files?

The link to the secret files can be found in the regent tab. Here you can prepare actions to stay in power which are not supposed to be public. When such an action is applied, there can be negative consequences. Additionally its sucess is not guaranteed.

What's influence and how do I raise it?

Influence determines the volume of budget changes and which reforms can be introduced. It rises automatically with reign duration and also depends on international reputation, regent's health, popularity and power. If you manage to increase these values, your influence will also be increased.

How do I raise my international reputation?

This can be done by decisions in favor of foreign countries or by a state visit which is one of the "special actions".

Can I upload flags with a normal (basic) account?

This is restricted to premium and VIP users. But since you get some premium rights during your first 14 days, you can change flags in your first states.

Why is population nerved at the beginning?

In some templates population is uncontent with government at first. Your choices at the quotes only have limited impact on this.

Why can I solve a different number of tasks every quarter?

The amount of solvable tasks alternates between one, two and three. During a year five or six tasks can be done. For instance you can use a quarter with few task options to introduce a reform.

Why do I get more tasks than I can solve?

In this way you can pick what tasks to solve now and what to solve later.

How can I solve more tasks in a quarter?

You can only solve as many as you have task options.

Why are the task result texts sometimes good and sometimes bad?

Don't take these texts overly serious. The real consequences are computed within the matrix, the texts are not necessarily related to them.

Do tasks and reforms change the budget?

Sometimes they do. It depends on the topics and also on your decision, when it comes to tasks.

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RE: FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


What's the budget for?

Each state has a national budget, with focus on tax income and expenses. In Ars Regendi the budget is the most important game feature, along with tasks. Here you have to adjust to balance earnings and spendings, according to your political priorities.

When can I change the budget?

Only during Winter.

Why can I change assets by 4% at most?

Maximum volume of asset change depends on your influence. Each additional influence point allows 4% stronger changes. With less than 1 influence point (including negative values) you are limited to 4%, with 1 to 2 points to 8%, with 2 to 3 to 12% etc.. The maximum change is capped at 50%.

I changed nominal interest by 4%, but the change is barely noticeable. Why?

It's a percentaged change. It doesn't mean adding 4% but multiplying with 1.04 (104%). For instance: If interest is at 2% and you raise it by 4%, the new value is 2.08%.

Why do some assets change without me changing the budget?

Several assets are calculated continuously, for instance debt rise and shrink with earnings and spendings. Most values, especially expenses, also adapt to inflation. Pensions for one also adapt to inflation, to a certain degree.

Tasks and reforms can also change earnings and / or spendings.

What's the meaning of "PE" and "pcm"?

PE denotes public expenditure, the state's annual expenses. pcm means per capita monthly, it's used for public transfer expenses, namely pensions, welfare and basic income, which are payed out every month.

Which period is covered by the expenses and earnings in budget?

Almost every expense and earning refer to a full year respective four quarters. An exception are assets marked with pcm. For comparison current living costs and monthly income are also listed here, though they are not part of the budget and can't be changed directly.

How can I pay off my debt?

Debt shrinks if new indebtness is positive. New indebtness becomes positive if expenses and (debt) interest payments are less than the income. To achieve this, you have cut expenses and / or raise taxes and / or crank economy (to increase tax income).

What does the sign at debt mean?

A negative debt value means the state is in debt. If there is no minus sign, debt turned into public assets: Now others are in debt of the state.

What are the effects of the nominal interest?

Nominal interest here means a combination of prime rate and market interest rate. Prime rate can be regulated, depending on your influence. Market interest rate for instance depends on money supply: If there is a lot of money (high supply), its price (interest rate) decreases. If you change the price (interest rate) directly, money supply will also be affected. Usually a lower interest rate means more investments due to cheaper credits, but with more money supply also inflation rises.

Do budgets and money supply adapt to inflation?

Budgets are indeed affected by inflation. When for instance education products become more expensive, PE Education will automatically rise. This is also true for pensions which are bound to inflation to some extent. Money supply is not influenced by inflation.

My basic income is 0. How can I increase it?

Percentaged changes doesn't help here. You have to introduce one of both basic income reforms. Alternatively there are tasks capable of implementing a basic income.

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RE: FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Worlds and military

What are the worlds?

