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Microsoft taking over Nokia !!!

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RE: Microsoft taking over Nokia !!!

Well, I applaud you for getting in Apple. I had an online-friend that recommended I purchase shares in Apple due to their innovative technologies and products. This was before Apple’s shares soared manifold. I didn’t “get it.” I was basing my decision on underlying financial formulas and conservative valuation methods. I’m not a tech-buff, so I didn’t know about all those new gadgets and how they’d change things. I could have made a killing had I listened.

With that being said, I would sell Apple. I believe it has become an overvalued bubble. It could continue appreciating, or it could tumble. That’s why I’m not saying you should sell it. I’m just saying that based on the fundamentals, I don’t think it’s attractive.

As for chasing returns, I believe the objective of investing should be to attain higher returns than the market’s average. There’s no reason an informed investor shouldn’t be able to continue beating the average. I don’t subscribe to the Random Walk Theory of Investing. Warren Buffet and George Soros have been outperforming the average for decades. We know from financial-analysis that value-investing and income (dividend) investing can allow even a novice to surpass the average year after year.

John Maynard Keynes even showed us that chasing a bubble can translate into massive wealth, as long as you know when to sell. Not to mention "shorting" AND..... the proliferation of leveraged Exchange Traded Funds. (3x Bulls, 2x Bears)

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RE: Microsoft taking over Nokia !!!

Largest thing that destroyed Nokia was quartal capitalism. Ownership of Nokia shares is divided large group of small stock owners who all demand next quartal profits to be better than previous quartal. There are no big owners in Nokia.

This has lead leadership of numbers and excel sheets inside Nokia. Everything that Nokia employers do is calculated against numbers on day to day basis. This killed innovation and long term strategical planning. Only effiency today and what excel sheets show matter and everything else means nothing.

For example Google employer could use one day from work time doing own projects but inside Nokia this is virtually impossible because doing one work day own projects would kill numbers that are used to calculate every action Nokia employer do.

How do I know I used to work one year for Nokia in my life. I used 2 hours every day filling up reports so my boss could calculate his numbers with excel sheets i used 5h to do my actual work. In Nokia employer used almost one day per week to fill up reports and papers when in companies like Google employers use one day per week to do own projects. So they could find up new innovations trough people own projects.

All other companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google have core group of large stock owners who could dictate long term strategy and innovation while in Nokia day to day bases calculations with excel sheets was only thing that matters. MS have their Bill Gates and other who own large portition of shares, Apple had Steve Jobs, Google had Larry Page and Sergei Brin. Nokia had nobody other than large group of people owning small number of shares yelling to get more effiency out from company tomorrow.

For one year working for Nokia I learned a lot of ways how to cheat the system and make myself look like best employer of Nokia in their databases and in calculations and reports when in reality I only did 10% of actual work compared to others I looked eyes of my boss that I'm 30 times more efficient worker than rest of employees. I did it just picking up easy cases and reporting them inside the system.

This is my experience that none of the bosses really understand how system really works and while I worked there nobody listened low level employees like me. If I would have been complained I would have been sacked. Only thing that really mattered that you look well on excel sheets made from reports you had to fill up 2h per day.

I could have tell this day will come to Nokia 6-7 years ago but that time nobody listened to me other than my best friends who I told that what I had seen while I worked for Nokia.

Intead of fixing and improving things and rewarding people who see why things do not work inside Nokia they made sure that everyone who attempted to fix things too much was punished and if that do not work fired later. This is everything I really think about my previous employer. I was very frustrated how Nokia operated as company at that time and I knew I could do nothing to chance it so I voted with my legs and find an another job after working for them one year.

It is poor leadership and quartal capitalism that killed Nokia. Nokia engineers had iPhone comparable product ready 4-5 years before Apple made it major success but project was killed becouse some boss saw the project too expensive and feared that would make them look bad in next quartal and ruin their stock options.

14.02.2011 10:36
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