The Framework for the Future

Participating Members:
Representative of Noritera
Representative of Ragnarok
Representative of Handelsföderation
Representative of Das Orakel
Representative of Ryssland
***Representative from other non-allied states should make themselves known

Goal of the Summit:
Create a framework for dealing with rogue regimes (rogue regime will be used to describe inactive states going forward, quarters without action will be described as lawless, anarchic or chaotic quarters).

How to Participate:
Since many topics will be proposed throughout the summit, I ask that each reply clearly references each respective topic. See below for proposing a topic.

Defining a Rogue Regime

Malachi Benito, representative of Infinitus would like to propose that participating members agree on a way to first define what a rogue regime is. Shall we consider 6 consecutive chaotic quarters as a baseline?

When posting a reply to an individual topic, please reference the topic you are replying to, as such:

Defining a Rogue Regime

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With all the formality out of the way, I welcome all representative to please start to discuss the first topic proposed, defining a rogue regime, thank you for your inclusion in this effort!