In a world there are up to 100 players with their states. Only in worlds states can interact extensively. They are mostly based on the real world.

Is my new state in a world?

Not automatically. You have to choose at state foundation whether you want a classical state or a world state.

How do I recognize whether my state is a world state?

In state overview there are menu entries "World" and "Military". And in state description you can find a sentence in which world your state is located.

When can I found world states?

There are two possibilities: You play classic states for a while and collect experience points. With 5 experience points you are allowed to found world states. Alternatively you can buy world states with coins.

Why are these restrictions for world states in place?

Because we made bad experiences with newbies in worlds. We want 'realistic' behavior in the worlds, and we think that's more likely with enough player experience or after payment.

How do I join a world?

As soon as you found a world state and answered the quotes, a list with the worlds will appear. You can join of these worlds if it's still waiting for players or if it's already active.

Which world should I join?

Worlds with 'wait' status start when 100 players joined. This probably means some standby time but equal chances for everyone. If you join an 'active' world, you can start right now but the other states already had a headstart. The longer the world is already running, the more backwards your state will be.

Why can't I simply pick a template in the worlds?

Because there is a set number of state slots for each template, and player compete for best states. However, you can specify your preferences at the beginning. Depending on your experience points they will be considered or not, with more points your odds are better.

Can I change my template?

This is not possible yet.

Is it possible to fuse states?

This is also not possible yet. However, we plan an overview over the most important date of a player's empire.

What's a world leader and how is he / she elected?

A world ruler is the leader among the world's regents. He can decide about payments and block reforms worldwide. Every 16 quarters a new world ruler is elected respective the old one confirmed.

How can I trade / establish trade treaties?

At your state you can find the menu entry "World" at the top right. The second section is "Trade agreements". First it states what goods are already available, a state can trade only with them. At the dropdown list look for states with differents goods than yours (before ||) and without your goods (behind ||). Initiating a trade treaty costs 2 action points. Your state can have at most three trade treaties.

Why is there a trade treaty with another state, I didn't initiate it?

Since the other state initiated it. If it supplies you with the goods you need, it's a good deal for you, because you saved action points.

When may I attack whom?

Till two hours before next tick you may attack any state whose reputation is lower than your attack value. Attack value is twice your influence or twice your power, depending what's higher. The attack lock is in place to give defenders a chance to react. Additionally, attacks always cost action points (AP).

How can I build nuclear weapons?

If your state doesn't have nuclear weapons yet, you have to start the project "Atomic bomb".

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RE: FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


What's an alliance?

An alliance is a federation of states. Each state can profit from the alliance in different way, for instance get financial aid when in trouble or receive a reform which it doesn't have enough influence for yet. There can be membership fees. At the menu entry "Alliances" you can apply at an alliance.

How do I found an alliance?

At the right side, at your state list, you can find a button "New alliance". For lifetime premiums one alliance is free, for lifetime VIPs two can be lead without costs. Else founding costs 20 coins.

Can I join an alliance with my classic state?

Yes. If your classic state has one or two ticks, proper alliances to join are listed. However, tickless states can't join any alliance.

How do alliance members vote on reforms?

If the leader proposes a reform, you will be informed via Private Message. Then you can vote on the alliance page.

Will an alliance reform be applied to my state automatically?

Yes, unless you block it at "Special actions". This costs action points, though.

If alliance reforms were introduced before my joining, are they applied to my country?

No. The alliance will have to introduce the reform again to apply it to your state. Hence it can be advantageous to join a rather young alliance or to found one yourself.

When can I block alliance reforms?

During the quarter before reform introduction.

Where does financial aid from alliance go?

It automatically reduces national debt respective increases national balance. But if you are out of debt already, it's unlikely the alliance will pay off money. It can even be harmful for your state.

07.09.2013 23:38
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RE: FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


In what language is the forum?

Depending on forum section postings are in English, German or both.

The menu and buttons in the forum are either in English or German. This can be changed in your User CP (Control Panel). Here is a direct link:

How do I change my avatar?

Also in the User CP, at "Your Profile", then "Change Avatar". You need at least premium rights though.

What do the stars below my name mean?

They show your status. Basic users have one star, premium users two, VIPs three, translators and moderators four, admins six.

