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Federal Government and Corporate Law

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Mercurian Observer

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Federal Government and Corporate Law

The feds are thinking of making violating the terms of service of a webpage a federal crime. Read this if you're curious.

Is this a legitimate exercise of power? Have any of you used iTunes and received an updated ToS of 300 pages, and read them all?

Can the statists who dominate this forum find common ground with the libertarians, and oppose this unprecedented intrusion upon liberty, conducted in the name of public safety?

17.11.2011 12:29
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RE: Federal Government and Corporate Law

As a person who's against DLCs, facebook, online passes and the like I'm totaly against such laws. I'm tired about companies crying about piracy, which is not piracy but open source-ism, when they still make a butt load of money in profits.
17.11.2011 16:57
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Junior Member

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RE: Federal Government and Corporate Law

Wow the us government really has nothing more important to do.

I think this is stupid. Weren't the terms of service something that protect companies from being sued? Or that they chan sue?

And to the google-example: An underaged person could just not legally search the web? how stupid is this.

maybe us-government is too big after all.

17.11.2011 22:39
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Christian Humanist

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RE: Federal Government and Corporate Law

I am also tired of this crying over "piracy." If gov/corps haven't noticed, the regular people love pirates, they are like heroes (think Pirates of the Caribbean or any of the movies done abt pirates). Normal people will side with the "pirates" because they stand up against the bureaucrats who want to shut down freedom so they can sell it to us.

I play a lot of PC games and such but as good as the "vanilla" ie original versions are, the modded (modified) ones are 10X better.

Total War did a very good an interesting thing: they allowed users to mod games as long as they didn't try to sell it. There are hundreds of normal people who devote countless hours to developing new mods and AI logarithms and such that make the game better and better.

To be honest, the younger generation (i'm talking 19 and younger) who are adept and savvy with computers and the latest programming languages, won't stand for censorship and these increasing limitations places on games, music, entertainment, and such. I can almost guarantee that about 70% of my friends ages 16-19 have at least done basic hacking, illegal modding, illegal and legal file sharing, and engaged in both legal and illegal open source coding. There is no way the government can conjure up the resources/personnel necessary to keep tabs on the entire teenage population of the US.

"I do not wish to think, or speak, or write, with moderation. . . . I am in earnest -- I will not equivocate -- I will not excuse -- I will not retreat a single inch -- AND I WILL BE HEARD." - William Lloyd Garrison, Abolitionist
17.11.2011 23:27
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Lord Alexander

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RE: Federal Government and Corporate Law

Such broad laws are very beneficial for people in power because they can be applied selectively. With laws like this one it becomes very easy to create big troubles to almost any ordinary person, so people get great additional incentive to maintain good relationships with powers that be.

18.11.2011 00:56
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Posting Freak

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RE: Federal Government and Corporate Law

I have to concur with Alexander on this one.

This law is just another method of controlling and suppressing those that are using the world wide web for dissension, organizing demonstrations and exercising their Constitutional Liberties, Rights and Freedoms.

This law, should it pass, would receive selective application.

I am opposed to any legislation that could be used to control the free exchange of information on the world wide web.

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18.11.2011 06:46
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