Q: Which is the official Forum-Language?
A: The official Languages are English and German. Considering the Language in which the thread was started, it should be the language for further answers.

Q: How long does it take until my changes in the budget and my issues get updated?
A: Both Budget and Issues get updated within every Quarterchange.

Q: Which duration (RealTime) is 1 quarter?
A: The duration of 1 Quarter is 24 hours starting at 03:00 am. (1 Quarter = 03:00 am - 03:00 am)

Q: Is there any way I can see the happiness of my own nation?
A: Sure. We are currently waiting for new symbols made by a designer. You will be able then to see the happyness directly in the compendium.

Q: Is it possible to found a new Confederacy with my account?
A: To found new Confederacies it is necessary to have an VIP- or Premium Account.

Q: Due to holidays or other reasons i will not be able to check my state for a longer time, is there any possibility to "freeze" my account during this period?
A: (editted by Sheep) Your state can't be freezed, values will always develop, elections will take place etc.. However, if you don't login at all for one or multiple ticks, task urgency won't rise. This automatic holiday mode works for classic states only!