A myth has been fabricated since the end of World War II, or perhaps even during it, that Fascism is extreme right wing. This simply is not true, on both a fundamental and real way. The fascists of the 1930's espoused a unique disdain for Capitalism. As Hitler said in 1940, "It is not Germany that will turn Bolshevist but Bolshevism that will become a sort of National Socialism... former Communists are to be admitted to the party at once. The petit bourgeois Social-Democrat and the trade union boss will never make a National Socialist, but the Communist always will." The left is always quick to laud and accept such individuals, until they come with a stake to drive it into the heart of Democracy. Before World War II, the leftists, the progressives of that day, lauded Fascism. They thought it another ideology of their own. But after, they performed purge in intelligentsia, in which such ideas would be condemned, and now Fascism would be rightism, despite the fact that Fascism is clearly anti-Capitalism, and the further right one goes, the further Capitalist one becomes. In the present, now, there are new confused fascists. People who preach their own contempt, yet mimic its principles. Sometimes even to go as ironic as to call themselves anti-fascists. After World War II, the argument was not, should we be fascists or Communists? It was, in what way should we be liberal? But now Liberalism is dying, replaced by populists, Anti-Republican "Republicans", even those who themselves explicitly call themselves socialist, although many still take a more moderate route, for the baby boomers, whom remember the evils of Socialism, have not yet died. Globalism is now known as a great evil, despite it being the greatest good to ever happen in the world. Pseudo intelligentsia are followed and voted on, while Adam Smith becomes forgotten, even Keynes. Keynes was not a true Capitalist, but he was by no means socialist. Now Socialism dominates Intelligentsia, and we see it with our young... What do they preach? They do not preach Liberty. They do not preach freedom. They do not preach limited government. They preach Socialism. The redistribution of the wealth. The confiscation of private property with no say from the individual. An all powerful government that can, at any time, and any feeling, deny you life, liberty, and property. For they have been taught, that the people who teach these things hate the poor, the have nots. That they do not know, cannot know, the struggle of the poor. That they would do nothing, and have done nothing, to ever help the poor. And therefore it is government, formed by those populist intelligentsia, that must play god. That must decide who eats and who succeeds. Who works and when. Who retired and with how much. How much their children get, and their children's children. Everyone must have a "living wage" or a "living standard." But, they have not yet defined that, nor will they. For the living standard is nothing more than poverty.

What does the future hold for Capitalism? In some European countries, it seems to have great prospects. Countries like Sweden are deregulating and making cuts to the welfare State. But, countries like America, once know as bastions for freedom and self-determinism, have seen a rise in leftist Populism, particularly on one side a proclaimed socialist and a closeted one, and on the other, a liar, a clear leftist who brands himself a Liberal, yet preaches the most illiberal policies. America has gone from one of the freest economies in the world, to one of the most restricted in the western. Based on what was seen in the last election, this is not going to reverse course.