The Phenomenally Elitist Conservative Alliance of Neosarmatia

The purpose of this document is to inform the players of Ars Regendi that Regent Modrevius has founded the new alliance PECAN. Can you commit to participate in a heterogenous alliance of German, American, Indian, and DDR states aimed at enhanced but stable economic development? See if the following appeals to you.

The Sarmatians were a libertarian society of nearly a billion illiterate elitists, content with their circumstances yet corrupt to the core. They liberalized consensual cannibalism, cracked down on the reeking corruption, and made plans for long term economic development. The Lurinzans were an orderly neoliberal society bedeviled by horrible medical problems. They sent their anarchist kids to a fun summer camp, implemented a negative income tax, and they will soon enjoy universal health care. In short, neither state was perfect, yet a charming young woman running a dynamic young American state made them see they were perfect for each other. Thus was born PECAN.

PECAN will implement a Tobin tax, technology transfer, and common tracing. Its constituents generally take a liberal stance on social issues, but they value order, and invest for long term economic growth based on sound cultural, demographic, and economic fundamentals. We do not mind if a constituent’s future orientation will be making people happy rather than becoming maximally wealthy, but we take it as basic that states need to grow economically from their starting position for either approach to be effective. While alliance members are free to leave when they like, we would prefer for each one to be with us for a long while.

The word conservative in the name of the alliance is not meant to suggest we accept only states with market economics or conservative social politics. It express my interest in steady economic growth as well as my preference for treading lightly when it comes to the internal affairs of the diverse states I would like to have in my alliance. Generally, I expect my allies to remain popular enough to survive politically, suppress extremists, and work to resolve whatever their inherent weaknesses their states have. For example, I expect American states to improve their health care and crack down on crime, and Indian ones to reduce corruption and improve infrastructure. I am particularly happy to see applications from German and Indian states as I have not made contact with very many. I would also appreciate having someone around who is fluent in German! Nothing would please me more than to see middle aged or elder states, with their wealth and sophistication, join PECAN but I expect mostly younger ones.

I would be happy to found a group on Yahoo! for members of PECAN. We might have political or philosophic discussions along with negotiations relevant to the game. I am interested in reading some works including “The Rise of the Network Society” by Castells, “The Natural Economic Order” by Gesell, and “Spheres of Justice” by Walzer. I welcome discussion and advice, because I am a new player and I can benefit from the greater experience others may bring to the table. If we develop differences of opinion or you do not like the way you have been treated by the alliance, come and reason together with me. I have exercised some care in seeking states to join us, and I would much rather negotiate with a member who is displeased than see him leave. I like to express my confidence in members by investing my personal portfolio in their assets, though I also hold shares of Beyond. Congratulations to them for leading the American rankings!

I would appreciate it if somebody could translate this into German and post it on the German forum. I will translate it with Google if necessary but I fear that meaning will be lost in computer translation.

Good luck to all of you, and long live Ars Regendi!

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