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How to further improve my state

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How to further improve my state

My state Kotta Telangana is ranked 13th among all Iran-template nations for highest health spending, yet my health index is just 34, compared to an average of 25. This seems like very little improvement, given the fact that I spend over three times as much on PE health as the average state. Likewise, my environment rating is very poor compared to the average (16 v. 26), yet I spend over twice as much on PE environment as the average state.

In comparison, my infrastructure rating has increased very rapidly, in sync with my increases in PE administration. My PE admin spending is 2.4 times higher than average state, and my infrastructure index is also 2.4 times higher than average. In education, I have also seen strong improvements, but returns have been less compared to infrastructure development. I spend 2.5 times more on education than average, but my standard of knowledge index is only 1.6 times higher than average (39 v. 24). On the overview page, the citizens of my state are still labeled as "illiterate".

Based on these data, I conclude the following:

- Infrastructure is the easiest index to improve, because it rises in sync with increases in PE admin. If you want better infrastructure, all you have to do is increase admin spending.

- Standard of knowledge index is harder to improve than infrastructure. High increases in PE education only result in marginal increases in the standard of knowledge index.

- Health and environment are the hardest indexes to improve, at least for the Iran template. You can have PE health and PE environment over 3 times as high as average state, and still have very poor indexes. In my case, I think my rapid economic growth (over 22000 GDP/capita v. 8000 average) might have contributed to environmental degradation.

Do other players agree with these conclusions? How can I go about improving my state some more?

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RE: How to further improve my state

You can increase your state's health index by doing tasks, completing the "cure for malaria" project and enacting either privatized or universal health care reforms. I should warn you however that the latter reform will sky-rocket PE Health spending, hence necessitating large-scale budgetary measures on your part before putting it to law. The former would be better suited in the long-term in regard your state's future healthcare spending. Though overall I've come to suspect that either reforms do not affect savings ratio of regular citizens (people will be spending next to nothing out of their own pocket on healthcare if its universal). Environment is best dealt with by doing the relevant tasks and completing the "Geothermal Energy" project.

The best way of improving your state over the long-term is by focussing on projects such as "Personal Rapid Transit" and "Geothermal Energy" and enacting certain reforms catering to the state you are trying to mould. To answer your query about the relation of your GDP to the environment, yes. Like in the real world, underdeveloped countries tend to have a low carbon footprint compared to developed and developing countries. China for example before it initiated market reforms had a per capita carbon footprint almost identical to that of India. Nowadays due to the break-neck pace it has developed, the PRC now emits over three times as much CO2 per capita compared to India. Thus CO2 emissions and GDP growth are inextricably linked.

Finally in regard to education, spending is only bound to marginally increase literacy of your population in the short term. Education just like school takes time as new pupils of course need to be educated and thus as you do relevant tasks relating to education, tuition etcetera; you will be incrementally improving your Education index as time goes by. I hope all this insight has sated your curiosity. Enjoy Ars Regendi Wink

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RE: How to further improve my state


The happiness index is the most arbitrary, in my opinion. You will see states (usually of German template) that have poorer indexes than other states, yet the population is happier because the debt to GDP ratio is very small or is actually positive. And I kid you not, some arbitrary gov debt to GDP ratio is more important to the virtual populace of AR than safety, social, and economic indexes.
As for your conclusions, you are spot on. If you want to increase infrastructure, always increase PE Admin, increasing PE Others also helps (but in a smaller capacity from my experience).
As for environment, the more and faster economic growth you have, the faster the deterioration rate. So increases in PE Environment are not enough. You need to do implement relevant task options and projects. So late game these sort of stats would be higher, especially if you complete Cure for Cancer & overcome the stark recession that comes after it. In my opinion, Cure for Cancer & Fusion Power cost too much & take too long to complete.
Of course, for the Iran template, such projects are out of the question.
And yes, some templates start out with massive handicaps in areas others (more easier templates) don't.

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