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Blue Wizard

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South Africa
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RE: Off-RGP-Thread

Ms. Adder:

Excellent choice!



"To furnish the means of acquiring knowledge is...the greatest benefit that can be conferred upon mankind. It prolongs life itself and enlarges the sphere of existence." - John Quincy Adams
05.07.2019 04:50
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Unicorn of Leftism

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RE: Off-RGP-Thread

Just, on the spot I had an Idea thanks to adder and Blue Wizard, so thanks.

I think I will play an monarchist spain, but with an fun little twist that might make my nation either the most likeable or the most hated nation in this world, depending how ideologically pure we get. I bet some of you can already guess what I will play as.

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11.07.2019 22:14
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RE: Off-RGP-Thread

After some consideration, I will be playing as a new nation (for once not based on Canada or France) that will be a Constitutional Monarchy where such monarchy still has a role in the operation of the nation.

I intend to create a balance of individualism in most affairs, with strong patiotism when the monarch calls for action.

I will plan to be more active in the roll play of this nation, and will focus more on the intricate details of the economic development and hopeful co-operation with other nations.

Mateo Shenat - King of Aurland
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20.07.2019 18:22
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Alexei B.Miller
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RE: Off-RGP-Thread

Esser14 Wrote:
Are there already plans for RP and different alliances in this world, or don't you want to do RP in Norwich? Normally there is not so much RP in 2 Tick Worlds, but Norwich is an ordinary 1 Tick World. That's why I'm surprised that nobody here talked about his plans.

I will only found an alliance if nobody else plans to, it will be called the Trade Federation and it won't be highly scifi based but it will be a meritocratic commerce oriented organization whose foreign policy will be strictly focused on ensuring its economic supremacy. This may mean blockading the Naboo sys...errr nations who fail to grant us exclusive economic deals; and a heavy RP emphasis on strong naval power to control sea lanes for the commercial benefit of the Federation. It should be compared to the Trade Federation in terms of politics, and the Caldari State from EVE in terms of culture... with a fusion of both in terms of economic style.

Otherwise I'd be completely happy playing an independent state or joining an alliance that at the very least tolerates the corporate state that is Neimoidia.

"Hitler wanted to destroy Russia, everyone needs to remember how that ended"

Vladimir Putin

Yesterday 16:48
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RE: Off-RGP-Thread

Let's see what will develop in the first days...

I could imagine founding a rather freedom oriented alliance without interference in interior politics, pretty much a defense oriented NATO without the political components that came later on.
If there are a couple of interested people, I would do.

I'd call it "Varangian Guard Defense League"...

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Today 01:20
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