Kasselgrad Accords

Terkewi - Volkerbund Peace Talks

Palace of Nations, Kasselgrad Capital District

Here the Great State of Terkerwan backed by the respected ANN alliance shall conduct peace accords with the Mighty and Illustrious Volkerbund Alliance. These talks are concerning the future of Tekerwi hegemony in the Eurasian steppe as well as the independence of Patnation. The Kasselgrad Union is proud to host the representatives of the worlds two most powerful organization under the roof of the sprawling and modern Palace of Nation complex in downtown Kasselgrad Megalopolis.

The Kasselgrad Union will serve as the moderator and officiator of the results of these peace talks. The Kasselgrad Union welcomes the opening statements of both organizations representatives so that we may begin making immediate and meaningful progress. Thank you all for attending.

Samir Mustafa - KU Commissioner for Foreign Relations