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New Ticks / Neue Ticks

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RE: New Ticks / Neue Ticks

Uhm actually, I like the idea. Defending within the Alliance should be for free, Defending outside the alliance should cost 1 AP.

On many occasions I was told the game should be about realism, and it would only be realistic that sending like 500.000 soldiers to defend some country (any likely many of those soldiers will die) costs an Action Point of the Regent. Right now, only aggressive troops who die cost you APs and popularity, that is not realistic. When Germany sends its soldiers to Afghanistan for an international peacekeeping mission (at least that's the mandate, no discussion about that here now Hehe) and some of them are killed statistically the denial of the war by the population shoots up. Same thing. Right now in AR you can just write a press statement "200.000 brave men died for a just cause, no one really gives a fuck."

Mind that Actions Points are somewhat like a leap of faith (Vertrauensvorschuss) of the regent. Like promoting a reform costs 2 APs (the people will simply not allow the regent to 'promote' too much), at some point they wont like sending their troops around the globe when the APs are used up.

As long as defending is less expensive than attacking, it is fine and we should give it a try.

Seriously, an alliance like THULE could never be stopped. No matter the cost of defending. And it is true that its a nuisance some people just defend (it is like trolling as well) without really having an opinion. Making it costly WILL force them to gibe it thought and add more tactics to the game.

I've had my bad experiences with "warmongers" myself pretty much not long ago, not naming them again since I did it too much already, but still, just saying "No bad idea it's just for some players who want to conquer" isn't a good argument.

29.02.2012 22:11
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RE: New Ticks / Neue Ticks

I think the problem lies in the fear of imperialism in the worlds.
A player building up an empire with 10+ states or an Alliance which controlls half the world truly steals the fun for the other players, because you have to fear losing your state.
But no wars are boring to. I remember Denver and Kopenhagen as very interesting and funny Worlds, because there where so many wars. But Canberra is somehow dissapointing at the moment.

The "no Ap for Alliance members" sounds like a fair compromise.

29.02.2012 22:17
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RE: New Ticks / Neue Ticks

Humo Wrote:
The "no Ap for Alliance members" sounds like a fair compromise.

and deployment still no APs but one tick waiting-time, this is needed, too

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Dr House
29.02.2012 22:31
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RE: New Ticks / Neue Ticks

It is somehow funny to see how many posts this thread gets - and how many of them are positive towards the "make less persons defend"-idea.

.. just some weeks after the tick time was changed to make more persons defend. Because a felt majority complained about this.

I'm not saying that everything should be resetted to like it was, but I don't think that the current idea will help a lot to make the situation more satisfiable for everyone.

On the other hand, there is no easy solution. A bigger update of the war functions is maybe due, but it would take some time to implement it..

29.02.2012 23:03
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RE: New Ticks / Neue Ticks

I'm a little late to this discussion, but I also agree with the suggestion that defence costs one AP unless you are defending an allied state.

I felt the main reason for requesting the tick change initially was to allow a greater number of players to be aware of any wars that are started so they can take whatever action they feel appropriate. It's wrong that you can conquer a state in the middle of the night without anyone else realising what's going on and at least we don't seem to be going back there even if there is another change to the tick times.!

01.03.2012 00:00
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RE: New Ticks / Neue Ticks

they are constantly paranoid that the attacking Regent has imperialistic ambitions.

They do have imperialistic ambitions. Allways. Never seen something else.

This is an unnecessary paranoia

No, this is prooven by too many worlds.

Countries don't just jump into any and every war because they can. They evaluate and then make a decision.

Yeah, this would be realistic^^ But this is a game. There was this one statement by lyu given in Wolrd.... Düsseldorf i gues?? Somone was askin: "why are you doo this" - Answer: "Because i can".

This is a game. No real persons are dying. No real money need to be payed. in reality, Contries would of corse evaluate...... but not in this game, you dont evaluate - why should you? you may start again in the next world. You click the button, because you can, no because you evaluatted it.

S.Korea is a US ally

oh really? Then i'am pretty shure, you may call me the name of that ally yea?
What you mean woud be: a can allianz my state with any other state i like to, Without youning a real alliance.

A deployment would be no APs but it would cost 1 ap if that nations troops stay go defend.

You next proposal will be: also the Country defending needs to pay 1AP, and if they cant, the troops stand arround and do nothing.....

01.03.2012 12:43
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