What do glory points and medals mean?

For some achievements you get medals, for instance for highest economy growth or longest world rulership in a world. Each medal comes with some glory points, your glory is the sum of all medals.

07.09.2013 23:38
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RE: FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Leading your state

My state is in trouble, what can I do?

There can be many reasons, for instance too much debt, starvations or unpopular decisions. You can ask fellow players at .

How can I stay in office?

There is no patent remedy. But to give you an idea: Take care happy and content citizens outnumber unhappy ones and extremists, this can be checked at state overview. Don't make unpopular decisions and disagreeable budget changes, especially not before elections. Raising taxes or cutting pensions can lose you your position also. Starvations are devastating in developed countries. If things run critical, secret files probably can help.

Is there an instruction for new players?

Beside the official instructions and these FAQ you can ask fellow players for advice. Best source for help can be an active alliance, the other members should help you in their very own interest.

Which numbers in the Details are most important for a new player?

Look out for the ratios between debt and economy strength and between welfare / pensions / net income and living costs. Also environment, health, corruption, inflation and economy growth are important. However, this doesn't mean the other values are unimportant...

07.09.2013 23:39
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Rolleyes  RE: FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Ive been wondering hhow to get coins, and they FAQ says that i need to purchase them with real money OR advertise this specific website to people we know or anyone...Im starting to think that you guys are just trying to make money and thats sorta stupid. Now im going to delete my account and get out of this stupid game (THAT SHOULDNT BE FOR KIDS...OR TEENS...OR PRETEENS WHOEVER).

08.06.2015 06:05
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RE: FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, I think you should not have posted this message in the FAQ thread. You simply could have opened a thread in the Suggestions or Questions section of the forum. Also, I do not understand why you first message in this forum reads as "I'm going to delete my account anyway because I do not like the policy of this website". Most people are repelled by messages like that and this makes it rather unlikely to get a serious (if any) answer to your post. Why not simply asking: "How come you guys are giving the impression that you only want to make money with coins?"

The thing is: I really wonder what you are complaining about. To me it appears like you do not understand what coins are actually good for. The basic functions of Ars Regendi do not require coins at all. Everbody is allowed to play 2 states at the same (for free). With coins, you can not buy yourself any advantages over other states like reduced crime rates or a lower national debt. The only advantage of having coins is that you can play more states at the same time or have some more plots available in your states (that is, if you buy a Premium account with some coins). And that's about it.

It is indeed correct that you have to pay for coins, but ocasionally there are also competions in which you can win either coins, a Premium-Lifelong-Bundle (one of the few things you can actually buy with coins) or even some real money. (Here a link to a very recent competition)
Our adminstrators are also very accommodating: A short time ago every player who already had an account received 15 coins for free, only because Ars Regendi was not working properly for 2 days (proof).

And why is it so shoking for you that the developers of Ars Regendi are trying to make some money? If you go to a toy store, electronics store or super markert, you will hardly find any (computer or board) game for free. Yes, of course one can find flash and other web based games in the internet, playable entirely free of charge. However, that is only the case because the developers of these games earn sufficient money by others means, usually by advertisement on their websites. The developers of Ars Regendi have to make a living somehow as well and coins a very affordable and hardly required for playing, unlike currencies you have to pay found in most other games in the 21st century. Therefore, I have problems to understand why you are making a big fuss about that.


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08.06.2015 08:07
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RE: FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Completely agree with MrProper. Even if I currently don't feel like paying for coins, the basic concept is totally understandable and also totally fair. You are not required to get coins to be successful. The graphs you get from premium are helpful, but they are little more than a QoL buff. All those data can be tracked manually.

The only "real" advantage from coins is the ability to have several alliances and several states. Having several states only gives you an advantage in the matter of Experience gain and this is only relevant for worlds. Which are frequently played by players with less experience and they are still successful. Good example is the world leader (for 2nd term already) and leader of the strongest alliance in Lima: Sascha L.. He has not much experience points and thus got only a development country. Yet he is very successful.

Also there are examples of regents (and I don't mean the EP-billionaires) which through a very good leading of just a few states gained a big big experience boost, without any Coins.

So I do not understand, what the actual problem here is.

08.06.2015 11:41
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